Adopt A Time Zone Day

As I’m barely keeping my eyes open at this point,

I am pleased to announce that in recognition of November 13 being …

Adopt A Time Zone Day,

For the new few hours,

I am adopting Hawaii Time Zone as the official time zone of,

Meaning I’m adjusting things from UTC-5 to UTC-10 for the rest of November 13 …

And now have another 5 hours to post my semi-annual posts. 馃檪

Totally legit, yo?

From a certain point of view. 馃槈

Construction Zone

This really is not the first post I had intended after my absence,

But I wanted to thank Yodette, Meg and Singer for giving me the early heads up as to the interruption of things here at,

And apologize for the looks of things here for now.

Though honestly,

I’m kinda glad I was forced to fix things quickly quickly,

As otherwise I’m sure I’d have taken even more forever getting things to the point of where I wanted them before upgrading.


The look will probably be this for a while as I just really want to post,

Which is what I’ll be doing.

I’ll make a few small changes code wise,

Restore some things that aren’t here yet which were before,

And update my surgery pics.

But as I have, shall we say …


The general appearance of things will not change anytime soon …

Unless someone wants to do it for me ! 馃檪


As part of recovering things process …

I’ve had to update my databases to fresher releases,

Which sometimes isn’t a good experience.

It went well for the most part,

But I did lose the last 8 or 9 comments …

You know,

Those that were teasing me about the tunbleweeds here ! 馃檪


I didn’t want anyone to think I was editing those out,

But that’s where they went … I do have back-ups,

So I’ll get those comments back in a bit. 馃檪

Sorry again for the interruption ! 馃檪

Admin Sunday

Posting resumes today …

And this post doesn’t count.


Before then I’m trying to do some version upgrades in an effort to address the spam that’s been sneaking through …


I think I have the protocol down,

Having spent bookoo time figuring it out on my test site,

And a couple others in the AmyVerse. 馃檪


I’ve been known to randomly deviate from protocol,

(Reason 86 as to why I’m still single *shrug*),

Which might mean that the site krashes for a while.

So if things go down here for a bit,

It’ll just be for a bit.

And yes,

I totally appreciate the reality of things being …

That if I do screw up during the upgrade,

You’re probably not able to read this Warning Message anyways.

Sworry. 馃檪

New Look

Hey all …

As you might be able to notice,

I’ve changed the look of once again.

I’ll ’plain my rationale for such,

Thoughts and reasonings later,

But mainly I did it because I realized that with my old theme,

The krap done to make it work in Internet Explorer,

Didn’t look good in Mozilla Firefox.

And since I get a good number of viewers who use Firefox,

I felt I was doing them a disservice and decided to try and remedy the situatioooooon. :-)

Anywhose …

If you find things broken,

Not working,


Needing improvement,

Or anything else …

Please e-mail me and let me know.


Making me so proud by surfing the web while at work …

Has caught a couple of things for me already,

Including that I need to add a link to the hair graft sets.

Which I’ll do when I get back later this afternoon,

Along with some more photo sets ya’ll haven’t seen yet.

I’ve also noticed that for some reason,

Despite not have this problem on my test site,

My third column overflows with certain AmyBulls …

I think I’ve nulled out the problem AmyBulls for now,

But if you see it happening still,

Please notice the specific AmyBulls … that is causing the problem,

And let me know.

I think I have the fix for it figured out,

But just don’t have the time right now to test it.



I’ve moved some of my Take Two posts to a separate site,

The original posts are still on,

Along with their comments.

I haven’t moved the comments to the new site yet,

Until I receive permission from the commenters that it’s okay for me to move them.

So if you commented on one of the Take Two posts and it’s okay for me to move them to,

Shoot me a permission slip.

(For what it’s worth, though I liked my Take Two posts in concept, I hated how they ended up just dragging all the way down the screen to read them. I wasn’t able to figure out how to do an “extended page break” in the Take Two posts using the plugin I was using for my sideblog, so setting them up on a separate site and including them here as an RSS feed seemed like a worthy solution. We’ll see. Feel free to tell me it sucks as an idea and I’ll figure something else out.)


That’s it for now.

I’m travelling today,

So I’ll probably be bored and shooting some Amy Today pics.

I hope it doesn’t break anything. :-)

Click The Pic

I’ve got a working version of the Click the Pic feature back on-line … though with a few mods. One, instead of being called Click the Pic, I’m calling it On The Road Hard. I’m not krazy about the name, so I’ll probably change it, it was just all I could think of at the moment. Two, instead of just showing the most recent Click the Pic, I’m showing the last three on the front page, let me know if you think that’s too self indulgent or not. Though be forewarned, if you think it is, you’re just encouraging me to up the number to cinco !!! 馃檪 Tres, when you do Click the Pic, it should take you to the photo gallery, which calls the pics from Flickr. To speed things up, I’m caching them on my server and just refreshing every 15 minutes, meaning … there’s at least a 15 minute delay. Four, if you want to comment on a specific pic, you can, just click the link and it’ll take you to the photo’s Flickr page for commenting. Five, for the the life of me, I can’t figure out why that damn list-style-type Square is showing up before each of the pics. It’s driving me batty. I swear I’ve noned it out everywhere, though obviously I haven’t, so my swearing means nothing. Anyways, that annoying feature will disappear when I have another 8 hours to kill trying to fix it. Thanks for being so patient while I tinker with these things. More photo sets will be phorthcoming.