Even More Admin Krap

Hey kids …

Sorry to be a pain in the butt,

But links to AmyNews.com are going to be dorked up for a few days …

I think.

I’ve given up on this great TypePad experiment.

Don’t get me wrong,

TypePad isn’t a bad option,

It’s just not a good option for mwah.

I’ll give my review once moved.

Amyways, 😉

I’ve decided to install WordPress as my new publishing medium …

And though you think I haven’t been working on AmyNews.com because of the lack of posts this month,

‘Tis not true.

I’ve been trying to get things set-up for the move.

Now all the features you said you liked at TypePad,

I’ll have with the new system,

Plus some other new features you have requested …

I.e., commenting with the pics of the day,

Will be available.

Not to mention,

There are also a couple of really kewl new thangs …

That I can’t wait to have popping.

It all isn’t ready yet,

But I’m not one that needs things picture perfect before having friends over.

So I’m going to start moving the pointers, forwards and masks around later today.

Meaning that …

If for some reason when you try to get here,

You get an error message,

It’s only temporary,

And please try again later.

Hope to see you soon !!! 🙂

And for the inconvenience …

First round is on me !!! 🙂

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  1. Amy:
    It’s nice for you to have something fun and administrative to do . keeps a nice single girl out of trouble and maybe makes her friends and acquaintances happy .
    Amy had a GREAT 2005. I know 2006 will be equally great for you.

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