Viewer Created Friday Five for April 9, 2004 – Volume II

The Viewer Created Friday Five continues here with Volume II as I attempt to answer some of the more light-hearted, miscellaneous questions posed …

1.) What swear words do you say when you hurt yourself, like hitting a finger with a hammer?

Yeah, I still swear, hasn’t that already been phucking established ?? LOL 🙂 Though I really have cut it down considerably from my days as a boy. hehe Plus I’m really trying to use less extreme swear words than I’ve used in the past … “asshole” and “dammit” are my frequent words of choice these days.

However … I really do still like the word “phuck” and it’s various derivatives … “phucking asshole” is one of my more bolder, aggressive standby’s now.

And in times of extreme distress or pain, such as hammering my thumb, I tend to continue stringing together an assorted list of swear words in a totally random manner … “cock sucking mutha fucking son of a bitch“. I really don’t remember the last time I strung that sort of word set together. Though I think I did mutter under my breath reference to some jerk a week or so ago as a “cock sucking douche bag“. Nice Amy, Nice. I’ve got a ways to go, huh? 🙂

Now despite the fact that I really am trying not to swear nearly as much, I am finding myself more likely now to swear in front of women instead of men. Unless of course I’m doing a strategically placed flirt with a guy in the bar while watching a basketball game … opining in a very mild, nonchalant, dismissive manner that so-and-so is an “asshole” seems to catch the interest of guys at times. I haven’t quite figured out why … but it does seem to work.

2. What, exactly, is a White Castle food item?

White Castle is a fast food restaurant chain located predominantly in the midwest that is known for their inexpensive, steam fried, thin hamburgers with holes in them that are cooked on a bed of chopped onions. Among the devotees, they are commonly known as “sliders” (“slyders” in true White Castle lingo), because they tend to slide right through your system. White Castle is the oldest hamburger chain in the United States. Sweet !! 🙂 There are 18 White Castle burgers to a pound of beef, making them rather small in size and almost more of an appetizer than a burger meal, which is why consuming 1/2 dozen sliders is really no big deal. The hamburgers come with little holes in them so that when they are cooking, they don’t have to be flipped on the grill. I’ve learned most of this krap from reading the little paper placemat they provide for you in their very sterile looking, white and polished steel restaurants.

I guess a slider is an acquired tasted, you either like them or you don’t. I love them !!! 🙂 Their crinkle cut fries are great, along with their shakes. I usually add one of their chicken or fish sandwiches to the order just to break up the onslaught.

3. Mini-questions: Mac or PC? Leno or O’Brien? Sugar or artificial?

Mini-answers with mini-explanatiooooons …. 🙂

PC. I prefer the personal computer over the Mac. I’ve always like taking the hood off my machine and playing with it some. And but for my notebook machine, every computer I have installed in my home network is something I’ve built. I just enjoy tinkering with them. I know that there are Mac addicts, who are dedicated to their machine brand, but I’ve always considered them overpriced, niche machines and very limiting in respect to software (business and gaming). I guess Macs are useful in the graphics arena, but since I do none of that, I really have no need for them. However, I do want Macs to stick around as the folks at Apple usually come up with some pretty cool ideas which the kids at Microsoft steal and eventually produce for me ! 🙂

O’Brien. It’s not even close. Conan Rocks !! 🙂 Thank gawd for Tivo so even when I’m fortunate enough to doze off, I can watch him later in the middle of the night. Between Leno and Letterman though, it’s hard to say. I sort of flip back and forth between the two of them … in a similar manner that I alternate between McDonald’s and Burger King. I’ll go to one for several days in a row until I tire of it, then flip to another. I suppose that if I had to make decision though, I’d pick McDonald’s and Letterman. (Though I still waaaaay prefer Conan to Letterman or Leno).

Sugar. I’m allergic to aspartame (Nutrasweet). Even the most minute amount and it’s sort of like drinking multiple beers for me … a rather dizzy feeling, almost buzz like. A Certs, a diet soda, or anything with aspartame as an ingredient and I’m a mess. Not for an extended period of time … but it dulls my senses almost immediately and will last for 30 – 60 minutes I’d say. Sacharrin doesn’t seem to have the same effect … but it was hard to find in a soda drink for the longest time until they brought back Tab. What’s nice about Tab is that it doesn’t leave that yucky diet drink aftertaste. Nonetheless, usually for me … it’s all about the fat food and drinks for me !!

4. Who is your favorite Star Trek Captain?

In the beginning, I was really into Captain Archer from Enterprise. Despite my original concerns about having Sam Beckett as a Star Fleet captain, I found his performance in the first season of Enterprise my favorite of any captain. However, the ratings for Enterprise have generally sucked. (Could it have anything to do with not being syndicated and being on a minor network ?? Huh ?? Who knows.) Anyways, in response to the ratings suckness, they tweaked the show some in an attempt to gain, keep viewers … and personally, I haven’t liked the tweaking. I still watch the show loyally, because it is a really good Star Trek series … but it’s gone from being my absolute favorite to one that can be great or bad depending on the episode. And the tweaking they did with Captain Archer, from kewl, nice, excited about space, smart, spaceship guy who is good in a fight to a bitter, angry, harsh captain has hurt him in my books.

Captain Kirk is still great … at least he was in TOS (The Original Series) before he gained 8 million pounds after the first Star Trek movie. Geezuz, he could eat all the Wendy’s salads in the world and he’d still cover Shaft.

Captain Picard was pretty good … but he was the brains, he didn’t bring brains and braun to the fight. However, he had serious class, kicked ass with The Borg, and as Amber so astutely recently observed, said some of the funniest lines of any Star Fleet captain, in or out of role.

I liked Captain Janeway, but I really never got into Voyager or Deep Six Space Nine … so I really can’t offer an opinion on them honestly.

With that being said … my favorites are as follows:

Captain Kirk, Captain Archer, Captain Picard, Captain Janeway, the dude on Deep Six Space Nine.

5. Which two people would you mate?

Amber asked … which two people in the following series of couples would I mate?

So many to choose from …

Such lovely lovelies resulting from genetic merging of pretty people genes …

But after careful consideration and much, much laughing …

I think I’d mate Monican Lewinsky and one of the contestants from her reality show Mr. Personality,


Which results in the this !!!!!

Yikes !!

Hey, what can I say … when I said above that I was PC, I meant personal computer, not politically correct !! 😉

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  1. I liked Deep Space Nine because it had a cogent story arc and well drawn villans and supporting characters. Gul Dukot was brill.

  2. that Shatner guy is so good! Did you catch him on the new Practice? Hes a lawyer by the name of Denny Craig…and he is QUITE the character. Where’s he been for the last 20 years?


  3. (1)Letterman & Kilbourne over Leno & O’Brien!!

    (2)William Shatner…END OF DISCUSSION!! (Granted, I am no expert/trekie…but James T. Kirk can have no equal. Plus, race/color/species was of no concern to Kirk…he’d do anybody/anything!!)

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