Friday Five for October 7, 2005

Wow …

I haven’t done a Friday Five in eons !!! Mainly because most of the time they’ve been uber lame questions, but these look sorta fun, and moderately topical in light of the whole new redesign and such, so I’ll give them a whirl.

1. How long have you had your journal/blog?

I think it’s since August 2002. Look right … look down. Buy the boxed set. 馃檪

2. What do you consider to be the main purpose of your journal/blog?

The main purpose is to satisfy me, as should be the main purpose everything others do, too!! 馃檪

More specifically, as far as goes:

It has always been for me to have a place to think things out,

Talk to myself in a manner where others won’t see me self-muttering as I walk down the sidewalk, and …

To chronicle my life so when I reach deity status there is some reading material for reference when proselytizing the virtues of mwah.

Nonetheless, I do consider a very important secondary purpose of my site,

Is to share as much as I can about my life and transition,

How I’m handling things,

So that others with a Function can learn from my mistakes and successes.

I suppose that natals may also learn some things from my experiences,

Not to mention that hopefully anyone visiting will learn that one’s Function a phreak does not make.

‘Cause face it people …

Everyone has a Function.

Oh, and lastly,

The most obvious … I have my website because I adore the attention.

Thank you … thank you … thank you sooooo much for visiting and commenting and e-mailing !!!! 馃檪

3. If you could change something about your personal blogging style, what would it be?

I miss the days of public anomynity.

Before anyone I knew in real life knew of,

I could punch out whatever I was feeling without concern that …

People could use my feelings, insecurities, concerns against me, or …

Take offense as to what I was saying.

Now, I accept that …

This is my diary,

And despite not publicizing it,

By posting it on the ‘net,

It is open to all.

And that whatever is written and read,

Will be used by people however they so choose …





Just to name a few.

But with the public reading of my life that I have opened …

I do feel a sense of loyalty to others in my real life to try to protect their confidentiality as best I can.

Before I didn’t have to go to great lengths to try and protect the privacy of others,

Shaft was a moniker and his identity protected to the viewers around the world.

But as my site gained viewers locally …

It didn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out the real identity of Shaft,

The other Cast of Characters I reference from time to time on my site, or …

People making passing appearances in my life that I might comment about.

I miss those days because it makes it harder for me to just punch out a post …

Voice my feelings.

I’d definitely change that if I could.

Wow ..

It’d really be nice if maybe I could have a section of my site that was say,

Maybe password protected,

Where I could just pass out the password to regular viewers,

So I didn’t have to edit so conscientiously some of my posts. 馃槈

*adding another item to the To Do list*

4. What are your criteria for adding someone to your friends list/blog roll?

Basically, I have to like your site. That’s it. My tastes are quite varied. And I’m not inclined to only read the sites of others that tend to suscribe to the same ideas or views as me. If you are visiting and would like me to visit your site and maybe add it to my blog roll, please pass the link along to me.

And for your future surfing pleasure, I’m going to be adding to my site the blog roll of all the sites I visit regularly, not just those of my Field Correspondents.

5. Name one thing that you’ve never before written about in your journal/blog.

Hmmm … let’s see, how about comparing a male orgasm to a post-operative, male to female, transsexual orgasm. Heh … it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything to make people uncomfortable … you know, the type of topic that some might think, "she really should not be writing about this", but that they willl still read when I do … whatcha think, should I go for it ? 馃檪 Or maybe that’s something I should save for posting in my future Not Pay Per View password protected area. Hmmmmm.

Friday Five for December 31, 2004

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Friday Five.

But I do look each week to see if any of them interest me,

And though I don’t have a compelling desire to answer this set,

I still figured …

Why Not?

Predict your lasts… of 2004

1. The last person you will talk to in 2004:

I’ve got fairly lame plans for New Year’s Eve. I’m not one that generally makes it a must do something event. I’ve been sick this week, but if my health improves enough, I’m just planning on going over to Mom and Dad’s and have dinner with them, Baby Brother and his family, and my Uncle Dick and Aunt Janet. I’ll probably be home and in my sleepwear by 9:00 pm.

Sleepwear you say ?? Just what does Amy-Wan wear to bed ??? A nice, lacy camisole maybe? How about a sheer nightie? Nope, doesn’t usually happen. My standard sleepwear is usually a pair of sweat shorts and a Micky Mouse sweat shirt with its sleeves cut off. I have a nice fleece spaghetti strap nightie that I wear also, but the only thing even remotely sexy about that is that it’s very short. Not a pretty picture, is it? 馃檪

Anyways, back to the question.

Hard to say … whoever I say good-bye to last at my parents will probably be it. Though my mom usually calls to make sure I made it home, so it might be her if she does that.

Of course, I’ll talk to Indiana Jones Lando Calrissian when I get home, but though he’d dispute it, he’s really not a person.

What Really Happened: I spoke with my mom to let her know I had made it home after leaving their place. It was at 11:59 PM so I called correctly. Indy and I however did have an extensive conversation, as apparently the new brand of pig ears that I purchased him to gnaw on were not up to his expectations, and he felt the need to let me know.

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Friday Five for October 8, 2004

I’m running behind with last week’s Friday Five …

A few days late specifically,

Add to that the fact that I really didn’t put much effort into them …

And I’d have to suggest that you just skip this post completely,


In its entirety.

This entire post has but one purpose.

Instead …

Go check out some really disgusting things Steve has eaten.


If by chance you’ve chosen to ignore my timely warning …

Please accept my apologies,

In advance,

For the following krap.

1. What is something that you used to believe, but are glad you don’t believe anymore?

Hmmmm … let’s see, that’s a tough one, because there is so much I still believe in …

I still believe in Santa Claus, I still believe my parents are the best parents ever, I still believe deep down – the Lions suck, I still believe that there is a special someone for everyone – and that your task in life is to recognize that person as such when you actually encounter them – and you will, I still believe France should just be made into one large parking lot, I still believe Oswald didn’t kill JFK, I still believe loyalty reflects a person’s character, I still believe in ghosts, I still believe I’m going to be one helluva catch for someone someday, I still believe I’d make a great parent, I still believe I’m a better softball player than all but two of my friends, and I still believe there is such a thing as a perfect blow-job – albeit my opinion is now formed from a considerably different perspective.

So …

With so many things I still believe in,

I think in answering this questiooooon,

I’ll just go with …

I used to believe I would outgrow my transsexualism and not have to do anything else about it, but I’m glad I finally stopped believing in that delusion ! 馃檪

2. Is there something you wish you still believed? What?

Nope. (Actually, I’m sure I could come up with something if I put any thought into it, but by simply saying Nope, I’m able to avoid answering the second part of the question.)

3. What experience or person taught you the most about life?

That’s easy … my parents taught me the most about life. They are the best role models anyone could have and get sole credit for all the good things anyone would ever find in me. The bad things in me, well … blame Darth for that krap. However, on an interrupted serious note, I am the product of my environment in many ways … and I’ve learned a lot from my extended family and my close friends. My brother is a huge role model for me and the goodness I’ve gathered from so many of my cousins and aunts and uncles is immeasurable. And obviously, though I’m not mentioning nicknames here without prior approval … two of my best friends whom everyone who has ever read my site should know of which I’m referring (Singer and Shaft (Editor’s Note: I got approval ! )) … have taught me so much about life, I couldn’t be where I am without those two. And the additional assortment of individuals oft mentioned here have also contributed significantly to making me who I am. You know, now that I think about it … almost everyone in my life has contributed positively … with the exception of Darth. Go figure. 馃檪

4. What area of life would you like to know or understand more about?

Death. I haven’t quite figured that part out … the rest of things I’ve gotten a fairly decent grasp.

5. What is your most valuable lesson about life so far?

Let’s see …

I have a few guiding principals in my life …

None is superior to any of the rest,

And all have pretty much equal value.

One is Never Surrender.

Another is Follow The Golden Rule.

Another is Do The Right Thing.

Another is Always be there for your family.

Another is Always be there for your close friends.

Another is Trust Your Instinct.

Another is Learn Something New Every Day.

Another is Watch Lots of Television.

Friday Five for October 1, 2004

I haven’t done a Friday Five for a while … mainly because they’ve generally been repeats in some form or fashion of previous questions I’ve answered.

But still …

I should have at least attempted to answer them.

So to make up for my recent Friday Five laziness …

I’m going to rapid fire answer my way through four different sets of Friday Five type questions.

1 … 2 … 3 … 4 … Go ! 馃檪

The Friday Five:

You wake up one morning, all groggy and tired. As you stumble your way into the bathroom, you look in the mirror and find out that…

1. You’re the opposite sex. Besides the obvious playing with the new parts, what would you do?

Roll my eyes. Go ugh and do the whole sex change thing all over again. Though at least this time I’d have some experience at it. 馃檪

2. You’re someone famous. Who and why?

You know, this isn’t meant to sound conceited or anything, but there’s really no one I’d want to be other than myself. I suspect that I’m probably of that opinion because I’ve spent so much of my life already playing a character other than me, that being someone else again just has no appeal. Besides … who says I’m not famous !!! 馃檪

3. You’re the King (Queen) of the World (no, you’re not James Cameron). What edict would you pass?

Well, first of all … I wouldn’t “pass” an edict … passing is what you do on the football field, basketball court, or in the bathroom.

I’m the Queen, I don’t need anyone’s consent. Instead, I’d just “announce” an edict, which would be as follows:

From this moment henceforth, the country of France shall be renamed and forever referred to as New Poland.

Oh yeah, and Osama Bin-Laden shall now be called Pookie Bin-Laden.

Editor’s Note: I apologize for any disrepect those from Poland or of Polish heritage feel I’m showing them by renaming the country formerly known as France. Personally, I don’t blame you … I wouldn’t want my country of heritage … Czechoslovakia … associated in any way with the country formerly known as France either. But I’m not going to change it, because it does make me laugh … and I am now the Queen. 馃檪

Wait … what are you doing ?? Don’t bow before me !! That’s lame … in my kingdom … respect is shown by brushing fingers with other women or knuckle bumping men. Got it ??

4. You’re no longer in Kansas (or this world) anymore. Where are you?

Ahhhh, that’s sort of a silly question. But I’ll go with Tatooine, I really don’t mind it there at all and I’m sort of sick of Dagobah.

5. You have a clone standing next to you and it’s going to work/school for you while you get to play hooky. What are you going to do today?

Hmmmm … I’d probably still go to work or school. I’d feel guilty otherwise. But I would send my clone out to do something fun. Does that make up for my buttness or just confirm it further?

The Friday Fiver:

1. Last time you smiled:

I smile a lot. Probably within the last couple of minutes. Though my last, sincere, heart-felt laughing was sometime last weekend goofing off with Cousin Golfer. I had a blast and laughed tons. 馃檪

2. First time you can remember being proud of yourself:

I really don’t ever remember being proud of myself. Again, keeping the secret I was keeping my entire life, lying in a way to everyone important to me, was something that I didn’t feel any pride in doing and probably overrode any sense of accomplishment I might of otherwise felt in doing anything I did.

On the other hand, my family and friends being proud of me has always been of the utmost importance to me … to this day I really strive hard to accomplish that.

3. Last time you lied:

Hmmmm. Probably the last time someone asked me how I was doing and I responded with anything other than … “Not great“. Though I lie like that all the time … I hardly ever tell anyone how I’m really doing. I tell my mom and dad the truth, ’cause if I didn’t, I’d get in trouble. But other than that, seriously … most “how are you doing” questions are simply hellos, not meant to evoke a sincere answer. Even now, after posting this … I’ll continue to lie my gradually-getting-better-looking-butt off when asked the question and convince people I really am doing good, even if at the moment I’m not ! 馃檪

4. First time you felt true sadness:

Wow … tough question. I really don’t focus or think much about being sad, ’cause … well, it makes me sad. So I just don’t know the answer to that one … I’d venture a guess that it was probably at sometime related to fall-out in some ways from my dealing with my ts’ism … things I’ve lost from my old life that I miss or missed out on I ‘spose.

5. Last time you you made a tough decision:

Well, this one was a pretty tough one for me to make !! 馃檪 Since then, making decisions quite often has gotten easier for me … though sometimes accepting the decisions I’ve had to make has been a struggle.

Friday’s Feast:

What sound, other than the normal ringing, would you like your telephone to make?

Okay … I’m deciding to jot this question down as one of the stupiest questions ever to appear in a Friday Five. I’ll still answer it of course, but as far as the question goes … Huh ??

I just don’t get it.

Is it inquiring what sounds I’d like my phone to make when it’s just sitting there … not ringing when no one is calling me ?? If that’s the focus of the question, then I’d like my phone to make the sound of a tree falling in the woods when no one is there.

If it’s asking what sound I’d like my phone to make when it’s doing it’s job of notifying me when I’m receiving a phone call … I’m pretty content with the traditional telephone ringing sound actually, thank you very much ! 馃檪

Describe your usual disposition in meteorological terms (partly cloudy, sunny, stormy, etc.).

Amy is bright and sunny once again, accompanied by a nice refreshing personailty coming from a heartfelt direction. Her attitude is kewl and there’s not a cloud in the sky.

How many of you have your finger down your throat after reading that ?? 馃檪

Now personally, I think I’m rather boring because of my day in and day out nice weather, but hey … if you want some sun, you know I’m always a good place to find it !! 馃檪

What specific subject do you feel you know better than any other subjects?

I really don’t think I know any specific subject better than any other … I know a little about a lot of things, but a lot about nothing. I’m just your average Jane Rove of all Trades.

Main Course
Imagine you were given the ability to remember everything you read for one entire day. What books/magazines/newspapers would you choose to read?

The Bible. Though I probably wouldn’t be putting the information to good use.
Dune. Scratch that, I’ve already got it memorized.

If a popular candy maker contacted you to create their next candy bar, what would it be like?

You know, I really like those seven-layer bars often made during the holiday season. So my candy bar would probably be something like that … soft with chocolate chips, coconut, butterscotch chips, graham cracker and crushed nuts. I’d call it The Amy Bar and my advertising slogan would be … Did You Get Your Piece of Amy Today?

Juuuuuusssst Kidding !! 馃檪

No, wait, you know …

The more I think about it, I’m pretty that it would be my advertising slogan.

Friday Q:

FQ TOPIC: Danger.

FQ1: What happened the last time you thought yourself to be in danger?

I removed myself from the situation.

Most of my dangerous situations are pretty much the same these days … me, in a bar, by myself, trying to extract myself from an encounter with some extremely drunk guy who mistakenly thinks my friendly disposition and mild flirting allows him to drape an arm over me, blow his gawd-awful breath in my face and make not-so-subtle contact with various parts of my bod. It really doesn’t happen that often … I’d say on average maybe once a month I’m in a situation that is causing me to fear for my safety in some greater manner than normal. Most of my solo validating trips are very reaffirming, positive and non-eventful. The biggest variable is just how quickly a mild situation can turn dangerous and having to rely only on oneself to get out of it.

FQ2: How do you generally react when faced with a dangerous situation?

Calmly and methodologically. I know I take risks in placing myself in social situations at times, and I don’t do such things carelessly or oblivious to my surroundings. I always have doors noted, rest room locations identified and a good lay of the room. I usually strike up an active conversation with the bartender or waitress so that if needed, there’s a bit more of a familiarity there so I could ask them for assistance. I’m very aware of where I park my car and where I have to go between my car and the bar or restaurant. I also make good use of bouncers. Eventually, once a situation has elevated to the point of dangerous for me … I always just leave. Once I’m able to extract myself from the scene, I just think it’d be too dangerous to continue hanging out there.

As far as extracting myself from the situation itself, it depends. With very forward, aggressive guys, I’m usually very forceful in tone, biting in attitude back. With them you just have to be blunt, but try not to embarass them.

If it’s a guy that I’ve sort of maybe, kinda encouraged which led to my predicament … then I try to stall things out best I can until I can figure a way out of the setting.

FQ3: What’s something you enjoy doing that has an element of danger to it?

I’ll take “Discrete Intimate Moments In Quasi Public Places” for $1,000.00 Alex. I’m sooooo not one for pda, but when it comes to … ah well, you know what I’m talking about !! 馃檪

FQ Gallery: Post a dangerous photo.

Okay, according to some, this is fairly dangerous !! 馃檪

Friday Five for September 17, 2004

I’ve written several posts this week …

Where I’ve done what I always do,

Punch out my feelings, emotions or thoughts at the moment.

Except this time,

When it came to sharing them …

Instead of publishing them immediately as is my tendency,

I’ve chosen to hold off for a bit,

Revisit the post later, and …

Then either store it in draft oblivion, post as it is, or analyze what I was feeling at the time I wrote the post and reflect on that.

I’ve been doing such a delay and review because I’m concerned the contents of some of these posts would be offensive to some,

And I’m not about being offensive.

My posts are simply exempletive of me processing experiences …

That’s all.

They are definitely not criticisms or judgments of others.

Now I know,

It would be a logical guess that the attitude I am currently exhaling is the direct result of the shock I have felt as a result of some of the individuals I used to hang with on Wednesday nights no longer wanting me around,

And granted,

That is what broke the camel’s back;

However, as I alluded to earlier …

I’ve got a few other things popping in my life that have certainly had an impact on me and been the focus of my thoughts at times,

Which are reflected in some of my yet unpublished posts this week.

So over the next few days …

I’ll be publishing much of that previously unpublished krap that was written earlier this week,

As I was processing feelings associated with being disposed of,

In a variety of different ways.

Please keep in mind,

These posts to follow in the next few days are not an indictment in any way of those whose acts have incited my current feeling set …

They all are good, kind hearted people.

The posts are more about me,

My hurt, frustration and processing.

So please,

Take them only for what they are worth …

Just junk goes through the head of your average, girl-next-door transsexual from time to time. 馃檪

But before I get to posting that stuff,

I figured I’d toss out something a little more light-hearted !! 馃檪

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