Holiday Putt-Putt


The game referenced below is apparently a trojan horse, so I removed the hyperlink to it. If you want to go play it anyways … here is the link in long hand: .

I love this game …

Simple and easy to play when you’re curled up on your recliner with blankets piled on top of you,

And only your nose and eyes peeking out from underneath the covers.

Ahhhh, yeah …

I have a computer set up right next to my recliner.


Would you expect anything less?


My best score is 17.

Beat that will ya !! 🙂

Dibs on the Cranberry golf ball and Hooters putter.

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  1. Woooo hoooo !! I’m glad someone was able to play it safely !! 🙂 Sorry to anyone whose machine got doinked up by it. Though I’ve been playing it for a week or so and haven’t seemed to notice anything … not that I really would, but still.

    Let me know if you get stuck on figuring out the first shot angle on any of the holes … the only one I’m stumped on is No. 5.

    I’m glad to hear you were wise enough to stay off the roads and hiberate at the house for the day !!! Much, much way colder in your neck of the woods than here … stay warm !!! 🙂

  2. Fun game Amy. Since I use the safari browser and work on a mac, I don’t have to worry about trojan horses. One of the many advantages of using a mac instead of a pc.

    I didn’t do to well on the game, but I’ll master it with a little practice.

    The recliner next to the computer and the blankets sound really cozy. Being from the Minnesota tundra, maybe I should consider that myself. This morning I knew it was going to be a nasty day even before I left the house. I lit my cigarette on the filter end (I hate when that happens) and had to untie a knot in my shoelace with my teeth. Then I stepped outside.

    Big mistake.

    Overnight we had a huge icestorm. There were accidents and cars in ditches everywhere. The road was so icy, I slipped and fell on the way to my car, and couldn’t even get the car out of it’s parking spot. The tires just spun around on the ice, but never went anywhere. At that point I decided to go in the house and hibernate for the day.

    A warm recliner and some blankets sounds pretty good right now.


  3. Your Game just gave me four doses of a virus that I have to go in and manually destroy.

    This virus abuses the security vulnerability in Java Virtual Machine described in MS03-011, which gives posibility of runing potentially dangerous operation to java program (like working with files).

    Trojan horse using this vulnerability changes Internet Explorer Home page.

    The fix is available on

    …which is why I have my Java machine turned off. I turned it on when I went ot your game, figuring it was ok, “Amy-ized,” as it were – you must be on the lookout!

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