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Yesterday …

I started receiving some interesting e-mails:

You are soooo phucking hot !” … awww, that’s nice … delete.

Gawd you’re beautiful !!!!!” … ohhhh, too sweet … delete.

I’m just writing to say you are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. I’d love to buy you a drink !!” … heh, Coors Light then please … delete.

I heard you on 91X this morning, you’re even more beautiful than you sound !” … please, please, continue 🙂 … del


What did that one just say ??

I heard you on 91X this morning, you’re even more beautiful than you sound !

Hmmmm … now granted, I’ll pretty much talk with anyone,

That’s how most of my adventures begin …

And I have done radio (though I prefer television, seriously people … I really do need my own late night talk show),

But I don’t remember speaking to anyone at 91X earlier.

In fact, I don’t even know who or what station 91X is …

This doesn’t make any sense.

So I took a little closer look at the e-mail message,

And noticed that it was addressed to my AmyPreston.com address,

Not my AmyNews.com address.

That’s odd …

AmyPreston.com is my business/professional e-mail address,

The one I use for being Lawyer Amy.

And the e-mails I receive there are exceedingly bland …

I didn’t do it. Will you help me? Yeah, I know, I’m using e-mail. Ironic, huh? Love, Theodore Kaczynski

Never ones telling me I should be “playmate of the century“.


I know …

There are plenty of other Amy Prestons out there.

A few are even attorneys.

So every few months I do google searches …

Checking to see if someone googling just my name would stumble across AmyNews.com …

And I never show up in the first 10 pages of results. (Though probably will now after this post !! :))

Anyways, I figured I’d do a search to see if I could solve the question as to why I was getting these more fawning than normal e-mails … 😉

And POOF !!!

There on page three of a simple search for Amy Preston …

91X … Amy Preston … one of the top 10 sexiest bartenders in America according to Playboy!

Hmmm … Super Sleuth Amy-Wan might be on to something here.

So I linked to the site and found myself at the homepage for XTRA-FM

Where in the lower left hand corner I saw that the morning show did indeed do an interview with Amy Preston !!!

Apparently she has been picked by Playboy as one of the Top 10 sexiest bartenders anywhere !!!

Sa-wheeeet !! That’s gotta be good … as the way I see it … if those of us who share the same name of Amy Preston have one in our ranks that is a Playboy playmate … heck … she alone probably bumps up the average Amy Preston cuteness rating like two points !!

Meaning … I can slack off some !! 🙂

Soooo …

I found out that her website is AmyPreston.net,

And went to check it out …

Where I noticed that on the contact page,

There was a typo …

Saying that her fans could send their e-mail to her address at fans@amypreston.com,

While modeling inquiries could be sent to her manager at manager@amypreston.com.

Ahhhhh …

That explains it.

All these people really didn’t think I was kute …

There were trying to contact her !!!

Figures ! *shrug*

Oh well,

Us Amy Prestons always stick together …

So I found her real e-mail address and told her about the typos.

She responded and was totally sweet and kewl !!

A completely nice person …

It must be the name !! 🙂


We exchanged e-mails a few more times …

Her web people got the typos corrected on her end …

And I’m setting up autoforwards on my end so that if anyone erroneously sends e-mails to either fans@amypreston.com or manager@amypreston.com they automatically get forwarded to her.

Funny, huh?

Now that I’m a girl,

And not interested in girls,

I finally meet a Playboy playmate !! lol

Oh yeah,

There’s a competition at Playboy.com where you can vote for who you think is the sexiest bartender of the top 10.

You won’t find any nudie pics there …

At least I don’t think you will,

But I didn’t look too dilligently.

That’s not the point though …

The point is …

If you’re so inclined and willing …

Go and vote for Amy Preston !!

She’s nice,

She’s got a GREAT name, and …

If she wins,

It’s a little extra coinage in her pccket I think.

Amy Preston in 2004 !!!!!

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  1. Can you say “airbrush” and “photoshop”; too much contrast in her pictures. About her personality she reads like she has the depth of a dixie cup. She looks good;but it’s like some cities, “love to visit but would not like to live there”. Probally thinks you have to mix a glass of beer and thinks the french are great.

  2. “..I’d like to think we both share the same Amy-tude personality!”

    I doubt the world is ready for two. 😉

  3. LOL Yeah … you know … I wondered about the lips too. And the breasts. In fact, I sort of amused myself by thinking about how possible it is that we’ve both had the same types of multiple cosmetic procedures. 🙂 Of course, there’s nothing wrong with any cosmetic procedures in my mind … I really don’t think guys care that much if your boobs are implants or not. And seriously, my pumpkin patch is going to be nice and tight, which I think guys tend to like too. (And just for the record, the two Amys stats aren’t that different … I’m less than 2 inches taller than her, though I do weigh 25 lbs more than her, yikes and my waist is 2 inches bigger, but our boobs are the same size. Oh yeah, she is much, much prettier than I am and 14 years younger. Though I’d like to think we both share the same Amy-tude personality ! 🙂

  4. Wait … so that’s not u?… I thought … so … If I send an email to … no, that’s not right either … so … so where have I BEEN all this time? … blonde … yea … nice rack … yea … cute … yup … “… flirt[s}… around men which gets her into interesting situatioooonss…” (June 3, 2004 archives) … how do I … They both do PS (Plastic Surgery Convention (San Diego) 2003) … I wonder if Dr Z. was there? … … so which you is you?
    Or is that just my head doing the all the thinking?

    (Victoria says I’m just acting stupid on purpose – he-he-he – I hope I didn’t offend anyone. I just couldn’t help it)

  5. I looked at her pictures on her website and thought

    “Fake !”

    I mean, those can’t be her real lips!

    &nbsp &nbsp 😮

    And how about those nails!!!!

    Fake from a mile away!

    And, I wonder if she does typing on top of a Volkswagen Beetle, in the middle of a field? (old Rita Rudner joke!)

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