Hello, Again

I’m feeling some posting anxiety,

Being how it’s been phreaking eons since I’ve posted.

What do I do? What do I do? What do I do!

Do I post and tell you about the new man in my life?

Do I finish my press conference?

Do I bring you up to speed on this year’s version of the bowling team?

Do I tell you about how, two years after I thought of the funny line, I was finally asked the question in the correct way so I could use it?

And whether they laughed?

Maybe I should downer things a bit and talk about the trials and tribulations of life?

I guess I could share what it’s like now that I’ve finally lost my baby shower virginity?

Or maybe I should get the show on the road by rattling on about the things I did this summer?

Just so many things from which to choose !

I’m rendered almost …


Not like me at all,

Yo? 😉

Truth be told,

I had finished a post that was going to be my first post back,

It was a moderately funny,


And surprisingly topical,

As I’ve received several questions on the topic of late.

But after it was all said and done,

I really didn’t want a post that had a chance …

Of being front page and center for months on AmyNews,

As goodness knows that is always a possibility with me,

Being a discussion of my breasts.


They are focal point enough. 🙂


Last night I decided that once I have a bunch of posts up and running again on a consistent basis,

I’ll toss up the breast post among the mix,

But for now,

I’m going to try and soften up any frustrations that may be had because of my lack of postage,

By introducing you to the new man in my life …

Jedi Dog of Tango Kabuki
Jedi Dog of Tango Kabuki


This is Jedi Dog of Tango Kabuki,

(Friends and family just call him Dog),

And Dog,

This is everyone !

Isn’t he adorable !!! Strong in the Ways of The Force, he is !

Oh yeah,

And this past summer I:

  1. Saw Neil Diamond
  2. Didn’t see Barack Obama when he was across the street from the AmyCave
  3. Didn’t see Hillary Clinton when she was down the street from the AmyCave
  4. Didn’t see John McCain when he was down the street from the AmyCave
  5. Found myself on google maps – street view
  6. Made out with someone I thought was a pirate
  7. Saw Def Leppard for the 39th time
  8. Played golf with Cousin Golfer, losing the annual golf challenge once again (he’s good)
  9. After much experimentation, developed a drink I call “The AmyTini
  10. Adopted Jedi Dog of Tango Kabuki
  11. Worked my butt off
  12. Cut over 1/2 foot from the length of my hair
  13. Had an incredibly, krazy 4th of July
  14. Torn it down hard celebrating Sister’s birthday

That’s pretty much it for the summer.

And as far as this year’s bowling team,

I’m going with a Scooby-Doo theme this year,

Calling us Mystery, Inc.

  • The Mystery Machine is played by Big Momma’s Bus;
  • Fred is played by Bikes Are Dangerous (yes, there’s a story behind that name);
  • Daphne is played by Singer;
  • Shaggy is played by D-Lo;
  • Velma is played by yours truly, Amy-Wan Kenobi;
  • And starring in the role of Scooby-Doo is Bruce Lee.

(Shaft has made some guest appearances. Sister and Miss Daisy check-in via phone on occasion)

I almost forgot, this past summer, I also started listing out the …

Reasons Why I’m Weird:

So far, the list includes:

  1. I never wear matching earrings. Ever.
  2. I do a low, subtle hand gesture as if my Jedi skills are opening doors when I walk into any location with automatic doors.
  3. I do the same thing at cross walk signals as I try to time my stride just right.

I suppose you also could add to the list that I actually did spend one Saturday morning at Startbucks scouring Google Maps – Street View to see if I could find myself. 🙂

Hope ya’ll are doing great !!!

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  1. Aims – I’ve got the Daphne look down – lemme know if you need a sub for Singer – I can even bowl (a ‘lil anywho…)

  2. Yay!!! You are indeed strong with the force Amy… I’ve been gone for months having lost all hope of a post and as if by chance I checked back today! Only use those powers for good should you…. That’s a super cute “dog” BTW, congratulations….

  3. You *could* take the position, post ’em all and let God, errr … The Readers, sort them out. “When in doubt, post it.”…Or you could procrastinate. 🙂

    Dog is a cutie, BTW.

    Hair cutting: I’ve let my hair grow for a couple years and then have a foot of it cut off to donate for wigs for children with cancer.

  4. I’m afraid to blink thinking that if I do this post will dissapear. Having been nothing more then a figment of my imagination.

    And I so knew she had a man in her life. 😉

  5. I’ll get the linkage on that Google Maps – Street View … I’m pretty sure it’s me, but it’s from a distance, so a second or third opinion would be useful. I remember when I saw them driving around town and confess to sorta, kinda stalking the van thing. 🙂

  6. Oh, the relief. Sooooo good to have you back Amy girl.
    Sounds like you had a busy summer.
    Dog is such a cutey.
    Now then I have to get back to google maps to look for you.
    Have a great Thanksgiving and Christmas.
    Keep those posts coming Velma.

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