Registrar Update

For those of you who are reading this …

You probably didn’t get here via the address,

At least as of 8:50 pm est,

Otherwise known as 12:50 am gmt.


It’ll be back live within 24 hours,

That’s what I’ve been told.

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  1. Yes. Banana Republic.

    The black top is on the clearance racks (first place I go !!! Remember Amy Shopping Rule No. 1 – never pay full price for anything at BR).

    As far as the top in 10-15-05_1242.jpg, it’s also Banana Republic … part of their new fall line, and yes, I did pay full price for it. Which leads me to Amy Shopping Rule No. 2 – if you love it, buy it. And for the record … I loved it. 🙂

  2. I also really liked the black top with the funky sleeves and would like to know where you were trying that on so I can go get it.

  3. Aims, If you didn’t buy that shirt in 10-15-05_1242.jpg, please get it for me to give to my daughter – it’s gorgeous! (no kidding)


  4. Thanks Yodette ! 🙂 I did get that top … planning on wearing it tonight ??

    You really liked the sleeves on the black top ?? They reminded me of that Seinfeld episode with the pirate shirt.

  5. I hope you bought the top in 10-15-05_1242.jpg. It looked good on you. So did the black top. I liked the sleeves on you. They were visually flattering. Either with a pleated skirt would be a very nice look.

  6. Hey Aims,

    Is there a way to post comments about your new picture section?

    So, anyway:

    $4.99 AND the correct of color of blue-you’ve gotta be freaking kidding me!


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