What Are You Looking At?

I noticed something lately …

And I’m not sure what it means … if anything.

Back in the old days … you know, any time two months ago and earlier …

When I was out and about … it seemed like women were the ones looking at me … noticing me … maybe reading me, maybe not, who knows, but definitely noticing me, and looking at me, even if just briefly …

Guys … rarely ever looked at my face … their looks were neck on down.

But I’ve been out and about a great deal the last several weeks …

And something I’ve noticed is really strange …

Lately, women rarely, if ever, look at me.

No eye contact.

No smile.


I’m completely unnoticed.

Men on the other hand,

Are attempting eye contact with me more and more frequently.

I can’t figure out what any of this means.

At first I was thinking maybe the women weren’t looking at me to be nice, that they were reading me, but were not going to stare …

While the men sensed something was odd … and where trying to stare me down to figure it out.

But then I thought, maybe I’m at the point of presentation, where I’ve reduced my tells enough that they don’t pick up that I might be something they’d be curious to look at … so they pay no attention to me when they’ve got other, more important things going on … like holiday shoping.

Whereas guys … maybe that whole eye contact thing some are tossing at me … is an interest indicator of some sort. Maybe they are trying to engage an opportunity for communication.

I don’t know.

Probably nothing.

But I’m not complaining …

I totally dig the change.

I hope it lasts.

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  1. :)) Yeah, actually I am … I’m smiling a great deal … I’ve got this stupid grin on my face practically all the time that I just can’t wipe off !! 🙂

  2. Here’s a note to self…

    Guys like to look at woman. Its almost automatic. They can’t help it.

    You’re a woman. Ergo, guys are going to look at you.


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