Friday Five for July 23, 2004

Yeah … yeah … yeah.

I know, I’m like …

What, three days late with these?

And I really don’t have any good excuse …

Except that I was just doing some life stuff,

You know, Making AmyNews ! 🙂


The questions this week really aren’t that great … meaning they nicely resemble Friday Fives of the past !! 🙂

Yay !! Just like old times !!

1. Who was your favorite band/musican when you were younger?

Well … this sort of depends on what you mean by “younger”, contrary to the age I act … chronologically, I’m well into the middle age of life. (For those inquiring minds, I’m 41 years old, but I don’t act a day over 35 and I certainly have moments where my behavior resembles something much younger than that !)

I’ve always really like Top 40 music … so that means that the music I generally like has a life-span of about 6 weeks … and most such groups/musicians have a career span of about one disc.

However … a few bands/musicians stick out in my mind,

And I’d say that the following have qualified as my “favorite” …

At various points in my life:

The Partridge Family
Jim Croce
The Knack
Kim Wilde
Def Leppard

2. Why?

Well … because I liked their music, duh !!!! 🙂

The Partridge Family had fun, upbeat pop tunes;
Jim Croce wrote and sung the most amazing stories;
The Knack had some fun edge to them for one album;
Journey had a good pop-ized rock sound AND it had keyboards when Jonathan Cain joined the group, which I love … keyboards are the best;
Kim Wilde was English, had a decent voice, sang some pop alternative-flavored songs and I wanted to look like her (What? Did you actually think that type of thought never crossed my mind growing up ?? ;));
Def Leppard … They are the BEST !!!! Great music, emotional lyrics, band members have personality and they do both great rock ballads along with rocking hard guitar songs … and the vocals of Joe Elliot … he tops Steve Perry in my mind, and he’s a helluva lot kuter !

3. Are they still your favorite/one of your favorites?

Actually, yes. All of them are except for Kim Wilde. She doesn’t do anything for me now. In fact, I just listened to a song off her first album, and I sorta think she sucks … as such I now formally apologize to my roommates my freshman year of undergrad for playing that krap waaaaaay too much … heck, I probably should extend that apology to everyone who lived on or visited our hall in the quad .. Sorry !!!! 🙂 And, based on a recent picture of her … I’m really not interested in looking like her at all. Meow. 🙂

4. What is your favorite of their songs?

Let’s see …

The Partridge Family – I Think I Love You. Yeah, I know it’s like their most famous song and all, so it’s very mass populace to like it, but it’s still my favorite … and … I used to sing it for kareoke when I was a boy.

Jim Croce – Operator, (That’s Not The Way It Feels). It’s a song that is easy to relate to and just conveys so much bummed-out-ness as it develops. Very touching and very real.

Journey – Hmm, tough call … Feeling That Way probably. I love the keyboard at the beginning. Though Anyway You Want It has some really sweet-butt Amy-wan memories associated with it.

The Knack – Good Girls Don’t … figure it out. 😉

Kim Wilde – There are generally three songs of her’s in the U.S. that people might recognize … Kids In America, Chequered Love and You Keep Me Hanging On. And I decided to choose my favorite from those three. To aid me, I listened to each one again. Unfortunately, I have come to realize that none of those songs are very good … clearly answering in the negative the query Can You Stand The Test of Time? As such, I’m just going to have to say when it comes to my favorite song of hers … “No thanks, I’ll take a zero.

Def Leppard – Yeah, I know … you think I’m going to say Pour Some Sugar On Me … because it’s sorta the phrase I exclaim when I’m happy about something, you know … I’ll either do the arms fully extended above my head, hips gyrating back and forth move while saying Pooooouuuuur Some Sugar On Me or the hard head bop with my arms hanging low and wrists turned in while sort of guttering the phrase Pour Some Sugar On Me move (the former is used usually when I’m giddy happy, the latter usually when I’m happy about kicking someone’s ass) … but noooo … it’s not my favorite Def Leppard song, actually … my favorite Def Leppard song is Photograph. Which I overplayed even more than anything from Kim Wilde … and for which I probably also owe everyone who lived on the third floor of my fraternity my sophomore year of undergrad an apology … Sorry !! 🙂

5. Are there any specific lyrics you hold dear?

Yes. Plenty. But none are from the list of favorites I offered here. Take a gander at some of the following:

In Your Eyes, Peter Gabriel
Truly Madly Deeply, Savage Garden
Crazy for You, Madonna
Never Surrender, Cory Hart
Time, Chantal Kreviazuk
It’s My Life, Bon Jovi.

Yeah, I know … nothing too deep there and rather straight-forward. But they cover surviving, attitude and love … pretty much the basics to life in general, at least in my opinioooon ! 🙂

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  1. did anyone mention Janis Joplin yet? or Jimi?

    Clio is right – this is the best thread ever – thank you Amy.

  2. Wow Jenn, that’s some list – the clancy brothers hmmmm, try the bothy band with Donal Lunny (10 times better).

    some list Lisa – looking at your list, in fact looking at a lot of the lists I realize how musically ignorant I am – I feel like such a novice, some bands for me to look for and listen to.

    Amy – I was genuinely bent over in two laughing at the description of your dylan-esque singing and what really put me on the floor was the fact that Shaft phoned his wife to let her hear you…..OMG……what a b’stard…..just waaaay too funny, too bad nobody had a video camera….I’ll be smiling to myself all weekend thinking about that moment – oh well, little amuses the simple as they say….hey oh well (Fleetwood Mac)…another one for the pot.

  3. Seriously, I love the action on this post … getting some great stuff for my mp3 lists !! 🙂

    Well … Shaft’s “I’ll Melt With You” is making reference to the second most disturbing attempt at kareoke ever … unfortunately, I was the one that attempted it. This was many moons ago … when Singer, Hottie and I would do what we’ve pretty much done for most of the last decade … stay after bowling, drink Coor Lights (though I didn’t drink at the time), mock people (including ourselves), and sing kareoke. Shaft had heard rumors of me and my Dylan-esque singing(?) style and decided to stay and listen …

    It was tragic … I had never tried that song before, not that that really made a difference. At one point, Shaft even called his wife on the phone so she could hear … her comment was something along the lines of “What the hell was that?” 🙂

    Anyways … because of its badness, and I don’t mean baaaaad, I mean phreaking krappy … it has become a legendary performance of mine … surprassed only by my rendition of Mr. Jones. Which to this day … on occassion and always at a perfectly timed moment, you’ll hear Singer say … “Mr. Joooooooooones”.

    Here’s a little trivia though … obviously this was long before we got to meet Miss Daisy and he became an UnUsual Suspect, but if I’m not mistaken … the night I did “I’ll Melt For You” … was the first time I ever met Sister … long, long time ago.

  4. Ok, so, here’s my list of fav artists:

    Antony De Genarro
    Barry Manilow
    Bering Strait
    Stan Kenton
    Burt Bacharach
    Carly Simon
    Dave Brubeck
    Del Shannon
    Drum & Bugle Corps
    Guess Who
    Harry Connick, Jr
    Nenry Mancini
    Jim Croce
    John Lennon
    Jundy Collins
    k.d. Lang
    Michael Franks
    Norah Jones
    Ofra Harnoy
    Paul Simon
    Rolling Stones
    Sheryl Crow
    Suzane Vega
    The Beatles
    The Doors
    Vienna Teng
    Weather Report
    Woody Herman
    Peter, Paul, and Mary
    Woody Guthrie
    Arlo Guthrie
    Barbra Streisand

    And that’s just a start!

  5. OK so no one likes Aussies: Midnight Oil, Big Pig (great group 1 girl, 6 guys 5 of whom play percussion)

    The $64000 question Amy: Will the Friday Five come out on Friday?


    (who loves music as eclectic as Rappin’ 4-Tay, Alistar Fraiser, Big Pig, Peter, Paul & Mary, Partridge Family (yes, I wanted to look like Susan Dey also), Steppenwolf (can’t believe no one mentioned them), Deep Purple, Avril Lavigne, Dido, Ice-T, The Clancy Brothers, Kodo, Black 47, gamalon music (hauntingly beautiful), gregorian chants, Enya, Elton John, Uriah Heep, New Vinton County Frog Whompers, 110 Marching Men of Ohio (the older non-PC name), Underworld (how could I forget), Joan Baez, Bruce Cockburn, Midnight Oil, Bob Marley and the Wailers, The Moody Blues! ENOUGH!)

  6. Amy…..I melt with you????? I’m lost okay Shaft (damn straight) what’s the connection….

    Greg – I’ll bang a you a playlist via e-mail, I’m less worried about boring anyone than I am about taking advantage of Amy’s hospitality…I have to admit though, this was a Grrrreat thread. Amy you rock!!!!!


  7. Clio
    Portishead’s sour times is good, but I personally like roads, from the Dummy album. Ice-T – big Gun – one of my daughter Victoria’s favorites, too. (She’s into girl-power big-time). Cheryl Crow – we do what we can from Tuesday night music club. Taylor Dayne – with every beat of my heart. Choeur des moines Abbaye Sainte-Pierre de Solesmes – albums Vespers & Compline and Christ in Gethsemene – too perfect for Vipassana.

    You sound too cool. Wanna share playlists on some other venue (so I don’t boor people here), or just wait and blow Makenna out of the apartment after you cross the pond?


  8. Don’t forget Amy Dylan’s cover of “I Melt With You.” Sorry to throw in an obscure reference to an inside joke.

  9. Clio –
    Thanks for the Kudos. I needed that.
    Very early on I decided that getting old was an unstoppable process, but being and acting old was not. Music is a great way to stay young – and informed. Good, well written music – keeps those synapses crackling. If it wasn’t for music, I wouldn’t be here (i.e., alive, or even in this forum).
    Again, thanks for the kudos.

    Thankyou Thankyou
    Thankyou Thankyou
    Thankyou Thankyou
    Thankyou Thankyou
    — Natalie Merchant

  10. Oooohhh…I used to LOVE Undercover Angel! I was just at Chili’s and they were playing all 80’s music and we were trying to guess the names of the bands, but we sucked!

  11. Are you kidding ?? I love it … getting some great playlist ideas !! Though I can’t believe no one has mentioned the wonders of Jay Ferguson (Thunder Island) or Alan O’Day (Undercover Angel) ! 🙂

  12. Greg – way kewl list, quite eclectic, I’m stunned that you can mention Sheryl Crow (she rocks), The Monastic Choir of St Peter’s Abbey, Portishead (sour times is a great song) and Ice T all in the same sentence….that a ballsy move man….ballsy indeed.

    Makenna of the tie dye T-shirts section (I guess that’s where you get your rebellious streak, next you’ll be burning your BRA!!!!!)……hey, a member of the Eagles (better not say who so as to not piss off the webmistress of this here website) liked TGD so much that he actually mentioned them in a song he released in the mid 80’s….a little bit of trivia for y’all.

    “saw a deadhead sticker on a cadilac” Hmmmmm

    I’ll bet this is the last time Amy will put anything remotely resembling a musical on her posts..

  13. Oh fer chrise sakes…is this gonna degenerate into list building?

    Well, how about the Grateful Dead? Come’on…someone here has to like the DEAD!

    oh!!…that must be me!


  14. God forbid I should forget LL Cool J, Chrissy Hine & the Pretenders, the Bangles, or Patsy Cline.

  15. OK guys, I think in the words of Vance Gilbert,

    (…there’s Bo coup jams I think you been missing!” Including Led Zep,

    What about Santana? Alanis Morissette? Wolfie Mozart? Annie Lennox? The Monastic Choir of St Peter’s Abbey, Solsmes, France? The Beatles? Arcangelo Corelli? Megon McDonough? Enya? Acoustic Alchemy (the originals

  16. I’m going to see CSN in concert next month. Oughta be awesome!

    Love the 60’s stuff, especially the British Invasion era music. Kewl.

  17. Absolutely love Heart; I’ve been listening to a couple of their CD’s also.

    But not like the Beatles? Oh, the disappointment I feel.

    How about Chicago, the Beach Boys, CSNY, the Doobie Brothers? I personally love the Turtles, a 60’s group.


  18. Shaft – it’s true, ABBA have sold more albums than Zeppelin however, I don’t think Bjorn or Benny could make a Les Paul dance the way Page did….do you……nope:)

  19. *slowly shaking my head* I reluctantly acknowledge that ABBA has sold more albums than Led Zeppelin.

  20. How about Heart?

    And Kansas?

    But I love Great streaming of lots of different stations. I especially love 60’s Chart Toppers, Every Top 3 Hit of the Fabulous 1960’s counted down in the order they happened.

    It gives context to the other songs popular at the same time.

  21. I always was partial to “back in the high life” by Steve Winwood…a great driving song to sing at the top of your lungs…and the chorus is so right for you right now, Amy:

    “I’ll be back in the high life again
    All the doors I closed one time will open up again
    I’ll be back in the high life again
    All the eyes that watched me once will smile and take me in
    And I’ll drink and dance with one hand free
    Let the world back into me
    And on I’ll be a sight to see
    Back in the high life again”

    …and speaking of driving songs…how ’bout some BOSTON from their first album? Love that stuff.

    …and instead of the Partridge Family (although, yeah, I wished I would grow up to look like Susan Dey!), I liked….hey hey…they’re The Monkeys. What a doofus!

    Croce? – Lover’s Cross (and embarrassedly…Bad Bad LeRoy Brown)

    ok…time to zip it!

  22. I know Danna … isn’t it wild ??? What dorked up musical tastes I have !! LOL 🙂 I’ve just never been a Beatles fan at all … I lost all interest in anything they had to offer once they became all political-y. And The Eagles, I never overcame home much Hotel California creeped me out. I much prefer Cheap Trick to both of them, and if you want me to name the best “American” rock and roll band of all time … I’d probably toss out The J. Geils Band.

    How’s that for a blast from the past? I’d like a large ‘za with everything, except … No Anchovies Please ! 🙂

  23. Amy,

    Love Journey-just been listening to a greatest hits CD, but, really, how could you forget, say, The Eagles? or The Beatles?


  24. Clio … thanks for the Def Leppard tip ! I’ll check it out ! 🙂 And never, EVER apologize for appreciating the wonders of ABBA … I’m a HUGE ABBA fan … as my review of Mamma Mia should attest !! 🙂 They are great ! 🙂 My two ABBA fav’s are Knowing Me, Knowing You and The Name of The Game.

  25. Hey Amy – nice post. Being Irish, I love music; listening and playing it….I really like some of your musical choices,

    Jim Croce was amazing – time in a bottle does it for me.

    I remember watching the partridge family when I was a kid….I thought Ruben Kinkade was a dufus..he just soo reminds me of a salesman…

    Seeing as you’re a big Def Leppard fan then you’ll prolly know that they were hugely influenced by Thin Lizzy & Phil Lynott – check out the live version of Still in Love with you on the Live and Dangerous album – ballads don’t get any better, not even Open Arms but then again…I’m Irish and of course there is no bias in my taste.

    For me there’s 2 types of music, music that’s manufactured and music that tells a story, any song that can take you away, any music that can cause you to breath slowly through you nose, close your eyes and stop what you are doing is not good music but great music.

    Music in my mind is the most beautiful & honest form of communication – the 2nd greatest form of escapism (after books)….

    love this post.

    If you’re looking for a really beautiful song with wonderful lyrics….try Nanci Griffith’s Love at the Five and Dime.


    I’m gonna be soo embarrassed for even saying this but…..Abba’s (yes, I did say ABBA) The Winner Takes it All….that song is just soo wrought with emotion that it puts the song on a different level all together…I just love that song.

    Okay – that’s about all I have to say about that…..


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