Play Nice

I really only have one rule when it comes to posting a comment to one of my posts …

Play nice !

Dammit. 🙂

And by that,

I mean play nice with each other.

When I post something,

And someone comments in response …

Maybe disagreeing with me,

Or suggesting I’m wrong …

I don’t mind at all.


There’s a good chance I am wrong.

And when others post a comment in response to one of my posts,

And you feel like posting a comment in response …

Disagreeing with them,

Or suggesting they may possibly be wrong …

That’s fine too.

The exchange of opinions,


Is how we collectively as a whole …

Become smarter.

So I encourage that.


Exchanging opinions, thoughts, rationales, evidence, support, blah, blah, blah …

Does not mean personally attacking a person, or …

Saying mean things to or about a person.

So don’t phreaking do it here !! 🙂

The Golden Rule makes sense,

Follow it.

Treat my viewers with the same respect you would like to receive.

And if you don’t want to receive any respect,

Then treat my viewers with respect anyways,

Because you’ll still be treated with respect.


Good. 🙂


Should you so choose to violate that simple rule …

And it comes to my attentiooooon,

What I do in response is entirely in my discretion,

‘Cause it is my website and all. 🙂

But most likely I’ll pull your comment,

Inform you that parts of it or all of it is more of a personal attack than anything else,

(If I don’t have your e-mail address, I’ll post a comment where your comment used to be asking you to e-mail me to discuss it)

Ask you to rephrase it or allow me to edit it out,

And if you agree in a manner I deem acceptable to either,

I’ll repost it after the change has been made.

Though if you refuse to do either,

It’s no skin off my back …

I just probably won’t repost it.

Now understand …

Usually I do this entirely on my own,

In years past,

I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone say to me …

"So and so is saying mean things about me" on my website.

If I read something that I consider a mean-spirited personal attack …

I take things up on my own initiative.

But remember …

Mean-spirited is the key qualifier here.

Humorous, light-hearted, playful personal attacks are allowed !! 🙂

Let’s see …

What else?

Oh yeah,

Most of that stuff applies to just each other … viewer to viewer.

I understand that by putting myself out here on the web …

I’m completely exposing myself to all sorts of mean-spirited nonsense butts can come up with from time to time.

Though really,

I am a nice person …

So please think twice before doing something mean to me,

Because you know I wouldn’t do something mean to you.

And I guess finally …

Even though my life is pretty much an open book to you viewers,

I do try to maintain some privacy on some things …

For myself,

And others.

So if someone, usually accidentally, reveals something in a comment that puts what elements of privacy I can maintain for others at risk …

I’ll usually react to that pretty promptly,

Remove the overinformatiooooon,

And let the viewer know what I did and why.


I guess that’s all.

Have fun out there …

And play nice ! 🙂

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