Time For A Change

Editor’s Note: This is a repost from my last post at AmyNews.com Episode II. It really might not make any sense here as it sounds like a repeat, but I want this to be a complete set of my posts … as far as you know … so I have included it here. 🙂

Things have gotten very boring here lately,

And by here …

I mean AmyNews.com.

I hardly ever post anymore.

In fact,

More than one person has advised me to just shut things down,

Call it a day.

But as I’ve said before,

That’s really not me.

And it’s not  like I don’t have anything to say …


I’ve got plenty.

It’s just that,

When I start a postin’ …

I find myself getting distracted with some maintenance issues here,

Comment spam has been killing me.

And the software I use to try to control it is seriously outdated …

So much so that I can’t update it unless I upgrade my site publishing software multiple versions.

Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing,

Because there are some fun things I want to add to my site that I can’t unless I upgrade.

However …

Movable Type, which is the publishing software I use,

Is far from user friendly during the installation and/or upgrade stages …

At least in my opinioooooon,

And that’s all that matters …


So …

I’ve been evaluating some other options,

And have finally found one that I am going to give a whirl.

It was my hope to go live with the new set this past weekend,

But I’ve sort of run into some delays …

All my fault of course. 🙂

As a result,

I’ve decided to go live at the new place sometime this week,

Maybe next,

Without committing to a date.

Which is so, so Amy …

As I’ve got serious commitment issues.


I have started doing the behind the scenes fun to make that happen …


Moving some pointer thingies around that are associated with my AmyNews.com domain name.


In theory,

There really shouldn’t be any downtime.

In theory.


If things go goofy here for a bit …

Please have patience and check back,

Because it’s only temporary.

And in a lame attempt to make up for the inconvenience,

Even though the new set isn’t complete yet,

Seriously, I’ve got some major decorating to do as right now I think it still looks rather cluttered,

For those of you that have read this post all the way to this point,

Here’s a little brain teaser that if you can figure out,

Will take you to the place where I’m building the new set,

And you can see the dysfunction that goes through my mind during the creative? process:

I’ve set a redirect for one of the other domain names I own,

Which will take you to the new set.

The domain name redirect is one that if you think about it,

And me,

You can possibly figure out.

(No, it’s not www.AmyWanKenobi.com.  Why of course, I do own that name, but that redirect brings you right back here. I know. I’m a butt. :))


The first five viewers that can guess their way to the new set construction location and post a comment to the post for October 1, 2005 will get one of those really kewl AmyNews.com t-shirts !

How’s that for a disincentive !! 🙂

Though if you’re just not into such juvenile gimmicks,

Just e-mail me …

I’ll shoot ya the link anyways.

But you won’t get a t-shirt !! 🙂

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  1. Yeah, well, those requests don’t come from me! LOL And, you don’t have to be wearing it to take a picture of it!

  2. LOL That’s funny … usually most of the requests for photos I receive involve me NOT wearing a t-shirt … or any shirt for that matter.

  3. Oh I love what you’ve done with the new place! It’s so exciting- like starting anew.

    And I must say I nearly lost my diet Pepsi out my nose when I saw your new bowling ball. How perfect.

  4. Claire !!! 🙂 Actually, my banner is going to have a rotating tag line … I think I Hint – You Guess will certainly fit into the rotatioooon !!! 🙂

  5. …just goes to show….even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then….*giggles*….I can’t wait for the shirt!!!!! LOL

  6. Well … I did try to give you kids a decent hint … but seriously, it’s very consistent with everything Amy … my secrets are usually out there for all to see … it’s just whether or not they’ll be noticed !! 🙂

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