Karnac Krap

A salad.

A pair of pantyhose.

A package of maxipads.

Name the three things I purchased at the grocery store on my way home from work tonight.

*shaking my head*

My life has gotten so strange in the last year. 🙂

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  1. Oh … without a question. A good tuck looks much better on its own than with anything else … and sometimes you can’t get away with a pad. But other times it’s sorta useful, like a set of training wheels, albeit uncomfortable.

  2. A really good tuck looks better without a pad. A pad will sometimes look like a bad tuck. My tuck, back in the day, created a realistic cleft, made obvious by my favorite short shorts. A fellow who knew my status used to shake his head everytime he looked at my crotch muttering “how can she do that?” All I’d tell him was “tricks of the trade.”

  3. Very true !! 😉

    I also use them when I’m wearing a tasteless short skirt or exceedingly tight jeans for smoothing out the contour/tucking purposes.

  4. i was hesitant about the word “shill”
    because of the implication of
    immoral or illicit intent…
    a shill is someone who knows what’s going on,
    and acts to draw attention away from
    those details which might prevent the success
    of the main attraction…

  5. Hhmmm … salad, pantyhose & maxipads … sounds like a shopping list from a dare years ago. So when ya gonna be in A2 … sounds like you need a hug. 😉

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