Construction Zone

This really is not the first post I had intended after my absence,

But I wanted to thank Yodette, Meg and Singer for giving me the early heads up as to the interruption of things here at AmyNews.com,

And apologize for the looks of things here for now.

Though honestly,

I’m kinda glad I was forced to fix things quickly quickly,

As otherwise I’m sure I’d have taken even more forever getting things to the point of where I wanted them before upgrading.


The look will probably be this for a while as I just really want to post,

Which is what I’ll be doing.

I’ll make a few small changes code wise,

Restore some things that aren’t here yet which were before,

And update my surgery pics.

But as I have, shall we say …


The general appearance of things will not change anytime soon …

Unless someone wants to do it for me ! 🙂


As part of recovering things process …

I’ve had to update my databases to fresher releases,

Which sometimes isn’t a good experience.

It went well for the most part,

But I did lose the last 8 or 9 comments …

You know,

Those that were teasing me about the tunbleweeds here ! 🙂


I didn’t want anyone to think I was editing those out,

But that’s where they went … I do have back-ups,

So I’ll get those comments back in a bit. 🙂

Sorry again for the interruption ! 🙂

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  1. Hey all !! Thanks for the vibe-back ! I was phreaking there for a bit when things were white-screening here ! I know I have some tweaks and styling touches to do yet, so if you catch any that need to be made, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Likewise, if you see something you liked, but as I’m moving things around, it’s been changed, please let me know that, too !

  2. Amy:
    It’s good to have you back. I love to read your posts especially on the days that I’m not upbeat. It helps to read your doings.
    We have all missed you!

  3. It’s so good to see that you’ve returned; we missed you…I missed you.

    Recently, much has happened with me too; I’ll try to call you sometime this week, to bring you up to date. If you find you have a bit of free time, when it would be conducive to talk, feel free to call me first.



  4. Hi Amy,

    I just started checking out your website. It looks great. I will check in to see whats up with you from time to time. I am looking forward to May 1. (DR Z). Talk to you soon


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