Editor’s Note: Yeah, I have to edit this and rewrite for the new layout. Estimated Completion Date – March 13, 2012. Originally posted May 24, 2006.  Last updated March 13, 2012. Krazy, huh?

Hey … Thanks for visiting AmyNews.com.

Feel free to look around in complete anonymous wonderment.

Heck, that’s what I’d do. 🙂

But as you’re lurking around the studio archives, if you find yourself wanting a little Amy background as a primer, this might really help put thangs into perspective,

And this definitely offer exhaustingly detailed information about me that if you memorize may someday help you win a game of Trivial Pursuit – 15 Minutes of Fame Edition.

And, if after reading all that,

You still haven’t been scared away …

And find yourself with an unsettling urge to contribute to the Amy-banter,

I’d love to hear from ya,

But before you comment to one of my posts,

Please read this,

After all of that,

If something klicks in your noggin’ and …

You think you know me, wanna know me, or are simply glad you don’t know me and feel the need to share that information with me,

Then send me an e-mail.

I’m horrendously slow at responding to e-mails,


Horrendously slow,

But I do respond.


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