Double Stacked Ultimate Club

One of the things that is part of my normal life,

That I really, really like …

Is frequenting places where I’m a regular.

Where they know my name and I know theirs.

And this has really dorked up my life this year …

Since I haven’t been comfortable going to some of my regular take-out places.

Because at such places,

I really am Norm-like.

So …

Because I’m well known in most of my take-out hang-outs,

And have several clients in many of these places,

I have made it a practice to refrain from going into these places for a while …

Meaning I’ve had to find all sorts of new places for convenient take-out,

Which hasn’t been easy.

I had pretty much previously scoured the area for all good convenient take-out places.

However, I did have some successes …

I have found a much better Chinese food place …

Better tasting, greater portions and they absolutely love me there:

I get to re-use my coupons and the owner always gives me an extra eggroll, pint of soup or something.

Bye Amy” he says with a sweet, sweet smile.

Now for my ribs and bbq foods …

I’ve just continued to go to my usual place.

They didn’t know me that well before as Joe,

But know me quite well these days:

Naked half-chicken and polish sausage” girl.

(Seriously, that nickname is sooo phunny on multiple levels, though just for the record, I’m Czech, not Polish. And if you confuse the two, my grandpa will kick your ass ! :))


Where I get my Greek, Italian and fried fish cuisine,

I’m much, much more well-known.

And what has sucked recently is that all three of those locations are without a doubt the BEST for such food in the area.

I did go into the Greek place a few months ago …

And am pretty sure that I confused the bejeebers out of them.

Anyways, I’m avoiding the other two places for a bit longer yet.


I did cave to the grumblings of my belly recently …

And made a trip to Blimpie’s.

Of all the fastfood subway type restaurants,

I like Blimpie’s the best. (Quizno’s is good too, but there isn’t one remotely close to my house.)

Anyways …

They used to know me very well at that Blimpie’s,

As I was definitely a regular AND I always got the exact, same, phreakin’ thing !

But …

I really didn’t think they’d recognize me if I went there.

In fact,

It’s probably more accurate for me to state that I didn’t even think about it until I stepped up to the counter and there was the woman that used to always wait on me …

And I immediately noticed that look of recognition in her eyes.

Honest to gawd, I don’t get it.

I mean, seriously … even I’ll admit I look nothing like I used to look … how in the hell did she tag me?

Granted, though I haven’t seen her for months, I will confess that in the past several months, I have been going there anyways … so maybe someone else told her they thought they recognized me and so she was a little more tuned into it,

But that doesn’t make any sense … it’s just me for kripe’s sake … why would I be a topic of conversation at Blimpie’s ??

Or sure … I totally expect to be a topic of conversation at any bar I visit, but Blimpie’s ??? Come on, gimmee a break !! 🙂

Anyways … she excuses herself and goes in the back …

Where in the reflection of the refrigerator glass door I can see her talking to this one guy who is also one of the regulars who waited on me in the past.

She returns and asks me what I’d like, the guy she spoke with in the back following her out where he washes his hands to take position to put the goodies on the sub.

6 inch double stacked Ultimate Club on wheat, please.


Yuhp …

I knew that’d do it.

It’s my regular order … but phuck it, I like it, I’m not about to change what I like just because it’ll confirm to her who I used to play on television.

And yes,

A knowing, confirming smile crept over her face.

So I did what I normally do in such situations …

I took charge and struck up the conversation.

Amy-Character-Trait: You see, when I’m totally comfortable and at ease in my surroundings, I tend to be the quiet one … I sit back and just listen, absorb, relax. Heck, with The UnUsual Suspects, 95% of the conversation and funny things said come from Singer, Hottie and Miss Daisy. Sister and I usually just sit there, smiling and laughing, her because she’s drunk, me because I’m like … “Did they just say that?” However, when I’m feeling somewhat uncomfortable in a setting, I usually attempt to take charge, bring it under control in a manner so that I am comfortable. This is what I did in this setting. (Though don’t not confuse my weirdness of striking up conversations with strangers, small talk with anyone, as indicative that I’m uncomfortable in those situations. There I’m just exhibiting my Amy-Is-Annoyingly-Friendly character trait ! :))

Busy day today?

We were swamped until about 5 minutes ago.

I timed it perfect then, woo hoo !” (Yeah, I actually did say “woo hoo“. I need help.)

Yeah, you did. It’s been busy in the evening all summer. It’ll slow down once school starts back up I think,” she said with a smile as she slid my sub-in-process down to the guy I recognized whom she spoke with earlier.

And he picks right up …

Let’s see,” he starts with a bit of a smile and a look in his eyes, “lettuce … tomato … green pepper … onions …. yellow pepper …. black olives … jalapenos … black pepper, right?

Perfect !” I said with a bit of a laugh.

Grilled too,” he said knowingly.

Yuhp. Gawd, am I that predictable?

Well, some things never change,” he said, barely containing a big-ass grin.

And that was pretty much that …

I paid my bill,

We exchanged “See ya laters“,

And the rest of the patrons in the store were clueless to the unspoken conversation the three of us just had.

I totally enjoyed my sub that night !

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  1. I recall an incident like that about 20 years ago. I had a really fancy tape deck that was always in the repair shop. It ran fine for a couple on months as I was starting my transiton, and then it started acting up again. So I shlepped it off to my favorite repair shop. I started to describe the problem I was with it, and the owner of the repair shop took at look at it, and commented that he’s got another customer with exactly the same kind of tape deck and
    exactly the same kind of problem. So he starts to open the case, and realizes that this IS exactly the same deck that he’s worked on so many times before. He then looks up at me, and the light goes on!!!!

    Gawd, that was along time ago!

  2. Interesting, Yodette. The only part of Makenna I still recognize as (Old Boy Name) is her eyes – I don’t know if it’s me, or memmorex…

  3. The eyes are crucial to facial recognition. To avoid recognition, tint and reshape your brows, use contacts to radically change your eye color, dye your hair and use makeup to change your skin tone. It also helps to change your clothing color choice and how you move.

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