Sneak Preview

Okay kids …

It’s recently come to my attentioooon …

Through ‘Kenna,

That some of ya’ll think you have been seeing some strange happenings going on at

Format changes,

Posts appearing and disappearing,

All sorts of goofy odd behavior.

For that I apologize,

Because I was thinking I was doing the redesign of on the sly,

Since if you’ve been seeing all that krap take place,

You’ve been actually going to,

Not is where I tinker …



Before rolling out new little features.


I’m probably not going to be updating until I’m ready to go live with the new design,

Which I’m fairly close to being,

So if you want to see krap going down,

You may as well keep coming here,

Because once I go live,

The link will take you to,

At least for a while. 🙂

And for those who are interested in seeing what I have left to do before I go live …

Here are my scribbles:

    Install Photogallery 2.0 and plugins
    Add photo galleries (pictures of trach shave, pictures of ffs, pictures of boob job, pictures of srs, pictures of Halloween)
    Add On The Street gallery (import pics from old host) and add sidebar feature
    Add Sound Bites feature, including coding column hide from feature column, column display on right sidebar and new header and footers for sidebar Sound Bites
    Fix center column problem
    Fix calendar squishy problem
    Add Entertainment Blogroll
    Reformat feature column header and footer so it’s funnier
    Import full list of quotes
    Import full full set of rotating headshots
    Add more title snips
    Re-categorize posts
    Code (plagarize) 2 column post archive templates
    Center the Whatever quotes
    Give props for the plugins I’ve used in the footer with that funny krap I was thinking of when I tripped on the sidewalk earlier today.

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