Hoity Toity

I’m not a medium or anything, but I’m pretty sure I just heard my deceased Grandma say “What the PHUCK?

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The Ghost That Went Poo

This one happened in broad daylight.



Which certainly reduces the spooky scariness of the incident,

But elevates the quantity of WTFness present as your brain processes what it thought it experienced.

It’s You, Not Me

I was so looking forward to ending the relationship,

That I decided I was going to enjoy a good old-fashioned verbal sparring during the destruction of it all.

Morning Routine

It’s still weird to me,

How he seems to understand the word kisses.

Broken, Not Damaged

My commitment issues have become borderline obsessive,

And if I didn’t have such commitment issues,

I would have been able to simply call them obsessive.

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Hotel Bar Again

No.No.No. Trust me. I’m not worth the effort. I will make your life miserable. At least according to the testimony in my last divorce.

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