Friday Five for October 8, 2004

I’m running behind with last week’s Friday Five …

A few days late specifically,

Add to that the fact that I really didn’t put much effort into them …

And I’d have to suggest that you just skip this post completely,


In its entirety.

This entire post has but one purpose.

Instead …

Go check out some really disgusting things Steve has eaten.


If by chance you’ve chosen to ignore my timely warning …

Please accept my apologies,

In advance,

For the following krap.

1. What is something that you used to believe, but are glad you don’t believe anymore?

Hmmmm … let’s see, that’s a tough one, because there is so much I still believe in …

I still believe in Santa Claus, I still believe my parents are the best parents ever, I still believe deep down – the Lions suck, I still believe that there is a special someone for everyone – and that your task in life is to recognize that person as such when you actually encounter them – and you will, I still believe France should just be made into one large parking lot, I still believe Oswald didn’t kill JFK, I still believe loyalty reflects a person’s character, I still believe in ghosts, I still believe I’m going to be one helluva catch for someone someday, I still believe I’d make a great parent, I still believe I’m a better softball player than all but two of my friends, and I still believe there is such a thing as a perfect blow-job – albeit my opinion is now formed from a considerably different perspective.

So …

With so many things I still believe in,

I think in answering this questiooooon,

I’ll just go with …

I used to believe I would outgrow my transsexualism and not have to do anything else about it, but I’m glad I finally stopped believing in that delusion ! 🙂

2. Is there something you wish you still believed? What?

Nope. (Actually, I’m sure I could come up with something if I put any thought into it, but by simply saying Nope, I’m able to avoid answering the second part of the question.)

3. What experience or person taught you the most about life?

That’s easy … my parents taught me the most about life. They are the best role models anyone could have and get sole credit for all the good things anyone would ever find in me. The bad things in me, well … blame Darth for that krap. However, on an interrupted serious note, I am the product of my environment in many ways … and I’ve learned a lot from my extended family and my close friends. My brother is a huge role model for me and the goodness I’ve gathered from so many of my cousins and aunts and uncles is immeasurable. And obviously, though I’m not mentioning nicknames here without prior approval … two of my best friends whom everyone who has ever read my site should know of which I’m referring (Singer and Shaft (Editor’s Note: I got approval ! )) … have taught me so much about life, I couldn’t be where I am without those two. And the additional assortment of individuals oft mentioned here have also contributed significantly to making me who I am. You know, now that I think about it … almost everyone in my life has contributed positively … with the exception of Darth. Go figure. 🙂

4. What area of life would you like to know or understand more about?

Death. I haven’t quite figured that part out … the rest of things I’ve gotten a fairly decent grasp.

5. What is your most valuable lesson about life so far?

Let’s see …

I have a few guiding principals in my life …

None is superior to any of the rest,

And all have pretty much equal value.

One is Never Surrender.

Another is Follow The Golden Rule.

Another is Do The Right Thing.

Another is Always be there for your family.

Another is Always be there for your close friends.

Another is Trust Your Instinct.

Another is Learn Something New Every Day.

Another is Watch Lots of Television.

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  1. Hey !! You commented again !!! Thank you !! 🙂

    Note to Self: Must show proper respect at all times.

    *folding up Note to Self and placing it in my back pants pocket*

    😛 🙂

  2. I loved the link to the really disgusting things that Steve has eaten…but right at the end, I found on his list an item I too have eaten! Natto, the mutant beans from Japan. They’re not as bad as Steve says it sounds, but then again when the same meal included hundreds of tiny mushrooms in a little pot (eating in Japan is always an adventure), your parameters of “too weird to eat” get reset a little bit!

  3. “Never play cards with a man called Doc. Never eat at a place called Moms. Never sleep with a woman whose troubles are worse than your own.” – William Penn

    “Never eat at a place called ‘Moms’, but if the only other place in town has a sign that says ‘Eats’, go back to Moms.”
    – W. C. Fields

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