Water Cooler Talk

So my face wacka-wacka has attracted some attention from the unenlightened. Obviously.

Most seem to think that either I was in a car accident or I had a face lift.

And those that ask … get the whole sinus/nose surgery spin.

Reflective of my dysfunctional sense of humor, I find most of the discussions amusing.

Especially the following dialogue that was recently shared with me …

What the hell happened to Joe Hairdy’s face, did he get in an accident?

No, not that I’ve heard. I think he got a face lift.

Oh, that’s good. Hell, I don’t care if he gets himself a set of tits, as long as he’s around when I need a lawyer.

Heh ! Just have some patience my friend. 🙂

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  1. Thank you … I’m terribly insecure about my presentation … so any ego stroke helps me tremendously !! 🙂

    Yeppers … on MSN you can track me down as [email protected] … and on Yahoo messenger my screenname is amy1985um (aaaah, I forgot the password to my AmyNews screenname there and can’t retrieve it now through the help screens – butt).

    I’m not on-line for IM too much during the day … and my evenings are sporadic … but feel free to buzz me anytime you see me around. 🙂

  2. You’re looking fabulouser and fabulouser each time you post a new pic.

    Now, having massaged your ego 🙂 Could I ask, are you on MSN Messenger?

  3. as long as they need a lawyer…

    if you’ve read _Second Serve_
    you probably noticed that Renee Richards
    never grasped the importance of celebrity
    to her transition…

    the only difference between the US and Spain
    was that people in the US knew she was famous

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