New Field Correspondent – Kara Flynn

So … it’s been a while since I’ve added any new field correspondents to the mix … mainly because I haven’t been able to get anyone drunk enough to consent to letting me list them as such here …

But I’ve coerced a few chicas into letting me honor? 🙂 them with the prestigious title of Field Correspondent, and will be adding to my list over the next couple of weeks …

And the first new addition is Kara Flynn !

She continues the same annoying trend of sharing the trait that all of my Field Correspondents exhibit … her site is a much more thought provoking, enjoyable read that anything you’ll find here. You’ll also notice that Kara is smarter, cuter, more athletic, and nicer than I’ll ever be … which under most circumstances would assure that I’d hate her … but I don’t … she’s just too kewl ! 🙂 Besides, she also holds the unique distinction of being my only Field Correspondent that I’ve actually met in real life. Oh yeah, but don’t shoot pool with her … she’s a shark !! 🙂 Now go check her out !!

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  1. ” … but in terms of just plain insane beyond measure, I’d say all us field correspondants are in good company with Amy.”

    ‘Zactly !!!! 🙂

  2. Old?



    that’ll be my site you’re looking for then. but in terms of just plain insane beyond measure, I’d say all us field correspondants are in good company with Amy.

    Welcome Kara 🙂

  3. Just WAIT till I see you in Boston Danna! You are in SOOOO much trouble!

    I would add though that transition does reset the clock a bit, as does cosmetic surgery.

    Look at Kara. She looks like a friggin teenager!

    Oh…and Amy…why don’t you ask Danna as to her being a correspondent of “more mature” transitioner audience. I’m sure she has lots of good ideas!


  4. You know, I was gonna say something like, “I always thought Makenna looked….umm, ummmm, younger! Yeah, that’s right, younger!” (Gotta keep in mind that she’s my roommate in Boston, and must publicly state that I think she’s way pretty and very young.)

  5. Ahhhh Danna … Makenna and I are definitely not spring chickens ourselves, we just play ones on television. *throwing Makenna under the bus with me* Though I would like the record to reflect that Makenna is OLDER than me (by 19 days) !!!!! For some reason I thought Skylark was around my age too, but maybe that’s just because she’s so phreaking smart that I just assume she’s older. If you’re not 40-something Skylark … I’m sorry for thinking you were !! 🙂

    You raise a good point … I would like to find some older t-girls to pester about being a Field Correspondent (demented, dumb and ugly just aren’t characteristics of any t-girl) … though seriously, I tend to be somewhat shy about asking people if I can list them here, as I tend to be in awe of all the women who have allowed me to list their sites. So … it’ll undoubtedly take me some time for me to ask others. I will though !! 🙂

  6. Amy,

    Would you please chose at least one person who is: old, ugly, dumb, or demented? I’m getting a serious complex here. I mean, how can us old gals compete with you, Makenna, Laura, and NOW Kara? You don’t want to be responsible for some serious depression, now do you?

  7. Thanks Amy, although I am far from a shark. If you are looking for a shark, try playing Claire. She kicks arse.

    …and I think some would argue about the “smarter, cuter, and nicer” aspect of things. Yeah, maybe more so than Courtney 😛 , but not Ms. Lawyer.

    Plus, I think your site definitely has way more karacter than I can put out.

    Keep up the good work, Boss.


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