Bailey-Lawrence Update

Thanks to Field Correspondent Kate A. for pointing out this amazing piece of work from Andrea at TS Roadmap regarding Dr. Anne Lawrence and the doctor’s less than scientific motives for supporting the Bailey book.

Something I suspected, but had no evidence to support. I have similar suspicions about Bailey. Should be interesting.

Okay … I’m done being serious.

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  1. well,
    anne should get SOMETHING…
    maybe an oscar nomination for her performance
    in “Fear and Loathing in Transylvania”

  2. Sigh. Password lock your journal and your number one fan gives you a cold shoulder in favor of some new fad focus. *sigh*

    Seriously though, Anne gets props for this.

  3. “Show me someone who can’t do a female voice, and I’ll show you someone who doesn’t think of themselves as female. I’d argue it’s the difference between someone with a gender identity issue and someone with another motivation for feminization.”

    oh, my…
    i’m going to have to discuss this
    with my therapist…

    on the other hand,
    i nearly fainted reading the part about
    scrotal electrolysis…

    and thank you for your patient understanding…
    and thank you for mentioning andrea’s essay;
    it’s well worth reading…

  4. hmmm…
    i may say more AFTER i read this…
    the “autogynephilia” concept intrigues me,
    but so does the sound of cups filling
    at a soda fountain…

    but even more intriguing is the deeper
    question this leads to–
    what does it take to be one of us?

    and who gets to decide?

    well, i’d better stop chattering and read…

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