Where In The World Is AmyWan?

Jeepers …

Since last Friday,

I have logged 2,604 air miles and …

880 land miles.

I’m whipped,

But had mucho fun.

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  1. Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding !!!!

    Yuhppers … I was in Lubbock … watching the Texas Tech Red Raiders defeat the Oklahoma Seeyalaters on the last play of the game.

    Three point summary:

    Exciting game,
    Great company,
    Phreaking cold.

  2. bet you’re glad to be back. Okay, lemme take a stab in the dark.

    So…lets start with land miles – 440 each way, assuming you didn’t drive the complete 880 miles to someplace in BFE and get a plane ride home. So lets take 100 each way by land if you were to take a flight from your nearest major airport. Flight of 1300 miles get you either east coast, west coast or down south (can’t see you wanting to go up north this time of year). So seeing as you had much fun and did some driving 340 each way, my guess it was Amy time and not any sort of ‘functional work’. Hmmmm, narrow down options, NYC is kinda kewl, Boston is kinda kewl but neither would account for 300+ miles of driving (assuming you were using a renta car), then again, you do a heck of a lot of driving in your own car but seeing as you posted this yesterday and you were on the ‘road’ since Friday – I’m guessing it was a weekend thing. The west coast is really nice this time of year, SF in particular, you could have done Tahoe or the Sonoma run which would have accounted for a bit of milage or you could just have gone to visit Arnie in the State capital….in any event, I hope you had a fab time and where are the pictures?

    clío (with too much time on her hands)

  3. Well…we’re glad you’re back sweetie!

    …btw…while you were gone…

    OSU beat Michigan…again…

    …go Bucks! 🙂

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