Kitchen Mishap

Sundays are cooking days in the Amy-Kitchen …

And today was no exception.


I had a brain phart when it came to this batch of lazy cookies.

Burnt Cookies

Honest to gawd,

I know I set the timer …

But somehow I just didn’t hear it when it went Bzzzzzzz !

So sad,

It was a batch of chocolate chips cookies …

With such potential,

To end up in my belly that is !!!

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  1. Hi Amy! Great to see things working out so well for you. And those cookies look just fine – I’d eat ’em. I like a few burned bits on a biscuit…

  2. This is totally not acceptable Amy! How on earth are you ever going to be invited by the local housewifes organisation for the next tupperware party if you mess up baking a simple chocolate cooky?

    *Me viewing amy at the local tupperware party* LOL

  3. One of the few things I bake from scratch…Nestle Tollhouse Cookies…mmmmmmm…I usually make a double batch when I do it…it takes a whole pound of butter!

    Nice to be in the company of fellow “choco-holics”!

    So, you’re on-board with the idea of the Hershey Chocolate Factory being one of the greatest man-made wonders???? *giggles*

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