Changing A Letter

Today’s lesson …

Changing the gender marker on your driver’s license.

Actually kids, it’s fairly easy, anyone can do it.

Basically, all you have to do is ask …

As long as you ask in the right way.

Of course, this only applies to my home state, but …

Here’s the drill:

First of all … do it at the same time as you’re changing the name on your driver’s license, it’s just easier that way.

Before you go, complete the form TR-34 as follows:

1. Put your new name in the areas of the form as requested,

2. Ignore the vehicle information requested (they use the same certification form for various types of transactions at the Secretary of State),

3. In the area that follows after the phrase Please make statement or explain error state something along the lines of:

I desire to change the gender marker on my driver’s license from M to F. (Or vice-versa, whatever applies.)

Now it’s very possible that you won’t need the TR-34 form. I didn’t, but if by chance you encounter a Secretary of State employee that does not know the procedure for changing one’s name and gender marker on their driver’s license, the TR-34 is required. (You can also just wing it, not fill one out in advance, and they’ll just give you one there to sign if you need it.)

You’ll also need to bring either documentation of your court-ordered name change or proof you’ve adopted another name via common law means, such proof might include credit cards, utility bills, paychecks over at least a 6 month period in your new name.

Then go to your Secretary of State branch of choice (you have to do name changes and gender marker changes in person, though you can do practically everything else on-line.)

Take a number from either the deli-like-paper-number-dispenser near the front of the door or from the Exceptionally Pleasant (ummmm, in case that didn’t come across … there’s lots and lots of sarcasm laced over those two words) Greeter that you have to tell what you want to do. If the Exceptionally Pleasant Greeter deems you so worthy, they will then give you a deli-like-paper-number.

Exceptionally Pleasant Greeter: uncomfortable glare

Amy-Wan: “I need to change the name on my driver’s license.

Exceptionally Pleasant Greeter: “Did you bring your marriage license?

Amy-Wan: “No.

Exceptionally Pleasant Greeter: “You need your marriage license. Come back when you have your marriage license.

Amy-Wan: “I have a court-ordered name change.

Exceptionally Pleasant Greeter: “Then fill out this form, here, here and here.

Amy-Wan: “I’m sorry … here, here and there?

Exceptionally Pleasant Greeter: “NO ! Here, here and here.

Amy-Wan: “Okay, thank you. I really like your dress, it’s cute.” (Yeah, the compliment was out of context, but it really wasn’t a compliment, as it was code for “I can’t imagine they found enough yellow material to cover your butt the size of Rhode Island, you rude-ass bitch.“)

Exceptionally Pleasant Greeter: “This is your number … wait to be called.” (*snicker* *snicker* I’m guessing she knew what the code meant ! :))

Now the form the Exceptionally Pleasant Greeter will give you is a form I couldn’t find anywhere on the ‘net, so I don’t have a link … sorry. But it’s basically just your name, address, date of birth, gender, height, weight, color of eyes, favorite fast food restaurant type of information request. If you go to a branch that doesn’t offer an Exceptionally Pleasant Greeter to give you the form … don’t sweat it, just wait until your number is called and you can take care of it at the counter.

Wait anywhere from 10 seconds to 6.42 hours.

A Gameboy, PDA with a decent book installed, or an mp3 player might also be decent thing to bring to kill the time.

Oh yeah, and go to the rest room before getting in line.

When your number is called, briskly approach the counter and give the guy/gal/robot-like-being behind the counter your number, even though they don’t want you to give it to them and will usually tell you such.

Truly Pleasant SOS Employee: “How can I help you today?

Amy-Wan: “I just need to change the name on my driver’s license along with the gender marker.” (I handed her my court-ordered name change, TR-34 that I had brought along, and the form the Exceptionally Pleasant Greeter gave me to complete.)

Truly Pleasant SOS Employee: “Thanks, but I don’t need the TR-34. You know, when I first started working here they wouldn’t let you change the letter for your sex on your driver’s license. That was ridiculous. Who cares. I remember the first girl that I helped … perky thing like you. It was so long ago … after we got her request taken care of … I asked her if she’d go along with a joke on my boss … she said yes, she was a real sweetie … so I got my boss and rattled him a little telling him he needed to confirm that she was actually a female … if he had half a clue, he would have known that wasn’t even remotely necessary, all a person has to do is ask to change it … but he didn’t know a thing about the job and turned all red and flustered. It was great. He’s dead now … good riddance. That’ll be $9.00 Amelia.

Amy-Wan: “I go by Amy and thanks for being so nice and helpful with this,” said as I handed her a $20.00 with a smile.

Truly Pleasant SOS Employee: “Glad to help Amy. Let’s go take your picture now.

Now, if you’re lucky, you’ll get a guy/girl/TRS-80 that is kewl – just like the woman that helped me, but if not, just stick it out … you’ll never run into the entity behind the counter again as they don’t even let them out after hours.

Remember though, regardless of whether or not it’s a kewl state worker assisting you … the gender marker change is not something they experience everyday … so they may not be sure of the procedure.

If so needed, you can assist them by telling them that the procedures are provided in the Driver Book, Section I, Page 3 (And for my own amusement, if you find yourself actually needing to tell the Commodore 64 behind the counter where in the Driver Book to look, please pronounce it “sectiooooooon I”. :))

If desperate, they can also call the 1460 number, but suggest that only as a last resort … getting multiple civil servants together to try and answer a question is always a risky, risky procedure.

Don’t ask me how I know this inside information, because if I tell you, I’ll have to kill you. Though if you’re dying to confirm this approach, just call the Secretary of State help line and tell them what you want to do … it really took no more effort than that. 🙂

Anyways, that’s all that needs to be done.

You’ll leave with a paper copy of your new driver’s license and receive your picture ID one in the mail about a week or so later with your new name and preferred/correct gender marker.

Congratulations !

Kewl, huh? 🙂

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  1. so, yeah,
    let me add my word to the wise–
    when the gentle reader undertakes relettering,
    remember that the people you’re dealing with
    have probably not done this before, or at least haven’t done it often… so it’s important that you seem to know exactly how it’s supposed to go, without making them look stupid…

    also, if you’re the sort who prays,
    pray profusely before hand,
    because the person you deal with is very important;
    if they want to help, they can help a lot,
    and if they want to fuck you raw,
    they can do that, too…

  2. Amy u r such a trip…I luv reading ur site everyday….and when u don’t post :((…anyway I’m a midwest girl myself…first time posting….began hrt 1 yr ago…3 kids/wife…geez what’s a girl gonna do…you have provided insight, humor and most of all the truth at what we are trying to accomplish…thanks soo much for being here and there…giggles…u r some sweetie!

  3. Excelente story Amy-wan. WHAT a PITA though!

    Now when you get carded at Hooters, you won’t have to worry about the old function showing!

    Jabba the Slut! Lotsa guffaws’ on THAT one!

    Oh…and the pic thing. Don’t sell yerself short hon. You take a GREAT pic! Seriously PRETTY!


  4. OOooooo … Jabba the Slut … I love it !! lol

    I’m so going to file that away in my insult database !!

    I’ll add you to the list of people to whom I owe royalties for coming up with really good lines I that use with proper credit usually given. 🙂

  5. Awwwww … thanks iMom, but rest assured, most of the pictures taken of me are just simply hideous ! I’ve got a unique ability to take gawd awful pictures … so I fully expect my driver’s license pic to break mirrors. I’m just lucky because Makenna, Laura, Jessica, Kara, Miss Daisy and Sister are kind enough to delete most pictures of me before the electrons on the flash cards have even begun to settle !! 🙂

  6. Amy – first off, congrats….I’m thrilled for ya, second, you’re a trip, you’re a comical gal and I think you should give up law and go into writing, thirdly, it’s sad that you had to put up with Jabba the slut with the yellow dress, nice that you got the truly pleasant SOS Employee at the end of the day though – wooohooo


  7. That’s so Coooolio!

    Congrats on getting your new license, Amy-wan! You’ll have to let us know if you took your usual good piccy, or if you got the standard drivers license bad piccy.

    dut dut dut, another step bites the dust!
    And another one’s gone, and another one’s gone,
    another step bites the dust!

    Hugz, kiddo
    Lisa iMom

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