The Da Amy Kode

The license plate I had on the most recent Grand Amy version of the AmyMobile,

Was the license plate I’ve had since 1984.

The first car that had that license plate was a 1972 Army green Ford Maverick.

A fairly ugly ass,

But incredibly reliable,


Obviously my lack of interest in stylish cars goes a long way back.


We called that Maverick the Incredible Hulk,

And what was kewl about it was the last three letters on the license plate were HLK,

So it,

Like fit.

To each new car,

I took the license plate.

And over the years,

It became incredibly,

Incredibly worn.

Probably not legal in the end,

In fact,

I’m fairly certain of it.

I have a bunch of cop/deputy/trooper friends,

So I asked several of them if I could get a ticket for having a faded license plate,

The response almost unanimously was:

Could you? Yes, you could. Though it’s far more likely I’d be giving you another speeding ticket and a warning on the license plate. Though for what it’s worth … consider yourself warned on the license plate. πŸ™‚

I wouldn’t blame them if they did give me a ticket though,

The plate was in sad shape,

And I was faced this time trying to decide what to do,

When it came to licensing the new AmyMobile.

I had just paid the plate fees a few months back on the HLK plate,

So it made some financial sense to transfer the plate over to the new AmyMobile.

And from what I was told,

All I had to do was ask for a new plate,

And they’d give me a replacement plate at that time,

One that could be read and was actually useful.

But I didn’t want to turn the old plate back …

I sorta wanted to be able to keep it,

Frame it.

It was one of the few things of Joe that I hadn’t yet tossed.

Plus …

I didn’t want to get into the whole confusion thing about how that plate was in Joe’s name,

And I want to transfer it to a car in my name.

Not to mention,

Timing wise I had a bit of an overlap,

As I was acquiring the new AmyMobile before turning back the Grand Amy,

And I wanted to start driving the new AmyMobile right away,

Considering I was so many miles over on the Grand Amy.

But I couldn’t do that until I returned the Grand Amy since I still needed plates on the Grand Amy to drive it to the dealership.

I checked with the Secretary of State and they said I could purchase a temporary plate for like $15 or so,

Which could solve that problem,

And I was considering that.


With the HLK plate,

All my other cars had something special about them,

At least in my mind,

And I wanted the new AmyMobile to have something special about her plate as well,

Which wasn’t going to be the case if I just got a randomly assigned new plate.

A vanity plate could solve the delimma,

But I’m not into vanity plates because they are,

Well … vain.


I reasoned,

If I got a vanity plate that didn’t look like a vanity plate,

Just like a normal plate,

‘Cept there could be a special meaning to me,

Then the problem would be solved, and …

All would be kewl.

Well done Amy-wan ! πŸ™‚

So that’s what I decided to do.

My first thought was to get the HLK numbers on a vanity plate,

That’d be nutty.

But then I figured it’d create that same confusion problem with the old plate being in Joe’s name,

And me trying to get a new plate with Joe’s old number.

Not to mention,

That was Joe’s plate,

I needed a new plate,

With my own special digits ! πŸ™‚

So as I was waiting for my number to be called,

I created an incredibly simple,

Da Amy Kode,

For my new license plate.

It’s a total of 5 digits,

Not necessarily read as five numbers.

It totally personalizes the AmyMobile,

Though doesn’t present vain.

When you get the answer,

You’ll have to agree …

It’s Amy. πŸ™‚

Take a guess if you’re up for it,

Otherwise I’ll share the digits wth ya later !!! πŸ™‚

(Though those of you that I’ve already told the answer, don’t play. That wouldn’t be fair.)

Removing License Plate From Gand Amy - Smudge

Mwah removing the license plate from the Grand Amy.

Putting on the New License Plate - Smudge

And Mwah putting the new license plate on the Grand Pricks.

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  1. LOL Hey Marcia !!! In order to comment on the pictures, you actually have to click the link that says “See this photo on Flickr“. Though if you do comment on it at Flickr, it will show up here on AmyNews afterwards.

    And yes … that is a halo !!! πŸ™‚ (yeah right !!!) LOL

  2. Ames…..I’ve read lots of incredibly creative guesses at your new license plate….but has anyone contacted you, actually guessing it correctly?

  3. ….highly doubtful that it’s a halo….

    …’d be more plausible…and you’d have an easier time convincing someone that it’s a “hako”….


  4. Aims-

    I do not know how to comment on pics in your new format, sooo . . .

    in the pic with you and your cousin, is that a freakin HAKO coming out of your head?

  5. again, i’m in this alternate reality situation,
    well, all i can think of is how,
    if i ever get (in nebraska we call them) prestige plates,
    i want to reach into a scrabble bag and pull seven random letters,
    and then see what people THINK it says…

    i can only think of I M EMILY

  6. OMG I am an idiot – I meant to ride Maverick and I wrote Mustang. Amy, can you contact the editor and see if she can fix that?

  7. My first car was also a green ’72 Maverick, though more light green than army green. My main memory of it is that it was so stripped it didn’t even have a glove compartment – just a shelf ! Great for scattering things all over your passenger in a sharp turn !

  8. Amy…you bleed BLUE……you know we need a Michigan woman to do the job for Michigan wasn’t that coach BO…..Go Blue.

  9. Wow … seriously, I had lunch with my friend Scully and we were commenting how all your ideas are so much better than what I actually used !!! Next vanity plate I get is going to be a Viewers Choice !!!

  10. AMNEW

    Ford Mustang lol. My first car was a 1974 Maverick formerly gold in color, after my dad’s bondo job, my sister nicknamed the car Spot.

    My other sister drove a 1972 Mustang two door in Amy light blue.

  11. Hey Amy…supporting the entire dichotomy that is Amy, I thought I’d offer to procure an “Ohio State University” license plate frame to put around your new plate!

    *giggles* πŸ™‚

  12. _I_ couldn’t find her without considerable effort. I license plate makes stalking a simple one shot call.

  13. I know, so instead of guessing, I’m gonna offer a couple creative ideas of my own…

    …how about “REBUILT”….given the history of the car, and your history, it has several subtle meanings, which you so eloquently captured in your last blog…

    …or…how about “C2H5OH”…(for the technically challenged, it’s the chemical compound for ethanol)…


  14. You don’t intend to disclose your new plate in AmyNews do you? I don’t know about your State, but in many, if not most States, I believe anyone can find who owns a vehicle. That might lead to unwanted attentions.

  15. Aims,
    I shot you an email just now as I need some major help/advice/info on FFS with Dr. Z. It’s nothing bad, just concerns figuring out some things based upon what I can afford. I’m freakin big time about this and just value your input.


  16. First time called a biaatch. I like it!!!!!!! Yeah, it’s true, twas in middle school then. Stella gives me a hard time too, telling me I’m just a young little peep, but I can’t help it. Of course as i sit here at my desk in my classroom I’m looking at my class enrollment form and the two new kids were born in 2001. Ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My first car was a Ford Fiesta (yellow) with no A/C and we lived in Florida at the time. I’m pretty sure it was worse than your green machine. Wait, wasn’t the green machine like a toy, kinda like a big wheel? Of course it got like 50 mpg and that was when gas was like 65 cents a gallon.

  17. Middle school ??? You were in Middle school then, Kelly ??? What’s that word I’m looking for … starts with a “B” … Booo, Baaa, Buuuu, nooo … I’ve got it … Biaatch !!! πŸ™‚

    Geezuz kripes, another excellent suggestion !!! I’m so getting Vanity Plate Buyer’s Remorse.

  18. Same plate since 1984? Let’s see, I was in middle school then and wasn’t quite able to drive yet. (sorry about that guys)

    My guess: Koors!

  19. That’s not it JC, but if I had thought of that one, I’d definitely have went with it !!! Great idea !!! I’m bummed I didn’t think of it.

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