Paging Dr. 172

So …

Curiousity was getting the best of me.

It had been almost two weeks since Tiger’s Brain had told me Dr. 172 had figured out my function …

And I wanted to know what tipped him off.

So yesterday I e-mailed Tiger to see if there had been any follow-up conversation with him, but apparently with his new job and all … he’s actually working for a change as I got not love of a reply. (Yeah, I know, Tiger working, so many changes in the phreakin’ world !!)

So I then called Tiger’s Brain … but I got the answering machine and had wrong phone number anxiety …. as the answering machine message just stated the phone number called, not who I was calling … so suffering telephone stage fright, I just hung up (yo, Tiger’s Brain, e-mail me your current set of numbers, I have about 25 phone numbers from Tiger’s previous places of employment, but I’m insecure about the validity of the home and mobile numbers now).

Hmmmm, what should I do?? What should I do ?? !!!

Well, exactly what Stacy told me to do like two weeks ago … I should just call him.

So I did.

Now, I’ve got an accurate set of Dr. 172’s phone numbers … so I was confident I could track him down. I knew I would be calling the correct number.

Unfortunately, I got his answering machine, this time though … I left a message.

Hey, Dr. 172, it’s me, Joe Hairdy. I hear you’re a variable too on the golf outting, give me a call to talk about it when you get a chance.

Bummer. “I hope he calls back soon“, I muttered to myself. I knew he’d call, but I just didn’t know when … he’s quite the traveler so he might be out of town.

Now let me give a little background on Dr. 172. First of all, yes, he’s really a doctor. A really good one at that. The 172 in his nickname is from an infamous round of golf he and I played several years ago at a very nice local country club. Back in those days, Dr. 172 lived in another state and prior to our annual golf outting, he’d fly into my city, stay at my place and we’d get a round or two of pre-golf outting golf in our systems, some warm-up rounds. On this particular round, I knew a member at the country club and he was kind enough to invite Dr. 172 and I out for a round with him. Dr. 172 and I were usually fairly equivalent scoring golfers … on a course of this nature, playing from the 6,500 yard tees … we’d shoot anywhere between a 95 – 110, depending on a lot of things. However, after both of us parred the first hole, Dr. 172 went on to shoot an honest to goodness, true, trying with every shot … 172. By the 12th hole, all the member and I could do was offer silence. Dr. 172 was having to score each round accurately as he was establishing his handicap at his local course, so he was honestly trying with each shot. It was the most amazing display of golfing ineptitude I ever saw from someone who is really a decent golfer. Anyway, when we later got up to the golf outting, no one would believe us that he really shot a 172, thinking we were just sandbagging to try to establish an advantageous golf outting handicap. Though as Dr. 172 pointed out, “if that was my goal, I’d say something like 120, 130 … that would be believable. A 172 though ?? You don’t claim that unless it really happened.” The funny thing is that now that particular round is sort of a local legend at that country club. Every now and then I’ll talk to a member, mention how nice and challenging their course is and then they’ll start into this story about this good golfer once shot a 172. Too funny. Anyways, Dr. 172 and I have actually become better friends since college, so he was on my list of people to get the personal Disclosure (and he was my partner when I won my one and only victory at the golf outting tournament). However, I really had no clue has to how he would respond, react … being a friend, while knowing me and that I’m a good person, I was hopeful that he would be understanding and supportive … but I knew very little of his personal beliefs, views on things like this or related such topics.

Anyways …

At 9:00 pm last night,

I was going to find out.

As the good doctor returned my call, and after some “how ya doin’?” talk, we started dancing around the topic …

Amy-Wan: “How did you know?

Dr. 172: “What are you talking about?

Amy-Wan: “I understand you know why I’m not golfing this year. Tiger’s Brain told me you figured it out.

Dr. 172: “I did?”

Amy-Wan: “That’s what she said. Do you remember talking with her?

Dr. 172: “Yes, I do. But I don’t remember what I said to her, I was saying a lot things.

Amy-Wan: “You’re going to make me say it, aren’t you?” lol

Dr. 172: “Honestly Joe, I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Amy-Wan: “Okay.

Dr. 172: “Well, now you’ve got me curious, are you going to tell me?

Amy-Wan: “Ugh, yeah. Did you tell Tiger’s Brain that you thought I was having sex change?

Dr. 172: “Yeah, I did.

Amy-Want: “Well, I am.

Dr. 172: “Wow, I was just kidding when I said that? Maybe I was a little too deadpan in my delivery.


Totally phreakin’ funny !!! Yeah, he guessed it, but that’s all it was, a guess !!

(Though I think he sort of had some intuition that it was the case. I’ve sensed he is strong in the ways of The Force.)

Anyways … we proceeded to talk on the phone for over an hour and a half further.

It was an amazing experience for me.

This was probably my first Disclosure where after telling the person, we were just able to talk intelligently about the condition (he had familarity with it, even having scrubbed for some MTF and FTM genital surgeries before),

We were able to discuss some theory and social issues,

We talked easily about the specifics of me and what’s it been like for me,

We talked about what I’ve done so far and my plans for the future,

He asked excellent questions and let me answer them,

And most valued by me …

It was totally comfortable and easy.

We laughed often,

And some of them were really good laughs. LOL

He conveyed support and understanding.

No judgmentalness whatsoever.

And he said he thinks …

I should still attend the golf outting,

That he’d be glad to be my partner …

Figuring that with me playing from the red tees,

We might have a shot again. 🙂

It was such a refreshing, rejuvenating conversation.

So once again …

Here I am …

Saying something I’ve said about so many of my other friends …

Thanks Dr. 172 !!!!! You rock !! 🙂

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  1. the risk of overplanning
    is better than the plan of over-risking…

    someone followed my advice?
    and it worked???


  2. Yikes !! 4 ?? Really. Wow … I suck. I’m sorry … I’ll get my butt back to the keys and start punching out some responses !! 🙂

  3. Hi Aleta !! 🙂 Yes, I did receive your e-mail, sorry I haven’t responded yet … I’m running about a week or so behind (you here that sound ??? That’s Marcia saying “A week my ass, try 2, maybe 3 weeks behind!”) I’ll be able to get caught up soon !!

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