1042 Miles Later

Between Monday and Tuesday of this week …

I put like 1,042 miles on Jayne.

On Monday,

That was done in some messed up, snowy butt weather.

I was doing a great deal of driving,

As my docket for those two days sucked.


Tuesday night,

At 6:29 pm,

A mere 5 miles from the AmyCave,

I learned something very, very important:

On Jayne,

When the gas gauge thingy hits that line right at the E,

And I mean the line right at the E,

Not just below the line,

Not partially on the line and partially below the line,

But right on the line,

You immediately run out of gas.

Ka Chug, Ka Chug, Kaaaaa Chug.

I also learned that when you run out of gas,

The heater doesn’t work anymore and it gets cold,

Really quickly.



I know,

Capital L. 🙂

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  1. Hi Amy
    I would just like to wish you and all your readers and commenters a Merry Christmas
    and prosperous New Year. I for one look forward to more rapturous writings from your good self

  2. In past Britania produced more wine what the climate was warmer. I believe in Roman times it exported wine. There are areas that have good potential to produce wine when the climate warms a little more.

  3. Hi…LOL

    Oddly enough, the UK does still produce wine although it never seems to grace the palate of many foreign, high-class eating establishments. But never mind. I do understand that Clint Eastwood did love our Newcastle Brown Ale and that Madonna loves our Timothy Taylor ‘LandLord’ Ale. So we can’t be all that bad…er….can we??

    Amys of the world unite!


    Amy Gerrard.

  4. Hi, Amy – Merry Christmas,

    How come the USA always gets real snow at the appropriate time as opposed to
    we Brits that get a sort of watery pretend sort? I see so many wonderful 19th Century winter scenes on our Christmas cards, yet we seldom get that in reality.

    God, I’m jealous…..

    Merry Christmas, all…..:)

    Amy Gerrard.

  5. You’ve got snow! 😐

    We haven’t got snow! 🙁

    I want snow! 🙂

    Can I come and stay with you? I’ll bring some gas with me, I promise (and not the stuff that doesn’t smell very nice)!!!!

  6. Kelly, I really don’t think Amy running out of gas is a carryover from the old days. I’m not so sure I agree with it being a guy’s thing. If anything, it shows Amy’s a true blonde !! 🙂 Running on empty is something I do constantly. I better check my insurance ….

  7. Oh Amy. What are we going to do with you. I never thought I’d hear about you having a problem with gas. LOL. Good thing you had roadside service.

  8. Amy I guess Jedi mind tricks do not work on cars??? please be careful huh? especially in this winter weather ..take care!! Jenny

  9. Driving your car on the E sounds like something that a guy might have done. Could it be something leftover from the old days? My Dad used to tempt fate all the time with his car and it drove me and my Mother absolutely nuts. Anyways, that’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.

  10. ***wondering what Amy thought the “E” meant….”Eventually”???***

    *giggles*….seriously Amy….you need to be more careful, girl!

  11. I agree … I do need to be smacked on the side of the head for letting that happen. It was more than a bit nervewrecking as the cars blowing past me were doing 70 plus mph while I was stuck there on the side of the road.

    Fortunately, I had roadside service coverage on my insurance, which apparently covers stupid acts of neglect by the insured, so some tow truck dude came and put a couple of gallons of gas in my car and I was soon on my way. 🙂

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