Shaking A Tail

Generally speaking,

I don’t rattle easily.


As I’m punching this post …

I’m rattled.

Really rattled.

Now on one hand,

I am quite proud of myself …

For the rattle-control I exemplified,

During the pendency of the situation.

I recognized the potential threat,

Then calmly …


Processed, and

Extracted myself from the situation.

With no one ever the wiser.

No one, that is …

Other than me,

And the person watching me,

Following me.

Though once removed from the situation,

I felt the effects of the experience.

Something wasn’t right here.

I didn’t sense as soon as I normally would.

So maybe that is what scared me.

Or maybe it’s just that when I did sense,

It wasn’t good.

Either way,

I’m was put on edge,

And am still on edge.

So word to the wise …

Don’t sneak up on me for a bit,

I think I might react a bit more defensively than you’d normally expect. 🙂

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  1. Bingo, Risa.

    My youngest has all three items close at hand, too. At the tender age of 16 years she has already been sexually tormented at school both physically and emotionally (once in 2nd grade and once in the 7th), she already knows ONLY SHE can prevent being victimized. A total sweetheart, she also knows – far better than almost any other woman I know – very well how to protect herself.

    My oldest is a “big” girl, and thinks she’s tough enough that no-one would want to mess with her. I just hope her hypothesis is never tested, because she has never yet had to take anyone on, and, not having ever really learned, I’m not at all convinced she could.

    My dear wife feels she’s “above” it all – that just because she’s “…48 no-one will look twice…” at her. What she doesn’t realize is that even round and middle-aged, she is still cute and, at only 5’2″, is a damn good mark.

    My dear sister, because she’s so damn good-lookin’ (and knows it, by the way) recognizes the POSSIBILITY of a problem, but, incredibly, dismisses the PROBABILITY of anything happening to her. This, dispite the fact that she is one of the most pleasant, attractve, and genuinely feminine women I know, and is therefore, again, one of the best marks possible.

    So three of the four women close to me are setting themselves up – every day – for a good, violent wacking.

    And now Amy.

    And there is nothing I can do about it except watch and hope THEY all continue to be lucky and I continue to be wrong.

    “Everybody else is a statistic, – it will never happen to me.”


    Take care.

  2. Next time, snap his license plate with your phone, *then* do the Berverly Hill Cop. And definitely do everything GFlagger said, good advice.

    It’s funny, in town I try not to be alone on the streets, but I still go hiking by myself, with my tent and all, in the wilderness. When I do that, though, I do have my sheath knife, whistle, and pepper spray on a cord around my neck …

    risa b

  3. Natalie –
    Where do you live? I want to be sure my DAUGHTERS don’t move there… seriously, in my town, that sort of response from a cop would probably get him or her – at the least – administratively mandated sensitivity training, or, more probably, an administratively mandated suspension (w/o pay) or the same kind of dismissal.

  4. I had a stalker, someone living in my apartmentbuilding. Who was allways following me when I went for a walk with the dog. He was also sending me notes and stuff. I was so scared, I took alternatives routes out of my building just to escape him.

    So I went to the local police and he said to me ‘If you look good then you can get attention from males, I would look at a good looking woman’ … *what the f?*

    But the stalker moved out, back to poland or where-ever.

  5. Dear Amy,
    That’s scary. Damn that’s scary. And with Day of Rememberance coming up, that’s even scarier.

    (1) Arrange your keys in your knuckled fist so they protrude if you need to defend yourself.
    (2) Why did you not stop to talk to a cop or a security guard? Or talk to the movie-theatre people -they’d be happy to help you out – bad stuff happening in movie theatres is something NONE of them want. All you have to do is voice your concern – point him out in full view of the authority. Make sure your key’d hand is evident, that way authority knows you are not kidding, that you really are scared. Ask for an escort – and WAIT for the escort, even for while if you have to.
    (3) Do you have a pepper spray in your purse? That’s the time to take it out and conceal it in your hand.
    (4) Do you have a stun gun? That’s the time to take it out and carry it – or carry it in your purse, with your hand concealed in your purse – at the very least.

    Thinking and doing things like a woman is not restricted to caring and nurturing; nor is it limited to lingerie, hair and nails (you sexist/genderist pig, Greg). Unfortunately, in conventional reality (the “real world,” if you prefer), that includes watching out for our Amy every minute of every day. E.g., when you are driving, you try to stay aware of the jerks on the road so they don’t hurt you – why not do the same thing when you are not driving?

    We love you Amy, and just want you to stay around awhile.


  6. Years ago I had to escape a bad guy by driving my car at his at high speed head on. He chickened and swerved at the last moment and gave up his chase. I don’t recommend it except as a last resort.

    I reasoned he couldn’t take me somewhere to rape and kill me if our cars were wrecked. If we both went to the hospital I could probably tell the police and be believed because someone like him probably had a record.

  7. That is pretty scary. Its not unusual for an attractive girl to get attention from some random dude who is moved by a sudden shift in testosterone levels. But some guys don’t seem to know when they’ve crossed that line.

    I find it really wierd that I used to walk all over downtown Chicago or drive around Detroit late at night and not be afraid and since transitioning- I find it scary walking through the Wal-Mart parking lot on a Sunday evening after grocery shopping (Is that guy with the t-shirt that goes only 3/4 over his belly smacking his lips at me?). My how your perspective can change.

  8. Yo. I was stalked by a guy at the movies … I went to see Serenity (it was phreakin’ GREAT !!) by myself on Saturday and for some gawd forsaken reason somehow attracted his attention … amyways (lol), on Sunday I went with my sister-in-law and nephews to see The Corpse Bride (eh, it didn’t do much for me) at the same theatre … and as I left, the exact same dude from the day before pulled up right in front of my car, stared at me, no wave hola or smile, but just moved slightly away and then proceeded to follow me, clearly following me … I’m like, I have no idea who you are, you held a door open for me on the way out of the theatre, that’s it, I said thank you … why are you following me? Eventually I did a Beverly Hills Cop move to shake him and all was good. I know it doesn’t sound like a big deal, it’s just that something didn’t feel right about it.

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