Accepting Nice Guy Applications

I used to be one of these.

In fact,

I was telling Kenna earlier this week,

That I would really like a nice guy in my life.


That’s really not true …

I do have a nice guy in my life,

He’s incredibly nice …

And to me even,

But he’s not like here,

Which makes it a bit more difficult for him to do that thing nice guys do sometime where they say …

Their loss, not yours. Now let’s go grab a beer and burger, then if you’re up for it later, we’ll knock off a few rounds of House of the Dead II.

(Back off … that’s what nice guys say in MY world !! :))

Anyways …

As someone who has the unique perspective of being both a former nice guy,

And currently a woman who would kill for a nice guy in her active life,

I feel the urge to toss out my thoughts on the topic.

Now what makes a nice guy …

A nice guy,

Is not that they are nice …

Be real,

Any guy can be nice …

If they want something.


What makes a nice guy …

A nice guy,

Is that they take you seriously.

One of the greatest culture shocks I’ve found since accepting my life under society’s rules for a double-X …

Is how in conversations with guys,

Interactions …

I’m routinely ignored,

Barely listened to,

Or regardless of what I say …

Told I’m wrong.

On one hand,

It’s super nice for me to be so treated as just another woman.


It’s taken me a while to get used to this treatment …

And I have yet to figure out exactly how I’m going to respond in a default manner,

Since I’m still managing such encounters on a case-by-case basis for now.

But nice guys don’t do that …

They actually listen to what you say,

And get a load of this,

They realize their penis size doesn’t shrink if they per chance say the words “you’re right” to woman.

Now at this point,

The guy whose penis size does shrink at the thought of saying “you’re right” to a woman …

Is probably muttering something like,

Stupid woman, he’s only pretending to listen so he can get in your pants.


That’s not always the case.

Oh sure …

There are some guys who are pretend nice guys,

Just trying to work the system in an effort to score …

But they aren’t really nice guys.

And this isn’t saying that at some point nice guys don’t end up with someone they’ve been nice to …

As eventually they’ll end up with someone,

And as a nice guy,

They’ll have probably been nice to the woman they are with …


But Nice Guys aren’t nice to a woman because they want her as a mark,

To get something they want,

They are usually nice to her just because they tend to be nice to everyone.

Which is …


It tends to follow that whole Golden Rule philosophy which is a cornerstone of my being.

Anyways …

To all you nice guys out there,

I can certainly appreciate your frustrations at times …

But whatever you do,

Don’t ever stop being you !!!

A toast to you …

May your day of vindication come soon and bring you great happiness !!

I’m rooting for you !!! 🙂

Though if any of you nice guys are interested in a nice girl with sort of a biting sense of humor and a fondness for discrete intimate moments in quasi-public places,

My digits are … 😉

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  1. Amy,

    Can I have some of the leftovers? At my age, a girl can’t afford to be too picky….They do have to be breathing and able to swallow a Viagra tablet.

    laura a

  2. hey, what a coincidence, i used to be one of those nice guys too! before i find my nice guy to settle down with though, i think i’ll end up going through that ‘dating jerks’ phase. 😉


  3. ROFLMAO !! You’re lucky you’re such a nice guy in every other respect … ’cause otherwise this could have totally applied to you, you butt !! 🙂

    Typical Amy-Shaft verbal exchange:

    Hey Shaft.

    You’re wrong.

    I haven’t said anything yet.

    Doesn’t matter. You’re wrong.

    It’s not a right or wrong type of statement I’m planning on making.

    Did you say something?

    Forget it.

    Did you know that the jerseys hockey players wear are actually called sweaters?

    My life is now complete.

    Did you say something?

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