Happy New Year !!!


Hey all !!! 

I hope everyone had a super and safe holiday !!! 🙂

I was trying really, really hard to give ya’ll a treat on New Year’s with several new changes here at AmyNews.com.

I’ve spent eons over the past week trying to get everything tweaked out with a site code overhaul and new features, but just haven’t been able to get the darn photo gallery working yet.

I’m close.

I’ve tried out several options, but the one I decided to go with isn’t playing nicely with Word Press just yet. So what I did in the meantime, so you didn’t think I had forgotten about you, was throw up some pics from Halloween 2005 on a Flickr site. I’ll keep working on getting the photo gallery pics up and running, with plenty of new old pics and the Click The Pic feature returning, but I might take a few days off on those thing as I’m getting kinda fried working on it and just want to punch out some posts.

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  1. After reviewing my posted comment, I realized that your comments editor does not accept embedded html tags, surely for security reasons.

    My previous coment is then quite incomplete. But if you can read html code, just look for li … /li,
    which are bracketing each of your pics.

    You have an excellent page.

  2. The list-type squares are there because your composer is still Listing your pics. Your html file is tagging the pics as … , as the clip of the code for one of your pics shows:

    I guess that you could delete the tags manually. On the other hand, the squares do not look unpleasant.


  3. The Force bolt one is great !!! I love the light reflection across my eyes !!! Well well done !!! 🙂 I’m going to add that one to my front page rotatiooooon !!!

    My mobile digits can be found scribbled on most restroom walls in the greater Chicago area, but in case you don’t feel like going to that much effort to get them … I just sent you an e-mail with them !!! 🙂

  4. i particularly liked the force bolts one. Also, I lost your cell #. Would really love to chat with you (( no advice requests I swear )) sometime.

  5. Wooo hoooo !!! Thanks Si !!! They are great !!! I’m going to try another run at installing a gallery optioooon here so I can show them off !!!

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