It’s Getting Old

Yeah … okay …

That’s the end of it …

No more …

Not again.

No more trips to the office …

Unless I’m doing it in boy mode.

Stupid risks, stupid chances.

You only do things like that if you want to get caught.

I’ve covered my ass for way too long to be dumb now.

Though seriously, it’s not like it’s the first time I’ve went to the office not in boy-mode.

And I’ve only had a couple of close calls in the past.

But Saturday …

Twice … I had close calls.

The first … not really too close .. Shaft called me and warned me he’d be in the office for a few minutes with his family … he talked code and I shut the down office and pretended not to be there. That worked out fine.

The second …. moments after he left … OBP called and said she needed some help bringing up some office supplies, and that she’d be at the office in about five minutes.


At the time, I didn’t really give too much of a rip whether I moved phast enough or not … at least not at the time … for then … I was pissed … I was pissed for the interruption, I was pissed that it was definitely going to be a minor interruption, and I was pissed that I had to even worry about it.

I bolted … left the office immediately. Got to my car … changed … put some baby wipes to good use … and gelled up my hair … kinda sloppily … got back to the office as she was checking her e-mail … didn’t even help her bring the office supplies up … big wow (sarcasm).

Oh sure …

I’m glad I dodged the bullet.

And from here on out …

No more chances.

We’re only weeks away …

And then it won’t matter.

But it’s really amazing to me …

How sick of having two lives I am.

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One Comment

  1. thanks…
    there are moments when i forget how easy
    so many things have been for me–
    _la chica con nada_
    has nothing to lose…

    although there was one time,
    when i had forgotten to remove my nail polish;
    i kept my hands out of sight
    as much as i could,
    but one of my son’s team-mates noticed;
    his mom already knew,
    but i don’t think she’d discussed it
    with her kids yet…
    coincidentally enough,
    that was their last year in that bowling league

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