Friday Five for December 31, 2004

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Friday Five.

But I do look each week to see if any of them interest me,

And though I don’t have a compelling desire to answer this set,

I still figured …

Why Not?

Predict your lasts… of 2004

1. The last person you will talk to in 2004:

I’ve got fairly lame plans for New Year’s Eve. I’m not one that generally makes it a must do something event. I’ve been sick this week, but if my health improves enough, I’m just planning on going over to Mom and Dad’s and have dinner with them, Baby Brother and his family, and my Uncle Dick and Aunt Janet. I’ll probably be home and in my sleepwear by 9:00 pm.

Sleepwear you say ?? Just what does Amy-Wan wear to bed ??? A nice, lacy camisole maybe? How about a sheer nightie? Nope, doesn’t usually happen. My standard sleepwear is usually a pair of sweat shorts and a Micky Mouse sweat shirt with its sleeves cut off. I have a nice fleece spaghetti strap nightie that I wear also, but the only thing even remotely sexy about that is that it’s very short. Not a pretty picture, is it? 🙂

Anyways, back to the question.

Hard to say … whoever I say good-bye to last at my parents will probably be it. Though my mom usually calls to make sure I made it home, so it might be her if she does that.

Of course, I’ll talk to Indiana Jones Lando Calrissian when I get home, but though he’d dispute it, he’s really not a person.

What Really Happened: I spoke with my mom to let her know I had made it home after leaving their place. It was at 11:59 PM so I called correctly. Indy and I however did have an extensive conversation, as apparently the new brand of pig ears that I purchased him to gnaw on were not up to his expectations, and he felt the need to let me know.

2. The last meal you will eat in 2004:

The aforementioned dinner at my mom and dad’s. Unless I’m not well enough to go out … then who knows. If I feel like eating, I might treat myself to some Chinese food, if not … then I’ve got celery sticks I’ll nibble on for the night. What can I say? I’ve knocked off five of the holiday 9 pounds I put on … but I’ve got 4 to go and I wanted to save the bulemia for the extra 15 I’m aiming to take off in 2005.

What Really Happened: I ended up going to my mom and dad’s for dinner. Baby Brother cooked steaks on the grill, pheaking amazing … he seriously should quit his job and just grill steaks for a living, he’s got this seasoning recipe he uses that’s the best … baked potato, salad, green beans and a bunch of other stuff that I didn’t eat, so I won’t mention. However, this is yet, another accurate prediction ! 🙂

3. The last person who will say, “I love you,” to you in 2004:

Speaking for those of us who are single and not involved in a serious relationship … this question sucks !! LOL 🙂

You know though, that’s something I’ve really never thought of … what it will be like the first time a guy says “I Love You” to me. Now considering that most guys are genetically predisposed to avoid saying that phrase and certainly not inclined to be the first to say it … I really can’t imagine hearing it anytime soon.

But still, since these are “predict” questions … I’ll predict that my response to the first guy that says “I Love You” will be “Thanks Dave. Hi Paul !” 🙂

Though as far as the answer to this question goes … it’ll probably be my mom, though since my Aunt Janet is visiting there tonight, if I talk with her last, it might be her.

What Really Happened: We ended up playing Cranium last night, boys (Dad, Uncle Dick, Baby Brother, Nephew 1) v girls (Mom, Aunt Janet, Sister-in-Law, me). Despite having to deal with their repeated efforts to cheat during the game, the girls totally wasted the boys. Yeah, I know … it has nothing to do with the answer, I just wanted to give us recognition for smoking them on the game board. My mom said “I love you” to me earlier in the night. Amy 3 – 0.

4. The last party you will have attended in 2004:

Though at one point earlier in the evening, my mom, Aunt Janet and I were well on our way to making our own party with some copious consumption of wine … ahhh, well, really it was only my Aunt Janet and I imbibing in said copious manner, mom was our designated walker (I can say, it does make doing dishes a helluva lot more fun !!) … New Year’s Eve dinner wasn’t a party, it was a dinner.

The last party I attended I think was a Christmas Party at my cousin Faye’s house. Great time !! Way yummy food. I nursed 3 Coors Lights all night long, and since Faye wasn’t driving, she was ripped … which was fun to witness as she doesn’t get ripped that often. I left her house at 2:00 am – 3:00 am in the morning and she was still going strong playing cards in the Michigan Room. Impressive.

I will take accolades though for being the euchre champion … though the fact that I was nursing 3 Coors Lights all night long and was the most sober person there probably helped me claim that title. And yes, I dipped into my prize money to hit the White Castle before my drive home …. Slider’s at 3:00 am … a little bit of heaven on Earth.

5. The lasting memory of 2004 that you will still think about in 20, 30 or even 40 years from now:

Wow … so much has went down in my life this year,

There are way too many contenders !!

Certainly meeting my former Wednesday night crew as me for the first time was a memorable event for me;

As I still haven’t seemed to live down The Move incident, it should probably make the list;

But the Strip Club appearance doesn’t make the cut, because honestly, I’ve done many more interesting things than that this year;

A few of the reactions from some of the judges when I told them of my function I’m sure I’ll never forget, a wonderful combination of understanding, supportive, professional, encouraging and in some cases, phreaking funny statements !! 🙂

And the first time I appeared in court as me is likewise memorable;

I’ll definitely never forget the respect and courtesy I’ve received in my home court from the court staff and other members of the local bar;

While a certain phone call left it’s imprint;

The golfing weekend with Cousin Golfer couldn’t have been timed any better and makes me smile and laugh spontaneously to this day;

Strangely, I find myself still remembering getting stuck in my first obscenely long line for the women’s room at a play;

And without a doubt, my first really, really kewl kiss with a guy is memorable (sorry kids, no link to that story ! :))

I can also recall a hazy “what the …” feeling when I came to after my breast augmentation and trying to put on my still favorite hoodie that Skipper purchased for me while I was out and under surgery. (Sorry for the dazed look in the picture, but I think you can attribute that to me being doped up on meds at the time.)

And this one moment overhearing my nephews arguing about Frozen Mountain Dews after a movie we went to and them not missing a beat in referencing me with the correct pronouns continues to astonish me.

Ultimately though …

I think the most memorable event from 2004 for me narrowed itself down to two possibilities,

The Runner-Up being:

A specific moment during my transition this year when I gained the “just because it scares me to death, doesn’t mean I’m not going to do it” attitude. There’s so much of my life that I’m enjoying just living now … being able to be myself … do things, enjoy the world, with so much ease, comfort and confidence. The very moment that let me reach this level of growth was earlier in the year when Singer, Hottie, Sister and Miss Daisy pushed, conjoled, supported and encouraged me to enter a setting that was so beyond my ability to have the confidence to do, that to this day … I can’t believe they collectively somehow managed me so well as to get me to walk in there alone and meet up with them. Everyone has a pivotal moment in their transition, that evening was mine. It was the moment when I got the confidence to live. That’s a pretty memorable moment ! 🙂


This year’s winning most memorable moment is …

Drum roll please !!

*drum roll used is the hard series of down beats in the opening of Photograph, which is obviously a song to which I can totally air drum*

Christmas Holiday 2004 !!!!!!!

The past two weeks were obviously my first Christmas holiday season as me. And I had an absolute blast with my family … so easy, so natural, so family. Starting with attending the Christmas Eve Candlelight service at church with everyone, to later just my brother, mom, dad and me sitting around my parents house gabbing and laughing together … it was just like old times, only finally now … I felt right; it was followed the next day by opening presents with the traditional accompanying boisterous behavior and concluded with a most amazing New Year’s Eve with Mom, Dad, Baby Brother, Sister-in-Law, and Nephew 1 (Nephew 2 was out partying with some friends) joined by my Uncle Dick and Aunt Janet. Already, the thought of Christmas 2004 brings to me this a feeling of warmness and happiness. A wonderful conclusion to a most eventful year and representative by far what I value most about my transition … keeping my family. Major props for my family !! 🙂

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  1. Watching how one of my absolute favorite gal friends has transitioned from her old life to her new life with such grace and beauty and love is one of my top five favorite things from this past year.

    Without a doubt!

    Lisa iMom

  2. Amy,

    I have enjoyed enormously sharing the prior year with you via Amynews. You have provided entertainment, amusement, amazement, knowledge, and laughter. Viewing your site is a necessary and anticipated part of each day.

    My most memorable moment for 2004:

    My first day fulltime. Big. Really big….Incredibly scarey and intimidating, but the euphoria I felt was indescribable.

    And the months that have passed since then are wonderful…at last I can be me. I love my life.

    Happy 2005….. ffs and grs for me in 2005!

    laura a

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