Friday Five for October 7, 2005

Wow …

I haven’t done a Friday Five in eons !!! Mainly because most of the time they’ve been uber lame questions, but these look sorta fun, and moderately topical in light of the whole new redesign and such, so I’ll give them a whirl.

1. How long have you had your journal/blog?

I think it’s since August 2002. Look right … look down. Buy the boxed set. 🙂

2. What do you consider to be the main purpose of your journal/blog?

The main purpose is to satisfy me, as should be the main purpose everything others do, too!! 🙂

More specifically, as far as goes:

It has always been for me to have a place to think things out,

Talk to myself in a manner where others won’t see me self-muttering as I walk down the sidewalk, and …

To chronicle my life so when I reach deity status there is some reading material for reference when proselytizing the virtues of mwah.

Nonetheless, I do consider a very important secondary purpose of my site,

Is to share as much as I can about my life and transition,

How I’m handling things,

So that others with a Function can learn from my mistakes and successes.

I suppose that natals may also learn some things from my experiences,

Not to mention that hopefully anyone visiting will learn that one’s Function a phreak does not make.

‘Cause face it people …

Everyone has a Function.

Oh, and lastly,

The most obvious … I have my website because I adore the attention.

Thank you … thank you … thank you sooooo much for visiting and commenting and e-mailing !!!! 🙂

3. If you could change something about your personal blogging style, what would it be?

I miss the days of public anomynity.

Before anyone I knew in real life knew of,

I could punch out whatever I was feeling without concern that …

People could use my feelings, insecurities, concerns against me, or …

Take offense as to what I was saying.

Now, I accept that …

This is my diary,

And despite not publicizing it,

By posting it on the ‘net,

It is open to all.

And that whatever is written and read,

Will be used by people however they so choose …





Just to name a few.

But with the public reading of my life that I have opened …

I do feel a sense of loyalty to others in my real life to try to protect their confidentiality as best I can.

Before I didn’t have to go to great lengths to try and protect the privacy of others,

Shaft was a moniker and his identity protected to the viewers around the world.

But as my site gained viewers locally …

It didn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out the real identity of Shaft,

The other Cast of Characters I reference from time to time on my site, or …

People making passing appearances in my life that I might comment about.

I miss those days because it makes it harder for me to just punch out a post …

Voice my feelings.

I’d definitely change that if I could.

Wow ..

It’d really be nice if maybe I could have a section of my site that was say,

Maybe password protected,

Where I could just pass out the password to regular viewers,

So I didn’t have to edit so conscientiously some of my posts. 😉

*adding another item to the To Do list*

4. What are your criteria for adding someone to your friends list/blog roll?

Basically, I have to like your site. That’s it. My tastes are quite varied. And I’m not inclined to only read the sites of others that tend to suscribe to the same ideas or views as me. If you are visiting and would like me to visit your site and maybe add it to my blog roll, please pass the link along to me.

And for your future surfing pleasure, I’m going to be adding to my site the blog roll of all the sites I visit regularly, not just those of my Field Correspondents.

5. Name one thing that you’ve never before written about in your journal/blog.

Hmmm … let’s see, how about comparing a male orgasm to a post-operative, male to female, transsexual orgasm. Heh … it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything to make people uncomfortable … you know, the type of topic that some might think, "she really should not be writing about this", but that they willl still read when I do … whatcha think, should I go for it ? 🙂 Or maybe that’s something I should save for posting in my future Not Pay Per View password protected area. Hmmmmm.

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  1. #5. You can spill the beans. The women I have made love to seem to have three areas of orgasm. I would hope that some or all of that is available to you and others who have had the surgery.

  2. Amy,

    I have a site up and operating now, and I’m dealing with some of the same decisions. What to put in my blogs, how much to share, what to share, etc. The amazing thing is to see the number of hits per day. Most responses have been positive; only a few nuts/Pharisees attacking me.

  3. Ahhh Mahster … though I did try to avoid answering, I know that when asked twice, I must answer (that’s a sign I was a well trained padawan in my day !!!) … in my normal, abnormal delivery … I take five steps. First one is with my right leg and I end on my right leg.

  4. Ahem … just a test post to see if my e-mail and notificatioooon things are working again … yes, things got a little doinked up with my domain name/registrar/host … sadly, I’m the one that is to blame for the e-mail goof-up … I simply forgot that the rest of the things I was doing would screw that up. Doh ! 🙂

  5. 1. My bowling delivery is utterly and completely incorrect … I line up at the furthest back dots and I deliver on the wrong foot … there are issues. Someone will mention to me at least once a month how they don’t understand how I don’t hit my right leg with the bowling ball upon my release.

    2. Ummmm, I don’t know. Since I got the Ball of Goo, I have a slight draw, as I think the ball is weighted to do that, so there is a chance I did pick that spare up. However, the more I think about it, I doubt I did because it was taken before the the Strike Pot roll and I wasn’t bowling well up to that point.

  6. I haven’t charted a path to the Dagobah system just yet … I’m trying to avoid doing so actually, as I do think it’ll just complicate matters, for now … but if I do end up setting up an area like such, I’ll let everyone now and pretty much disburse the password to anyone that asks … which in many ways defeats the purpose of doing it in the first place, hence the likelihood that I’ll just never do it … however, I do hide Easter Eggs on my site from time to time … nothing lately though. 🙂

  7. But then how do you know that people won’t share the password to someone that you don’t want to have it? By the way, is holland far enough not to know any person in rl about whom you write?

  8. If you do the password/membership thing, can we get AmyNews membership cards and an official AmyNews decoder ring (this would be very useful with all the coded hints you drop)?

  9. Remember, on September 13, in a comment on “A Girl Named Goo”, I pointed my metaphorical finger cried “TEASE”!

    ‘Nuf said? 🙂

  10. …sorry, Amy…reading about number five just won’t do it for me…I’m gonna have to find out for myself…I’ll tell ya what, we’ll compare notes someday….

    …btw…I love the “click the pic” that you’ve added to your website…very nice!

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