New Look

Hey all …

As you might be able to notice,

I’ve changed the look of once again.

I’ll ’plain my rationale for such,

Thoughts and reasonings later,

But mainly I did it because I realized that with my old theme,

The krap done to make it work in Internet Explorer,

Didn’t look good in Mozilla Firefox.

And since I get a good number of viewers who use Firefox,

I felt I was doing them a disservice and decided to try and remedy the situatioooooon. :-)

Anywhose …

If you find things broken,

Not working,


Needing improvement,

Or anything else …

Please e-mail me and let me know.


Making me so proud by surfing the web while at work …

Has caught a couple of things for me already,

Including that I need to add a link to the hair graft sets.

Which I’ll do when I get back later this afternoon,

Along with some more photo sets ya’ll haven’t seen yet.

I’ve also noticed that for some reason,

Despite not have this problem on my test site,

My third column overflows with certain AmyBulls …

I think I’ve nulled out the problem AmyBulls for now,

But if you see it happening still,

Please notice the specific AmyBulls … that is causing the problem,

And let me know.

I think I have the fix for it figured out,

But just don’t have the time right now to test it.



I’ve moved some of my Take Two posts to a separate site,

The original posts are still on,

Along with their comments.

I haven’t moved the comments to the new site yet,

Until I receive permission from the commenters that it’s okay for me to move them.

So if you commented on one of the Take Two posts and it’s okay for me to move them to,

Shoot me a permission slip.

(For what it’s worth, though I liked my Take Two posts in concept, I hated how they ended up just dragging all the way down the screen to read them. I wasn’t able to figure out how to do an “extended page break” in the Take Two posts using the plugin I was using for my sideblog, so setting them up on a separate site and including them here as an RSS feed seemed like a worthy solution. We’ll see. Feel free to tell me it sucks as an idea and I’ll figure something else out.)


That’s it for now.

I’m travelling today,

So I’ll probably be bored and shooting some Amy Today pics.

I hope it doesn’t break anything. :-)

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  1. Natalie, you can have all the heat and humidity we have here in Louisville. It is simply miserable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last check the heat index was at 108 degrees F.

  2. Hey Natalie ! 🙂

    If you click either of the pics under the Amy Today heading, it’ll take you to a larger copy of the pic. Underneath that if you want to post a comment, you can click the “See picture on Flickr” link and you can add a comment there. Any comments placed on Flickr for a pic will show up here when the larger pic is shown. I’ll see what I can do to come up with a solution to adding the comments from here. 🙂

    I sending you some of our sun !!! 🙂 We’ve got a beautiful Memorial Day holiday here … super warm, sunny, it’s great. Went out on a picnic lunch with my parents, brother, sister-in-law and Nephew 1 and Nephew 2. I feasted on way too much grindage !!! I’m stuffed like a turkey ! 🙂

  3. Hey, I miss the ‘click the pic’ post!

    Here I see you (amy) lying in the sun, wearing only a top … and we are freezing our buts of over here (oh, here is the netherlands … say hi everybody). It’s freaking 12 degrees celcius, it’s raining every half hour and the wind keeps blowing my hair to pieces.
    I also want some nice warm sun … plhuease!!!

  4. Nikki … I added a link to the Hair Graft photo set in column three after the Past Episode archives. Is that what you were thinking I should add?

  5. LOL Yeah … I know. Actually, I use it as a nightlight too … then all I have to do is roll my hand over the touch pad and it turns on when I need it in the middle of the night … to find my remote control ya know, good television occurs at 2:00 AM !!! 🙂

  6. The new white background makes a spiffy nightlight until the screen saver blanks the display, too!

  7. ummm…
    it’s got that snappy,
    professional, no-nonsense look,
    which, of course, sets up the delivery perfectly…

  8. Kelly … thanks for the feedback that things are working in Safari. If anyone else is using a brower where thangs are loading, feedback is greatly appreciated. WordPress is as easy or as hard as one wants to make it … I tend to like things hard. Ha ! 🙂 If you have my digits, don’t hesitate to cwall me if you have any questions. If you don’t have my digits, ping me and I’ll give them to you … it’s usually just easier ‘splaining things verbal.

    LOL Nikki ! 🙂

    Thanks Sharon … I still have some residual puffdaddiness on my upper lip, and I’m finally down to just three cold sore remnants … whew. The graft site on my forehead is healing nicely. It really isn’t painful at all and I’m loving the results/anticipated results. The back of my head from the donor site area is still a bit sore, but nothing too bad. All in all … I’d say I’m 95% Amy. 🙂

  9. Amy,

    Okay, how hard is this WordPress? I have downloaded it from my web host and am starting to fool around with it, but doing all this scares the crap out of me. Any advice?


    PS. Hey Sharon, only one more day of school and then three months of vacation!

  10. Oh Amy, you make my brain hurt trying to keep up with you … you’re lookin’ good girl. ~Sharon 😉

  11. Hey Kelly, they could always go for trying to take off from the freeway again, now that would be amusing!

    Amy, thanks for sorting out the links. Now I understand what you’re talking about and by the way- Ssshhhh. I’m still at work surfing again!

  12. Looks Good Aims, props on the new design. Using Apple’s browser Safari works great on the new site. Much better than the old one did. I have commented numerous times so feel free to transfer mine. Finally, I love the title of one of the categories on Spewage. Classic Amy!

    PS- What’s your take on the finale of 24? How do they top landing a jumbo jet on a freeway, piloting Marine One, storming a Russian Sub, taking the President hostage, and once again saving LA all without a single bathroom break or a cell phone recharge?

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