Rod Stewart Idol

Trying to prove that I’m actually working on other posts than just my television reviews,

I’ll keep this one short.

First of all,

Bowling is over,

So I have until 8:59 e.s.t. to get this up …

Though I’ll post before then,

Because I’m dying for some food.

I’m doing that phreaking South Beach Diet thing,

And I must say …

It sucks.

Considering my aversion to exercise,

My disdain for dieting, and …

My fondness for a tody every now and then,

I’m sorely tempted to consider evaluating the bulimia thing again.


I am down 10 lbs …

Woo hoo !!! 🙂

And more on the plus side …

I’ve eliminated my entire winter hibernation weight gain,

And now am working on another 5 lbs for summer season warddrobe krap,

Plus 5 lbs on top of that for a little extra play room letting me have some summer food binges.

Though its been almost two weeks since I’ve had bread,

Fries, or …

A hamburger.

And if I don’t get some food in me sometime soon …

I’m going to krack and make a run to McDonald’s for a Big ’n Tasty, no ketchup, a double Filet ’o Fish, Value Menu Fry and oh, what the heck one of those chocolate/banana shakes – supersized !!!

Only two more days in Phase One though …

I think I can make it.

As far as Rod Stewart Idol goes,

I’m not a fan of the big tunes of the 30’s and 40’s …

So I was surprised to find myself enjoying as many of the performances as I did.

I thought Chris was great, simply great; Elliot, Taylor and Katharine were super good; Paris was really good, Ace better than I expect, and Kellie not as bad as people, including her, seemed to think. Overall, the performances were a marked improvement over the past few.

First to worst: Katharine, Chris, Elliot, Taylor, Paris, Kellie, Ace

Nonetheless, the bottom three are going to be Elliot, Paris and Ace. (It could be Kellie instead of Elliot, but in light of her subpar performance, I think her supporters, i.e. ME, voted like those in Chicago.)

It’s either going to be Ace or Paris going home …

I’ll say Paris,

Because I want Ace around longer …

Since we need another non-great singer to help my cause with Kellie,

For that time when we vote off a non-great singer.

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  1. Hmmmm, I think I read in the Enquirer that Calista Flockhart has back-fat too.

    What’s your secret … I have a few pounds I’d like to hide as well as you do!

    Smiles, S

  2. Awwwww … thanks Sharon and Howie, but I did need to knock of some poundage I assimilated over the winter. I get face fat and back fat (ugh, I hate back fat). I’ve made progress in the demise of the back fat, but I have some more work to do on the face fat if I hope to obtain that Calista Flockhart guant look. 🙂

  3. Howie – Ace is gone, Ace is gone !!! Woo hoo !!! 🙂 I too, was having temper tantrums whenever Ace performed. Sadly though, I do think that means the end is near for Kellie. She’s the last of those with weak musical skills and it’s going to catch up with her.

    I was surprised to see Chris in the bottom three. I thought he was so good, though I think going first sometimes harms the voting as people tend to forget your performance.

    I Tivo’d Prison Break, but I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet. I wanted to take a look at some summaries before viewing it, but more likely than not, I’ll just end up watching it cold.

  4. Wow. Ace is gone!

    Well… at least my need for anger management therapy was voted off too.

    And Amy, for what it’s worth I agree with Sharon. You look really healthy and not like you need to slim down any.

  5. Girl, are you serious? Where are you going to lose weight … your hair? Unless you’ve been using some trick “skinny” photography on the pictures you’ve been posting, I just don’t see where you think you need to lose weight … remember pretty girl, we’re supposed to have curves! You’re too phunny … you’re heart muscle will thank you though for not putting all that junk in your body. There, that’s it … I’m done scolding. Grins, S

  6. Okay. I’m writing this at 7:51 PM Arizona time (Mountain zone, but we don’t spring forward, so it’s really Pacific time) so I don’t know the results yet…though much of the country already does. Marie and I picked the bottom 3 as Elliot, Kellie, and Paris. I think Kellie is going home, though, as you said, I do think she was better than she and the judges thought. When her voice got about a half a measure off from the music near the end, it was just too much not to notice. I think the horror of that last 15 seconds was then imputed to the entire performance. She’s a sweet dear thing, but I just can’t see surviving that. My favorite was Katharine but Chris was spectacular. Ever since he sang the Toad the Wet Sprocket Song in the Ford spot a while back, I knew he had a softer side. Nice stuff.

    For some reason, I still find myself wanting to hit Ace in the head with a coffee cup. I just want to swing it right upside his noggin. I have no idea why. I should really talk to someone about that.

    Btw, Amy, I hope you watched Prison Break. Good episode. And it reminded me just how great the character actors they assembled for that show are. Watching them work is really my favorite part.

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