The Drip

Just something I’ve noticed … the past week or so … as the weather has gotten really chilly here.

My nose develops The Drip … and I have no idea when it happens.

I’ll get some sinus drainage (ahhhh, Shaft … that means snot, but it’s really not snot, you got? It has a bit thinner composition) …

That’ll just sort of aggregate at the exit point of each nasal passage,

And then merge to a drip point at the tip of my nose.

Kute, huh?

Sometimes it’ll just hang there, other times it’ll sort of slide down my philtrum where eventually it will touch my lip, at which point I will finally feel it.

But until then … nada … I don’t feel or notice a thing.

Well, I do notice some odd looks from people !! 🙂

I don’t understand why I don’t feel The Drip.

I figure it’s because of the nose work set I had done as part of my ffs,

But I have feeling on and around my nose … trust me … it hurts like hell at times still, seems to me I should feel it.

But I don’t … Feel The Drip.

So I’ve started carrying some Kleenex or a hankie with me all the time and just wiping my nose on a regular basis.

As you can now tell, there’s really no point to this post, I guess it’s just an observation. 🙂

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  1. I had “the drip” after my rhinoplasty, too. I learned to preempt dripping by periodically blowing my nose without waiting until I felt something. If yours is like mine, don’t expect it to resolve anytime soon. Pain and touch nerves seem to mend differently and the fine touch sense you need to catch a drip for me took between one and two years to return.

    Another thing, I’d warn any friend who thinks it could be amusing to tweak your nose, for the next two years, your automatic reflex may be to deck them.

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