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High School Non-Daze

I recently found myself roaming the halls of my high school.

I can’t say for certain if it was the first time I’ve returned to my high school since graduation,

But I can say for certain …

It was the first time I remember returning to my high school since graduating …

A mere 27 years ago !

Phreakin’ A ! 🙂

Weird.Strange.Life enough,

My last memory of being in said high school facility was standing in line with Baked Apple getting ready to walk into the fieldhouse for the diploma distribution ceremonies.

But back to now,


D-Lo’s son was participating in the state finals of an scholastic competition,

Which were being held at said location of A secondary education,

And D-Lo was the team head coach,

So I figured it would be fun to go watch D-Lo coach,

Offspring perform,

All in the environment of my old high school,

Which I did.

Now …

Just as I never know how someone will respond,


To My Function sharing,

I have learned that I never know how I’ll react when finding myself in settings of heavy Joe past.

Sometimes a setting of great memory magnitude …

Will wreck me up seriously.


Other times,

It does not register even a blip on the psyche wreckage scale.

One just doesn’t know.

I do know,


That I find myself dysfunctionally non-interested in avoiding such memory intense situations,

And that when I find myself seriously wrecked by one,

Will revisit said situation until it no longer wrecks me seriously.

Testing myself.


Not knowing how I was going to react to roaming the halls containing my old lockers,

I was naturally kurious to see what would go down with me.

At least I think it’s a natural kuriousity. 🙂


Back in my day,

My high school was a large school …

And it’s gotten even larger over the years.

But despite some facial extensions,

And building additions,

I noticed driving into the upperclassman parking lot in which I had parked my rockin’ 64 1/2 Mustang in 1981,

It’s core presentation appeared unchanged.

Once inside,

It was confirmed.

The commons area still looked like the commons area I remembered,

The media center was still the same media center,

Just more computers,

And the freshman wing,

Though now absorb into the upper classman facilities,

Still had the hallways and presence of the freshman wing of old.

I had a blast.

D-Lo’s team did great,

It’s always a hoot watching younglings do their scholastic thing.

I also got to roam around,


I saw a couple of my old lockers,

Several classrooms,

And spotted Joe in a picture in one of the conference championship photos lining the fieldhouse wall.

Such a squirrel.

Since the commons cafeteria was open to feed the competitive academic masses,

I even got to treat myself to a hamburger and chocolate chip cookie,

As I was wondering if they were as good and tasty as I remembered.

They weren’t. *shrug*

All in all,

It was a total non-reactionary event for me.

Not an issue in the least,

Which is kewl,

Meaning unless a special need arises,

I probably won’t go there again.

Confess I will,

That even though I didn’t have the need,


I did make it a special point to use to Girl’s Restroom.

I always wondered what they looked like inside,

Even way back then. 🙂

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  1. You can never go home again. I think many of us would like to go back and relive the past, but the past we knew doesn’t exist, we’re just going back to some other high schooler’s present, so to speak. But, it’s nice to imagine.

  2. Indeed going back to places I was during my ‘joe’ period is indeed very strange and can be a bit nerve wrecking. I am doing the sport I used to do in my (much) younger ‘joe’ period and it still is weird going to the places I used to go and seeing the people I used to know then.

  3. Thank the stars and the heavens above!!!! Amy is on the “Ginger Ball” and has started posting again! I’m so proud of you sista! And I will be looking forward to reading more. Luv ya!

  4. Yodette it was the water fountain or as we say in New England a bubbler near the gym that explains why my hair was turning red till i started drinking from another fountain….. Yodette is wise with the force hhhmmm

  5. Yodette I always thought the water there tasted funny hhmmm ? Amy HAPPY BIRTHDAY I am sorry i was late but it was a day … chat with you later ok?

  6. OMGs and stuff, Amy … posted! 😮

    I will only imagine going back to my high school. I went to some hi-falootin private school in Bloomfield Hills, and I read last year about how the school went into a marshal law lockdown because some parent spotted a “man in a dress” on the school grounds. There was even a police helicopter. I may not get function-called much anymore, but I don’t think I will take a chance roaming those halls.

    It’s good to see ya Amy.

  7. Happy 45 Girl. Hope it was a good one. I know, I’ll always be … uh … wiser, that’s it, wiser. 🙂

  8. Happy Amymas, Amy! So, what, you’re like 29 now? Honestly, you are looking better with age, really maturing (I know that may be a matter of opinion…), coming into your own as a woman. And that has nothing to do with your function. Congratulations!

  9. Heh. Have a friend who went to an small elite all boys high school. A few years after she transitioned she discovered several others in her graduating class also transitioned. Maybe something in the water….

  10. Amy I would love to do that walk thru high school but after i finish with all surgeries and it should be a walk as i went to an all boys private catholic school….if i don’t get noticed i would be bummed….hahah but really it should be really weird and i promise i will send you a note and you can post it here ok? as for reunions well i never went to any and as for keeping in touch well i moved a lot and lost contact even if i were to try now and get in touch i would not know where they were or even how they would take Jenny ….oh well …

  11. I skipped my 25th a couple of years ago, but I had also skipped my 10th and 15th reunions, so I don’t have a record of perfect attendance regardless.

    Like you, I keep in touch with the closest of my high school friends anyways, though I would like to see some that for which I don’t keep in contact.

    High school reunions are difficult decisions, because as you said, it is easy for things to feel/regress right back to the old cliques. I know plenty of girls that have went to their reunions and had great times, while some went and didn’t. Who knows what I’ll do when my 30th rolls around.

  12. I have my 20 year high school reunion coming up this summer and there isn’t a chance in hell that I’ll be making the trip south to Clearwater Florida. My class had over 1000 kids in it and there were people I graduated with that I had never really seen before, it was that big of a school. Anyways, I don’t avoid these kind of things because of the trans stuff, but because the same people who made my life miserable in high school are the ones planning the reunion. They were assholes then and I assume they still are today.

    Anyways, I do try and avoid the places that Greg frequented but only because I just don’t want to deal with all the BS that comes with this all. The people I wanted to know, already do and showing up in those places as Kelly just isn’t that fun. That being said, I’m not quite as fortunate as you in that even after FFS with the Z man, I still pretty much look like I did before. People who knew me before and have heard the news are more often than not, rather disappointed in the end results. It’s best to just stay away and so I do.

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