Starting A New

So …

We’re testing out a new home here.

I’ve been sorely remiss in taking care of some things at … specifically, updating my web journaling software (like 4 versions of updates), purging some names, implementing privacy protocols, upgrading my comment spam software, rearranging the decor, cleaning up some of the css, blah, blah, blah …


Any of you that have used Movable Type as a publishing software before …

Know that it’s far from an easy software to manage.



Easy to manage?


So …

I’ve decided to try things out here at Typepad,

And see if an all-in-one software and hosting package can satisfy my needs.

It’ll be interesting …

Since honestly,

When it comes to stuff like this …

I’m far from easily satisfied.

Amyways …

We’ll see.

Welcome to my new home and …

Let me know what you think !!

Oh yeah,

And if any of you decide to try the TypePad thing yourself,

Enter the word Movable in the coupon box when registering and your free 30 day trial becomes a 90 day trial. Then go and change your default subscription status to Pro and you’ll have all the features in TypePad at your disposal for your test-driving needs ! 🙂

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  1. ….had to make sure I posted to the correct day…I think it’s the lawyer in me that made me go back and read the fine print….LOL

  2. Congrats you two !! You’re the first ones to get it !! Shoot me an e-mail where you want your really kewl t-shirts sent.

  3. Ewww typepad -_-… I’m kidding, TypePad is nice and it should prevent most of the comment spam you were seeing.

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