Kenna Update

Okay …

This is a quickie update,

As there’s more to tell about last night and this morning,

But …

Because Kenna’s Shaft (aka, her brother, who is way kewl !!!) and I have to go out and run some errands,

Otherwise referred to as getting one’s glasses fixed …

Seems he exhibits an amazing similiarity to my Shaft, as Kenna’s Shaft also broke his glasses while he was taking a nap !!! 🙂

Anywhose …

Kenna is doing fine …

And is in surgery as I post this post.


Though understandably anxious,

She was her smiling, warm, fun, talkative self ! 🙂

But right now,


She is out like a rock …

In the operating room.

Dr. Z picked her up at the hotel this morning about 6:30 am,

And I followed them to his medical office.

She met with the anesthesiologist first …

Not the gawdawful kute Anesthesiologist Dan that I’ve claimed dibs on,

But an also attractive and apparently nice Anesthesiologist Mark.

The nurse then went over a few things with her and finally I as allowed back in the examination room while we gabbed …

Soon Dr. Z came in to answer any last questions,

Go over her photos one more time,

And start marking up her face.

I would like the record to reflect,

That even while Dr. Z was marking up her face …

You know …

Using that Sharpie-like pen to draw arrows and circles all over one’s face and body so he knows where to do whatever he does ..

She was talking.

The entire time !!

Imagine that !! 🙂

Anyways …

She by the time we were there …

She was ready for the surgery,

Both from a being prepped perspective and an emotional perspective.

As she astutely observed,

Everything all of us have to do in the process of transition,

From the very beginning of just contacting someone on-line,

To seeing a therapist,

To telling others,

To whatever …

Seems so scary and overwhelming before you do it,

But once you do it,

It’s like …

Ya know, that wasn’t so bad.

After all is said and done,

I think this will be the same.

When they came to take her into the operating room …

As she walked down the hall …

She was smiling ! 🙂

(At the very same time, I was hiding her sandals … come on, seriously, you can’t let an opportune prank situation like that go unused !! :))

We got a call from Dr. Z’s office a short while later telling us that the surgery had started,

She went under the anesthesia well, and

Everything was fine ! 🙂

I’ll post another update as soon as we hear anything else,

As I plan to check in with them again in about an hour.

For those logging the time,

She’s not expected to be out of surgery until between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm central standard time.

E-mail me with any questions and those that know my digits, feel free to cwall, but my battery is sorta running low, so if I don’t answer you, please don’t take it personal. 🙂

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  1. Oh, sweetie!

    Give the dear sweet Makenna my most heartfelt wishes of well being! She’s such a sweet friend to you that I’m always very emotional when you two talk of how well you get along. She is either your bestest girlfriend, or your other sister. Well, she’s probably both! I’m claiming Makenna as another of my Daughters of the Internet!

    She’s an outstanding gal, and I’m damn proud of her!

    I’ll be awaiting updates!

    Amy, Claire, and Makenna’s

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