Like A Big Mac

This lifestyle tip might just be localized to the United States,

I don’t know.

But it’s a moderately dandy tip if I do have to say so myself,

For those who like to keep their eating under monetary control.

Now we all know, I’m a fan of fast food,

White Castle still rules,

But I frequent them all …

Especially Taco Bell after 2:00 am. πŸ™‚


Here in the States, many of the fast food chains have value menus or dollar menus,

Where they feature select items for a reduced price.

At McDonald’s,

The double cheeseburger is usually on the Value Menu for abour a buck ($1).

I usually order off the Value Menu,


On occassion I do get a craving for that …

Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickle, onion on a sesame seed bun” wonder,

The Big Mac.

But it’s not on the value menu,

And runs regular price anywhere from $2.99 up.

So my friend Long Island shared with me this trick …

Order a double cheeseburger off the Value Menu “like a Big Mac“.


Order a double cheeseburger with lettuce, Big Mac sauce and no ketchup.

It’s basically a Big Mac without that pesky middle bun all for a buck.

You do miss out on the sesame seed buns,

But hey,

I can deal with that when I’m getting three Big Mac Lights for the price of one Big Mac.

It’s worked everywhere I’ve tried it and most McDonald’s I’ve been to have a button on their register already set up for it,


I do still recommend specifically saying how you want it,

Because yesterday I ordered it “like a Big Mac“,

And they put ketchup on it anyways,

Which was gross.

Seriously gross.


All I have to do is figure out how to make a Filet o’ Fish Light and I’ll be golden …

Just like the arches !!! πŸ™‚

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  1. Amy Lord knows i do not want to beat a dead horse (or eat one) but the big mac for a dollar can be up-sized using the double quater pounder with cheese!!!! for when you get really hungry …… have you tried it yet???? you know you want to! heheheh

  2. 133 comments (134 if you count this one) about not posting … kind of Seinfeldish … is this what you’d call AmyNews foreplay?

  3. The recent trend of readers to reply to very old threads reminds me. November 13 will the six months since the last Amy post.

    Predictions from loyal reads whether Amy will post again before the 13th? Will she make her semi-annual post on the 13th? Will she wait until May 13 and make posting annual? Take a guess. When will Amy post again? I wonder what the prize should be for guessing correctly?

  4. Yodette, I know you are right, it is a small blimp, but I just thought it was interesting, to say the least. Sometimes, it would be nice to have something that could help educate people, that it is not a choice, is all I am saying.

  5. Jennifer, you’ll have to wait until the full paper is published, but I suspect such a small study will be weak proof.

  6. Amy’s been too busy to post for more than five months. Does the economy turning to crap mean that much more work for defense lawyers? Must be a growth industry.

  7. πŸ™ And we were going to hang out at SCC and watch the Illini and Wimperines play on Saturday (Yeeaahh U of I 45-20)… I was bummed you couldn’t make it… I had to ask the Z club what happened… Hope your family is doing well and things settle down a bit for you before the holidays.


  8. Wow JC !!! That’s an excellent piece of Amy-trivia you tossed out there … yes, it’s true … I’m a Tennessee Titan fan, though after a few beers, I usually pronounce Titans as Tittans … just because I think it’s funny ! πŸ™‚ C’mon JC … you kids have a replacement team now, so the T-states are kewl again, right? πŸ™‚

    Bobbie … I do cheer for the LyDowns and watch them regularly … sadly enough I’m fairly certain this year that if my Wolverines played the Lions, one, if not both, would somehow end up with negative points. I’m seriously thinking I need to go back to school and get a degree from an SEC school so I can watch some real football !

  9. C’mon, Bobbie, Amy’s a Tennessee Titans fan from way back. (As an Oilers fan, this is the one thing I don’t like about Amy!)

  10. Well look at it this way…it could be worse. You could be a Detroit Lions fan. Oh, sorry…you probably are a Lions fan!

  11. LOL I know Yodette !!! It’s so totally typical … I nauseate myself !!! I will post though … even if it’s just mocking myself for not posting. I had nothing planned this weekend, which is why I sincerely said I would post, but then I had a couple of life emergencies which didn’t consume the whole weekend, but did enough such that I was exhausted and just feel asleep as soon as I got home.

  12. “I’ll have posts this weekend. And that’s not a typical Amy-post promise.”

    Ok. I’ll bite. How was in not typical? πŸ™‚

  13. LOL No kidding Bobbi !!! I knew it was going to be ugly this year, but it’s been much, much worse than I imagined. It’s painful to watch !!! I’ve had to start drinking just to watch the games … not that I didn’t drink before when watching games in The Big House ! πŸ™‚

  14. Almost the end of the weekend Amy! (how about that post) Seriously though, Hope everything is going well for you πŸ™‚

  15. Sorry you couldn’t visit .. understand uber busy is the season to be on calenders. Hope things go well for you πŸ™‚

    other amy

  16. Hey Other Amelia ! Of course I care about my viewers, sorry I’ve been so absent … over worked and uber stressed on this end, but I’m trying to get that under control. πŸ™‚ I have an unused ticket to Atlanta wasted because I wasn’t able to make my flight to SCC, which has been par for the course of late. Ugh. I’ll have posts this weekend. And that’s not a typical Amy-post promise. Promise !!! πŸ™‚

  17. lost dead and doesn’t care about her loyal fans… sounds like clinical depression… are there issues? am I a paranoid freak ( y yes but who asked)

    what goes..

    other amy

  18. Maybe she got lost in the Varsity or is still wandering the Malls. Is waiting to change planes at Hartsfield. Never actually heard she got here.

    Other Amy

  19. Jennifer I live in Florida now and will not be attending as the last couple of years have left me poor… I moved here because I lost my home and job back in Rhode Island so my puppy and I are living in my mom’s house. I am doing much better now with a fulll time job for the first time in 2 or 3 years bills are paid and I am saving again thank Godess! if you go have a great time! and if you see Amy give her a little push! hehehe

  20. Jenny is a beautiful name also, I appreciate the advice from all of you about relationships. I guess, Ms Amy has a lot on her plate that keeps her from posting any entry’s here. Maybe after the Southern Comfort Conference she will have a little time to be little more interactive here.

    Are you planning to attend? I heard that there are more cross dressers then anything else. I have a friend in Atlanta who said the last time she was there, their were lots of cross dressers! I did not plan on attending even though, I only live a few hours away.

  21. Jennifer!! great name! and as for Amy i was kidding i was hoping I’d shame her into a post but our Amy has no shame…hehehehe as for beauty she does have that!!! and lots of it! Myabe we will get an entry befor SCC??? if not i would hope some pics from SCC? Amy you are missed !

  22. Jenny, I also think Amy is a very beautiful women, she should have
    no problem finding a fellow. She is just so beautiful, so Amy get out there and party girl. I did think you were married or engaged though, I thought I had seen a ring on that magic figure. I thought you were one of the lucky one’s and give us all hope.

  23. Amy really ??? when did you post ?I missed it..darn your so fast with these posts i can’t keep up slow down girl! enjoy life go out once in a while … Maybe you could go out for drinks with someone from work if you are shy but what ever you do don’t sit home alone typing on that darn computer so much….and hey i have said it before but i will say it again your beautiful !!! maybe you could go out on a date???? really i know at least…. well thats for a private email not here Amyways i hope you will take my advice ok? i am off to bed as i had a hard day at the beach … HUGS

  24. There is no one size fits all answer for relationships. Except for a one night stand that got out of hand for a while, post I’ve never had a serious relationship with anyone who didn’t know. OTOH, most of my friends with successful relationships in a similar situation didn’t share it. I’ve not lost a relationship because they knew. I’ve friends who never kept a relationship once they shared. Either way, what’s right is whatever works for you.

  25. Thank you very much for your inputs, I guess I feel the same way about surgery, I have had several and there have been issues. There seems no other way to get where I feel I need to be. Enough to blend in with society without issues.
    The other question I have is about relationships. When you are dating, when do you say anything or do you say anything?

  26. Jenifer, I realize I seem to be a know-it-all, but I don’t know beans about Dr. Z.. I’ve never seen his work, in the flesh.

    Personally, I’ve not had any surgery in many years and don’t plan to have any more. Every surgery I’ve had has had problems minor to significant. I’ve never had a surgeon I’d recommend. I suspect most of my surgeons are long dead. My most recent surgeon was … a nice guy. And no, I won’t name names. None of them were “name” surgeons.

  27. I think that was directed at you since I haven’t had any work done yet. And it doesn’t help that we are both on here with the same name. πŸ˜€

  28. Kelly Thank you for your honest and candiate email. I will continue to try to get him to correct some things. I just did not know how to approach it, I have called several times without much luck. It is I would like for people to do what they say and follow-up until the issue is resolved by both parties toward a satisfactory agreement. Let’s be honest these surgery’s affect each one of us tremendously and not only ourselfs, but the people around us and how they preceive us as a hole. I know that most people see the outside and that is how they generally judge us. So our facial futures are very important part of our transition. Anyway thank you so much Kelly. Amy thank you so much also.

  29. I know this isn’t aimed at me but I had FFS with Z on June 5, 2008. I could not have been more disappointed in how things turned out and getting him to do some revisions takes a lot of badgering on your part. 6 months after surgery, he did invite me up to have some minor work done (mostly steroid shots for swelling) but a month later all of the swelling was back. I went back in July and he did liposuction on my neck but it’s been infected ever since and my scar under my chin still looks like crap.I’ve been on antibiotics off and on trying to get the infection under control but it’s still not 100%.

    My best advice is to be persistent, send constant emails with your concerns, call Chris and ask to set up an appt. to speak with him and send pics of your concerns. I did all those things but the results still were very sub-par. If I had it to do over again, I would not have FFS, especially with Z. It was a bad experience in every way possible and even now, at 15 months post-op, I still have a lot of swelling, pain where my cheek implants were put in and my face constantly feels like someone is stretching it in all directions. I feel like I had realistic expectations going in but I can honestly say that in no way did the results meet my expectations.

    In fact, I still have people ask me if I have ever thought about having surgery to fix some of my male characteristics. My family and friends were all disappointed in the results as well and I can’t help but wonder what in the hell happened. Yes, I am bitter, I can’t help it. This surgery cost me $30,000 and hasn’t helped me in the least. Ugh!!!!!!!!

  30. My question is to either Yodette or Kelli, I was wondering were either of you able to get Dr Z to correct things, I have not been able to get him too. I would like to know, and how you were able to get him to do it. Yes it is a lot of money. He says in his comercials or when he speaks that he will correct his mistakes. Amy turned out so wonderful, she is beautiful to say the least. Sometimes you feel a little short change because of it. jenn

  31. AmyBid’ness: n. 1. mischief. 2. bar-hopping. 3. drunken karaoke. 4. dithering. 5. procrastinating. 6. fossicking for loopholes. 7. knocking ice hockey.

    Yodette, you so totally nailed the definition of AmyBid’ness !!! LOL When I read it I was like … “Wow, I’ve done every one of those things at least once in the past week !!!” πŸ™‚

  32. Ought we use the Magic 8 Ball to devine when we might expect the next post? πŸ™‚

    AmyBid’ness: n. 1. … 8. Re-doing the look of AmyNews.

  33. Goodness gracious girl … absolutely not ! I’m totally embarrassed my last post was about a Big Mac and it’s been there since May. This summer has been incredibly busy, I’ve been … ah heck, let me just put what I’ve been up to in a post instead of a comment ! πŸ™‚

  34. Amber had a site Amy originally referenced. See the AmyNew reference “Amber’s Site”. As for Amy, she often promises to post real soon several times before she actually posts. One assumes she’s tending to “AmyBid’ness”.

    AmyBid’ness: n. 1. mischief. 2. bar-hopping. 3. drunken karaoke. 4. dithering. 5. procrastinating. 6. fossicking for loopholes. 7. knocking ice hockey.

  35. Did I miss something ? Who’s Amber? and what happened to Amy?? anyone see her? maybe we should put together a search?

  36. Amber is hard at work living life. I have no eta on her updating her stuff, but given that there are soo many resources that weren’t there just a few years ago… I will say that she is doing well last we talked, and leave it at that.

    However, Amy, Chica, we need to talk asap. V. Important. Not Urgent, but V. Important.

  37. OK! we need an update from our friend Amy so maybe if you won’t give us an update or photos how about a video????? or you could just be stubborn and keep enjoying the nice weather and …… oh well .

  38. so don’t keep the blog up and now you won’t go to the emergency room … what else have you NOT been doing???????Amy!!!!!! you really have to get out and get involved with life …really i hope all is well and we hear from you soon !

  39. Hey Other Amy !!! Yuhpers, yuhpers … I’ll be there at Southern Comfort … right now I’m scheduled to arrive Friday AM, though if I can move thangs around, I’d like to try to get there Thursday night. We’ll see if I can stay out of the emergency room this time !!! πŸ™‚

  40. careful amy us desperate sorts are coming outta the wood work could get ugly….ps if your coming to Southern Comfort would love to tell you the great places to visit in Atlanta πŸ™‚
    other amy

  41. Promises, promises. How many times have we hear this before? What is the old saying? How do you know a lawyer is lying? They are talking. *wink**wink*. I kid. Really I am just teasing. πŸ˜€

    However many of us would just love to know how your life is going. How your feeling, etc. You don’t even have to get to personal, but it would be nice to hear how you are doing.

  42. One of the most beautiful women on the internet today and she has had the same Big Mac article up for months now we can not let it go any longer we must get Amy to put a new entry online!!! so Amy please… pretty please with big mac sauce can we have another posting???? something new like a movie review or a I went (fill in blank) on my summer vacation??? think of it as going back to school like when we were younger like so many …oops i mean a year ago or so remember we were born the same year so keep it a secret andi hope everyone has had a better summer than me .takecare Amy!!

  43. Mmmm…Chipotle. Wish I could have a beef burrito for breakfast. Maybe I can find something chili to put on my oatmeal.

  44. then again everyone is up north from me buried here in sweaty hot and humid Clearwater Fla….. send some cool ????please

  45. Wait! Don’t ask for “someone” in her bikini. The image of Shaft in her bikini by the pool would sear my eyeballs. :-O

  46. I second the motion for a Amynews post or at least a photo of someone lounging by the pool in her bikini drinking a Coors light and smiling??? I hope we hear from her soon ??

  47. Is it nearly time for the quarterly AmyNews post?

    Amy had so much more to say before she got a life. πŸ™‚

  48. Amy your hair looks GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but if you want to see short let me send you a pic…..yes boy mode to find my new job and yes i miss my long hair….

  49. Amy UK they look like that here too… maybe the guy who makes them commutes to and from ? oh well….

  50. When a ham-fisted gorilla grabs the burger in e death grip, slaps in on a piece of paper and then folds the paper tight enough to flatten a tire (tyre)…as Golum would say – “They ruins it.”

    If they give you a bad burger, complain and make them give you a proper one.

  51. The Grand McD’s Debate

    I don’t know in the States if the burgers actually mirror the image that they present in the menus, but over here in Merry England, UK, I feel that once prepared, someone at McDonalds, actually sits on them prior to sale. I had a double cheeseburger recently, and the whole thing looked rather sad and somewhat…….flat. At first, I thought they had redevised the concept of the pancake, but no. It was simply a Β£1.19 Double Cheeseburger. As anyone had any similar experiences? Or is it that the McDonalds staff over here may not like me? Please end my sleepless nights and let me know.


  52. It looks cute, but I myself am a long hair girl. I know the process of growing it out is taking far too long for me.

  53. Good eyes girl !!! Yuhp … yuhp !!! I got it chopped !!! Took off about 6 1/2 inches … I’m talking about my hair ! πŸ™‚ I’m still phreaking a bit about the new do, but not as much as I thought I would.

  54. Long long ago in a land far far away I asked five questions. You said you would wait for your reporters to complete their questions and then answer. Any chance now is the time.. πŸ™‚

    other amy

  55. All hail the McAmy burger it brings good people together!!!! am I a bit to happy over this burger???? hhhmmm my life is so boring ….hahahah someone has to save me from this oversized swamp!!!! m-i-c-k-e-…. come on now everyone sing it!

  56. Wow !!! No kidding Meg !!! Si !!! Nice to hear from you again !!! To think, all we had to do was talk about McDonald’s to get your attentioooooon !!! πŸ™‚

  57. Wow, a voice from the past is resurrected!!! Sianna, how are you? I see that Amber is / was trying to also rebuild her site. Any idea when we might see something new?

  58. Tara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats and good luck at work I will have a mcAmy burger for you in celebration!!!!!HUGS!!!!!

  59. You all can keep the burgers…I’ll join Amy at 2am for some Taco Hell!! Yum!!



    P.S. I did it Ames!!! I came out to my employer! Everything went well…they support me completely! I go full time in 2 weeks! I’m going by the court tomorrow to enter the Petition for my legal name change! YAY! πŸ™‚

    ***hugs for everyone!***

  60. Help!! someone rescue me and Jelly its to HOT here???? Florida in the summer what was i thinking? does anyone need a roomate???? with built in Puppy??? Amy how was the conference??? fill us in we need a news girl????….hhhmmm seems we have one who is slacking off???hahaha

  61. Hey try Krystals here in the south just like White Castle …ok well not really but they were good did i mention i was on the road all day and was tired and didn’t eat all 4 of them but gave some to my brother and Jellybean ? so i ate 2 of them but they are small like WC….ok so not the same as the 1.00 big mac but i had to mention them…take care everyone Jenny from Rhode Island oops strike that now Clearwater FLA!!!

  62. Does Mickey D’s put Miracle Whip or something similar in the special sauce???? You may be eating it without knowing.

    What’s wrong with Miracle Whip? Think of it as the Marquis de Sade’s favorite cat o’ nine tails. πŸ™‚

    I prefer Miracle Whip for tuna salad and picnic food that may not be well chilled until eaten.

  63. Yodette, I looked at the recipe and i guess i was wrong. But there is no way i would make my own special sauce and put Miracle Whip in it. DISGUSTING! This Mamma’s a mayo kind of girl!

  64. I confess. I confess! I’m sick. I bought a Big Mac and took it home. With the drapes drawn, I put fresh tomato slices on it. It was good!

    Yes, I know. I’m a pervert. I’ll repent. I’ll be good. …Until the next time.

  65. ok amy… do you know what’s in the special sauce of those big macs? that would be pickles, mayo & ketchup…. all mixed together! Just go to taco bell!!! will you put up a countdown to bowling? miss u tons

  66. there’s no meat in a seven-layer burrito…
    or in a carmel apple-amma thingummy,
    for that matter…

    another agent sent a postcard to let me know he’s not even going to look at my novel…

  67. Yep we have ’em here in ATL. Yeps they’re limited for sure, but REALLY GOOD. Mmmmmmmm they are delicious!!!! Darn things πŸ˜‰


  68. There is also a new chain developing called Five Guys hamburgers… very very limited menu… burger or hot dog… French fries or not…burgers are cooked fresh… never frozen meat … really very good..

    If your a burger kinda person might want to check that when you come down…

    Other amy

    p.s. how are all us wannabe parasites going to succeed in living vicariously with you reals being so stingy with the words and details πŸ˜‰

  69. A few years ago several people died from bacteria in undercooked hamburgers from Jack In the Box. The was a big stink in the media. Fearing law suits and bad press, most companies ordered workers to fully cook hamburgers. We we had better meat inspection, it wouldn’t be necessary.

  70. Hello Amy I like MC Donalds food. It’s very tasty, I prefer it more than a good restaurant. πŸ™‚ It only make everyone fat. So we have to sport.

  71. OK I’m gonna have to try that! Nice tip.

    Just outside Detroit is the best joint for sliders: Hunter House. It’s a hole in the wall, but the burgers are legendary, puts White Castle to shame. Now there’s a fancypants Hunter House restaurant downtown near Comerica Park that serves like steak and crabcakes, but the still have the separate slider menu.

    By far the best post 2:00 AM food in Detroit is Lafayette Coney Island. A sea of chili dogs and fries and Vernor’s soda.

    Mmmm I’m dying just thinking of it all. No such goodness here in the Carolinas. BTW There’s a stupid law here (ordinance maybe) that says all hamburgers must be cooked to at least “medium” doneness. WTF?

  72. I tried it and i liked it!!!! was hard to eat …especially since my gastric bypass but yes it was yummy thanks to the Ames!!!!! a 1.00 Big Mac all hail!!!! the Jedi Master!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Sorry. Four of the five surgeons no longer practice. The other isn’t a big name. He did my face lift and I won’t name him with a complaint about something else because I like him.

  74. Krystal’s is a good substitute in a bind but alas, not the real deal. When I was in high school and we were living in Florida, the first place we would always go when we got home for a visit was the Castle. We had Krystal across the bay in Tampa and from time to time we would go but for some reason just not the same. I remember how happy I was when the Beastie Boys immortalized White Castle in song even though we all know that white castle fries now come in more than one size.

    Back in my crazy days White Castle was always a favorite spot for a late night bite after a big night of drinking. Stop into any Castle seven nights a week at a bit past 4 AM, right as the bars are closing, and it’s a pretty rowdy scene. Fond memories as on more than one occassion we would end the night with sliders and wait out the two hours till the bars opened back up and go back to drinking at 6. Not my proudest moments, but fun nonetheless.

  75. Hey Amylr … I was in Tennessee a couple of months ago and visited Krystal for the first time. It was GREAT !!!

  76. Has multiple locations but all but one corporate owned… the other is the property of a former daughter in law or son in law I think. Is unique.. is very much a Georgia tradition. Course is greesy beyond anyones wildest dreams… don’t forget to get the onion rings πŸ™‚

    Other amy

  77. Except for my face lift, every cosmetic surgry result I’ve had was disappointing. Some very disappointing. They all had complications. Surgery is _so_ not a magic bullet. If anyone is completely satisfied with her results, she should consider yourself lucky.

  78. Unfortunately for my weight, there seems to be a White Castle on every block here in Louisville. At one time, this was the furthest south you get the five holed burger but they’ve since moved into Bowling Green about an hour and a half south of here so we no longer have the honor. I don’t know if I could do 8 of those things. It wouldn’t be the going down part that would be hard but the….

    I’ve got a phone call set up with the Z man for next week. I’m having a whole lot of complications from FFS and now that the one year anniversary is just a few weeks away, it’s time to see if he is willing to fix some things that went wrong, didn’t take or just haven’t healed. It’s pretty much been a disaster since day 3 or so of recovery and I just feel cheated out of a lot of money and discomfort. Now if he tells me to “just massage some more”, the scream you hear in Michigan will be me wringing his neck and telling him to massage this! Wish me luck.

  79. Ketchup is good, but now that you mention it, it wouldn’t be right on a Big Mac. I never knew you could order a burger with Big Mac sauce. Thanks for the tip.

    You realize you’ve got me jonesing for Mickey D’s. Cruel.

    Hope you get well soon, Amy!

  80. Yum yum !!! I’m going to be near a White Castle in a couple of weeks … I can’t wait to splurge Kelly !!! I see your four and double it ! πŸ™‚

    Other Amy – I will, is it a chain or local place?

  81. When you come to Southern Comfort… look up the varsity is a unique fast food place πŸ™‚

    other amy

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