Friday Five for January 2, 2004

I like these questions … so I’m going to try and answer them succintly enough such that they all fit on the front page. (Sorry they are a day late.)

What one thing are you most looking forward to . . .

1. …today?

Hearing from The UnUsual Suspects, which I did from all of them on Friday. So kewl. That’s the best thing about the holidays being over … we all get back into our normal routine !! I had beers with Sister and Miss Daisy, gabbed on the phone with Singer, e-mail from Hottie and I even saw Shaft … which was a nice surprise … and the butt even went to lunch with me … without first punching another hole in my wall ! 🙂

2. …over the next week?

I’ve got a few transition related decisions on which I have been dwelling that I have to imminently make, and though I’m really not looking forward to making the actual decisions, I’m looking forward to being done thinking about them. And I will be over the next week … I need to make a decision about both what to do about bowling for the rest of the season and what to do about my involvement in my office.

3. …this year?

Well, … I’m really looking forward to all the happiness, sadness, laughs, pain, tears, joy, excitement, fear and thrills that come with just finally being able to be me … all the time.

4. …over the next five years?

I’m looking forward to just living life … taking things as they come … dealing with and overcoming life’s challenges … laughing lots … being honest … and, hopefully meeting someone that will find something special in my being, in my smile, in my eyes.

5. …for the rest of your life?

I look forward to growing older with all of my friends, making new friends, taking care of my parents and any other family member or friend in need of care or a helping hand, crying some, laughing more, smiling often, and having a family of my own … oh yeah, and I have 8 more lives to save before my time is up, it isn’t easy being a Jedi. 😉

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  1. By being a rock I’ve pulled a couple back from the edge and they told me I saved their lives. A couple of others admit I probably did. I’ve also mentored at least three natal women into successful careers in my field that I know, two into V.P. level positions. A Jedi’s work is never done.

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