You Shall Be Healed !!!

I had the brunt of my face work done on October 14, 2003.

A consequence of which …

I lost feeling on the top, front half of my scalp.

I’m really not sure if I just haven’t been paying attention …

Or if it just seem to hit critical mass all at once,

But mere moments ago,

I realized I felt a tightness on the top of my head …

And did some test scratching on my noggin’,

Finding out that I now seem to have most of my feeling back.

Maybe now I’ll finally stop bopping my head against the oven fan whenever I’m using the back burners !! 🙂

Editor’s Note: There’s a way snarky comment that can be made there at my expense, but I’ll leave that for one of you kids … first come, first serve ! 🙂

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  1. That’s a good one … but not the one of which I’m thinking !! 🙂 Do I know when your face-whacking is ?? If not, let me know when and if it’s not during the next MakLauAmyPalooza – this time to be held in Las Vegas, or over my next trip to ‘Kenna’s place, my Cousin Golfer’s digs, or Laura’s abode … I’ll come visit.

  2. Yes everyone … that’s the Shaft we know and love … great, supportive friend, but also 220% guy (normally one would say 110%, but at Shaft’s current tonnage … I’m going with 220%). 🙂

  3. Hey, Uncle Dave, if only the female head came with a flat spot. No more beer can rings on the coffee table. Sorry, everyone, it was an involuntary comment.

  4. Gawd luv ya Laura … that was exactly the snarky comment I was thinking of !! 🙂

    (Apologies for ending that sentence with a preposition … I’m just being lazy.)

  5. Erm…I was just referring to the fact that you’d been scratching your head a lot…if you’d had buttock feminization surgery, that well…you’d have picked up another socially unattractive habit…

    See…isn’t that much funnier now that i’ve explained it…perhaps I should have just said that this explains the cranium-sized dents in your headboard….

    (explanation to follow on request….)


  6. After scalp advancement or conventional forehead lift, it take a variable amount of time for the nerves to regrow. Until you have feeling again in your scalp, be very careful when having your hair done in a salon. If they put you under a dryer and the heat is too high your scalp can burn and you won’t know it.

    After feeling returns to your scalp it can take years before the odd tingly feel goes away and it feels normal again.

  7. Yeah … actually, I gave up on thinking that I’d ever get the feeling back, having convinced myself if I was going to, it would have been by now … I’m catching myself now throughout the day scratching the top of my head to just make sure it’s see got feeling … suchabutt ! 🙂

  8. Oh good! So there is hope “Praise The Lord”
    I had my FFS on October 13, 04 with Dr. “O” and have a small Dead zone too, as we know it comes with the territory. They say it can take up to over a year or more for the nervers to reattach. Congrats on your reconnection, at least we know something going on up there. As for myself, I’m more worried about some lack of muscel control on my left chin causing me to have a twisted smile. But as they say “only hurts/shows when I laugh”, so Amy stop making me laugh. LOL It’s still early in my recovery, so I’m keeping my finger crossed that the smile will come back too.

  9. I suspect regaining some feeling is fairly normal. I was pretty numb above my forehead after my FFS in April, but now I can feel most things more or less as before. I guess the nerves gradually reconnect and repair over time.

  10. Dang, I hope it’s a big one. This may be the closest I’ll get to one for a long, long time….

    Actually, my son is going to be there. I’m going to warn him about the gorgeous chick with the blonde hair and big …… Do not let her having anything that writes….She’s a little (lot) mentally unstable, and should not be left alone with a sick person.
    laura a

  11. Yeah, well … you might think so now, but just wait until you see what embarassing drawings I make on your bandages while you’re still under in recovery … right ‘kenna ??

    There’s a penis drawn on the side of my face, isn’t there?

  12. My ffs is just 54 days away, not that I’m counting. I told Dr Z that I wanted him to make me look like Shania Twain; when he quit laughing hysterically, he said something under his breath. It sounded a little like, “Fat chance”, but I may have misunderstood.

    laura a

  13. Nah, I’m not gonna make the “so that’s what happened” comment. Way too easy…..

    BTW, is that where the term “numbskull” came from?

    I’d better be quiet: ffs with Dr Z soon.

    laura a

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