Ask Shaft! for July 22, 2003

[Exhibiting the skills of a pool reporter with a fine use of follow-up questions, this week’s Ask Shaft! column was based on a series of questions from -J. Special thanks to Shaft for finding the time to knock out this week’s column as he was incredibly time crunched. -The Editor :)]

Is Amy now a woman in your eyes?

-J, thanks for the questions. I’ll do my best not to put my foot in my mouth. The phrasing of your question is interesting. Really, Amy is a woman in my mind much more than my eyes. My brain expects to see a boy because I still work every day with Joe Hairdy. I think it will be a lot easier when Amy’s presentation matches the perception I have developed of her as a girl. Does that make sense?

If so, when did your perception change?

I think my perception of Amy changed when I started calling her Amy in situations like these. It’s still really hard to deal with the face-to-face name thing because of the disclosure issues involving others. Isn’t it interesting that Amy’s transition in many ways will make my live simpler.

Does Amy drag out other decisions as torturously?

Yes and no. Since I have known Amy, she has made even the simplest decision a multi-month saga. In the last year and a half, however, she has made many decisions, like car purchases, quicker than I would. What gives? Could it be that she has a new “don’t sweat the small stuff” approach? That said, I never expected her to abandon her methodical, extremely analytical approach to major decision making. I always run my decisions by her for review and never fail to gain insight.

Has the whole thing gotten on your nerves?

Nope. Am I nervously awaiting a successful transition? You bet.

Would you rather Amy hang around as a friend and business associate?

I am on record as badgering Amy about not running away. But…………….. I guess I see her point on the issue of relocation. (After extensive debate). I want her to stay, but I understand her reluctance. I’ve accepted my role as a passive one. My job is to make sure that Amy understands that she is wanted here, personally and professionally, without any reservation whatsoever.

Thanks for the opportunity to share my perspective, -J. Be cool.


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  1. “Exhibiting the skills of a pool reporter”

    he’s on the level?
    knows all the angles?
    calls all the shots?
    makes all the long shots?
    gets everything in the right pocket?

    “Is Amy now a woman in your eyes?”

    of course,
    my first thought was,
    “Yes. It usually takes a 55 gallon barrel of visine to get her out of my eyes. And she often rips at least one of my contacts in the process.”

    speaking of colours–
    does amy ever get
    green beans confused with
    navy beans???


  2. Damn Su Wen and her new cellphone. She totally dropped the ball. Thats ok, I’ll as a question next week, and it won’t be these easy “what’s your favorite color” questions.

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