Back Support Needed

I wrote a post this morning …

It conveyed my current pain and frustration perfectly,

In a manner with a bit of an edge.

Just writing it helped relieve the anguish and abandonment which I’m currently feeling.


I actually thought about posting it,

Even though I knew full well …

So I didn’t.

Though as I clicked the Save button with the Draft election,

Just in case I changed my mind, ya know !! 🙂

All hell broke loose on my website.

Earlier today, you might have noticed stuff on my site was from last week.

I have no idea why,

Nor what happened.

But I was locked out of my website for about 5 hours and came under a contemporaneous e-mail onslaught …

Receiving X of 1042 …

Yet there was nothing showing up in my in-box, deleted box, or sent box that I didn’t recognize.


Anyways, as part of the whole crash and burn activities there,

I lost a great post,

One I’m not even going to attempt to recreate,

Because I take the events that happened this morning …

As a sign,

That I must endure my own desolation,


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  1. Amy,
    Sad to hear your bad luck, and sorry for the late comment. I have been out sick for a few days, but enough about me.
    There has been a lot of nasty computer karma going around lately. I hope this dark force hasn’t affected your good karma. If you need some backup, let me know, I can help, watch your back, let me know!

  2. Hi,

    I know the isolation you’re talking about (probably not as well as you) and it sucks. I’m just accepting that I’m transsexual and I tried to tell my mom, but she’s taking it all the wrong ways (which only breaks my heart). Actually I understand the computer problems you’ve been having lately too… Anyway, just wanted to say that there’s some one else out there, in the same isolation that you’re in (even thoguh I’m sure you knew that).

  3. Since when does a cruddy software malfunction constitute divine revelation? No ripple in the force have I felt.

    Needs more instruction. my padwan does.

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