Five Years Until Now

I left the office Friday night …

I got to the parking garage …

Plopped myself in my car …

Drove circles and circles working my way outta the structure …

Flashed my card over the card reader thingie …

Turned left … right …

Instead of left … left.

The right turn took me back towards


Past the bars and the walking route I used to take …

Just five years ago.

And there were people …

Doing what I used to do five years ago.

Walking in groups, walking as couples, laughing … looking forward to the night.

And that got me thinking …

Just how much has changed …

In these last five years.

Many people I used to hang out with five years ago … are not even around any more.

I was married,

Hottie was married.

Shaft was my best bud, but we hadn’t even begun thinking about starting our own firm.

There were two other people in the world … with the name Joe Hairdy … my namesakes … soon … only my Dad will remain.

My paternal grandparents were both alive.

Everyone in my immediate family was healthy.

No one had any clue I was a transsexual.

I only suspected it.

I was flush with boy testosterone …

And I didn’t know the difference between mascara and eyeliner.

I can only imagine in another five years …

Things will be completely different …

Totally changed …


It kinda freaks me out thinking about it.

Wild. πŸ™‚

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One Comment

  1. do you mean, like,
    you were on the right track,
    and somebody pushed you out of the train?

    i saw a new yorker cartoon several months ago:
    two guys at a bar,
    and one of them asks the other,
    “Where do you see yourself
    getting drunk five years from now?”

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