Just What’s My Size

We all know I have tastefully understated hooters … I’ve bemoaned that fact frequently (mainly just because I like saying the phrase “tastefully understated hooters” lol). And though I wish there was more substance to the girls, I am content that I’m able to at least look like a kinda tall, sorta slim girl with small boobs all by myself ! (This of course doesn’t change the fact that once I recover from ffs and am comfortable with things … I’m purchasing and having installed a pair of frame appropriate saline implants !)

Anyways … I need some new tastefully understated hooter support and enhancement systems. Now there are these claims that like 90% of women wear the wrong sized bra, so I figured, darn good chance I’m in that group. And though I’m comfortable interacting with sales personnel, I’ve never done a proper, official sizing from an experienced bra sizer. I’ll do that sometime.

So I rely on bra size calculators … I’ve done it before … and I did it again this morning …

I’m all over the board. At Wonderbra, Bali, Maidenform, and Lovable … I’m a 40 AA.

At Secrets in Lace, I’m a 38B.

And at this clearly erroneous site … I’m a 40 DD. (Kids I’d never allow that to happen !!)

And in the United Kingdom … I’m a perfect 38C. Another reason why I love our English friends across the pond.

Geezuz … just what size am I ?!?! Now currently … my favorite bras are my 36A Olga’s. But I tweaked the calculators ever so slightly with some different measurements and found that I’m really close to being a 38B on all of them … close enough that I can probably get a decent fit with some strap adjustment and wise hook-set selection.

And in the interests of providing too much information … I hate front hook bras. I have always had difficulty unhooking the front hook bra on women … and I’m pretty sure I have a permanent scar to my confidence from a front hook bra struggle I once had with a certain someone special. 🙂 And even though I’m the one wearing it now … I still can’t unhook a phreaking front hook bra !! Grrrrrr !! Though I can get out of a back clasp bra in two notes, while I’m driving the car, easily without removing my top, and while there are other people in the room … skills I will continue to improve upon and I’m certain will be appreciated by someone in my future !! 🙂

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  1. i’ve ranted about this before,
    but probably not here–
    in tires, 185 13 is 185 13
    whether it’s yokohama, perrelli, michelin,
    or goodyear…

    but in bras?
    use 34 B for comparison–
    actual cleavage may vary…

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