You know how sometimes you do things so routine,

By such habit,

That every now and then the question sneaks up on you whether or not you did it at all?

I was driving into the office the other day …

And half-way there into my head pops the question,

Did I put on my make-up today?

For the luv of gawd …

I couldn’t remember actually going through the motions of doing the make-up thing.

Now it turns out,

I did,

So the world was spared a frightful sight.

But later on that same day,

I also remembered that …

It was my 2 year anniversary of having my ffs.

Breathless wow.

That life seems so long ago,

So far away,

Such that something as simple as getting ready in the morning chica feels like I’ve done it my entire life,

And do by habit with barely a thought.

But when I step back,

And think …

It is really not that long ago.

Not at all.

It is,


A totally different life.

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  1. I’ve lost a single earring once or twice in my life, but don’t ask how often I’ve misplaced the whole pair.

    “I did it my way.”

  2. Gawd … tell me about ‘kenna. It’s killing me … I usually wear hoops and I don’t remember the last time I actually wore two that matched … I just try to get reasonable similar sizes.

  3. Too true sis (about the long ago and far away).

    I’ve taken to buying earrings in multiple pairs, so if I lose one, I still have extra’s. I’m soo sick of losing one, and then having to throw out the other…

  4. Hey Amy, I forget to comb my hair after washing it and I look like a rooster. Sometimes the only way to find out is in how the boss looks at you…

  5. Tell me about it Natalie !!! I forget earrings regularly … I keep a spare in my pwus now. And as part of my morning routine, I don’t put on my mascara until I’m just getting ready to leave the house, and unfortunately forget that way too often too. Oh well, could be worse, at least I’m remembering to wear a bra … usually. 🙂

  6. October 11, 2003 is when I went under the knife for my face. I then had an upper lip lift and phat injections in my lips June 23, 2004. I can’t remember when we all got together, but wasn’t it like May 2004 or something?

    LOL Couldn’t tell I already had it then ?? LOL Wow, I was looking that bad, huh ?? 🙂

  7. Yeah, those things start to sneak in, you are so much on autopilot that you do them without thinking. But then I do sometimes forget things, like earrings and such …. Memo to myself, keep a spare set in the car.

  8. Amy:
    I’m sure you still think of how satisfying it is to be a beautiful woman. Your make up auto resoponse is to be anticipated but two years ago you weren’t looking at the person in the mirror that you were intended to be. Sally

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