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Editor’s Note: Yeah, I have to edit this and rewrite for the new layout. Estimated Completion Date – March 13, 2012. Originally posted May 24, 2006.  Last updated March 13, 2012. Krazy, huh?

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20 thoughts on “About The Amy”

  1. Hi Amy!

    I am a straight male. My SO is post-op M-F. I commend you for what you have done…living life on your terms.

    Best wishes for you always

  2. Hello Amy, Thank you for being on the internet, I am a m2f pre-hormones, pre-op, just starting out I live in Australia, I am happy to see that you are living your life the right way in your ture gender,
    Amy do you know any Australian Transgirls? or have you talked to any on the internet, just because i have not realy found any other girls here where i live in Australia i know there are some other girls out here but I have not talked with them yet.

    All the best Amy,


  3. Amy, I read you website and was truly inspired by your blatant disregard for the mondane and the monotonous. Your voice rings clearly through you pictures and your words. At some point in life I want to be just like you! But only taller and darker hair, and I wear glasses part of the time. Of ya I think my upper proportions may be a bit larger than yours, but none of that matters. Its all about the Amy!
    Gob bless you and your ability to move me to the next plain of higher ground. Jonna

  4. Hello Amy, I’m from from NC, I plan on moving to NYC this december to start my trasition from Male-to-Felame, your site was very uplifting for me.

  5. I’m not trans & I’m very happy to have been born female, but I had to leave a comment here. You’re so incredibly brave. Remain who you are. 🙂

  6. Hi Amy, you really are an inspiration to all transgender girls, my own transition took nearly 5years, its been ups and downs but in the end its all been worth while, facial surgery, breast implants, coming out was differcult, I finally had my SRS a year ago, it was a journey worth while, 1 of the most painfully situations resently was getting my ears pierced LOL lot of girls dread getting ears pierced, sometimes fashion can be painfully, its a gal thing.

  7. Amy, I was surfing through an FFS gallery and your photo on the swing was only the first of many captivating photos!!! You are truly gorgeous and from the pics, I assume you gravitate toward ‘social settings’ and not afraid to share your beautiful demeanor…


  8. Not too personal a question at all … I’m glad to answer it, but not right now … I’m trying to finish up two posts that I want to get up today (short ones, but in the big scheme of Amy, they kinda go in order) … after those are answered, I’ll answer your question … I get it fairly often, the question that is. 😉

  9. I don’t wish to be personal here but I’m curious: Now that you’re female, do you have sex and do you enjoy it? I know that the guy does but do you feel satisfied receiving it with with your femininity?

  10. Amy,

    I wish I were younger, taller and somewhere in Michigan. You look like you are a great deal of fun. You’re obviously quite bright. You are very attractive. I would have to say that you appear to be everything a gentleman could hope for. I can only dream. You have a wonderful web site. I’m glad I ran across it.


  11. hi just wanderd igf you could give me any tip on becioming a woman like thins i can do while i save up 4 surgery and how to go about geting surgery
    all my love mel

  12. Amy,

    I am writing a detective novel with a post-operative transsexual detective. While searching the web for a photo suitable for posting with excerpts of the novel on my I found your site.

    I was hoping you could read the excerpts and let me know what you think.


  13. Learning to adjust my name to match initials and edit a few letters
    You are truly an light at the end of the tunnel….I know, you probably wondered
    where the end of your tunnel was. I will assume you have your days…but,
    YOU LOOK MARVELOUS, and seem to be having a ball doing it.
    I will bet hanging out with you, a hilarious unforgetable time is infectious.
    Will be checking in with you and track my progress. I am going to read you history to get a better feel of AMY. Have a great life, Sweety.

  14. Hi Amy,

    You are such an inspiration to me and all other transwomen. I have started down the road to living fulltime and it is indeed very tough and very scary. I look to your experiences as a reminder that things will eventually work out. Keep up the good news. Love, Tonya A, Kansas City

  15. hey Hun how are you? My name is lisa and I am a 24 mtf trans, thinking about having dr.Z do my FFS wanted to get your input, thanks


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