American Idol Needs Me

Question: What do Stevie Wonder and Gloria Estefan have in common?

Answer: Unless you’re Stevie Wonder or Gloria Estephan, it’s hard as hell to sing one of their songs.

And last night’s American Idol proved it.

The first half of the show was painful,

Simply painful,

And I blame the producers of American Idol.

They should know how krappy the show is going to be when you have some of the lesser talent still in the show trying to sing that hard stuff.

Two hours of my life wasted (don’t go there people ! ),

Watching even the talented singers struggle at times.

Terrible I say !!!

What an embarassing way to start the Final 12 shows …

With incredibly, pathetic performances.

Now I know …

In past Idol seasons,

Someone good unexpectedly gets kicked off,

Before they should.

And there is the argument that if you make it tough in the beginning,

Maybe you can show how bad some of the lesser talent really is …

And they can get kicked off,

Instead of the better talent.


I think ratings for last night’s second half of the show will be down,

Because they started the show with the weaker singers,

And people tuned out.


Meesa thinks,

That the producers are clueless when it comes to how this voting stuff works at this stage.

I’ve watched enough television in my lifetime …

To know there’s a good chance,

That what’s going to happen here,

Is just the opposite …

Of what the producers might have intended.

You see …

Based on the show’s performances,

Either Kellie, Melissa or Kevin should get the boot.

And though I’m a Kellie fan,

Her performance might be the worst I have ever seen in a Final 12 show,

It was awful.

Even I didn’t vote for her last night.

She should be the one gone.

Though …

I don’t thing she will be,

As she as a bit of a following.

So then what about Kevin?

Chicken Little sucked too,

But he has the VFTW vote,

So I don’t think he’ll go.

Which leaves Melissa …

Who couldn’t even remember the lyrics to her song.

She is at risk,

But you know what?

Even forgetting her lyrics,

She did okay compared to those around her in the line-up,

So she might be safe …

If she gets her needed hometown votes.

Which is why I am now going out on the limb …

And predicting what will be a shocker.

For tonight …

One of the best singers in the Final 12 is going home.

Suffering from the Dodger syndrome,

Also called the “We can’t even support an NFL team” syndrome,

Lisa Tucker is going home.

What a waste too,

She’s a star.

If I call this one right,

I expect some props !!! lol

Oh well …

As far as the rest,

Here’s my short summaries, in reverse order of my ranking:

9. Ace: Do I Don’t – Ace doesn’t work for me. I think he needs to reduce his spiro dosage. Geez, could the guy cry any more ???

8. Bucky: Personally, I thought his hair was more Carrie Underwood than Jessica Simpson, but either way, his performance was all karaoke.

7. Paris: She was good, I like Paris.

6. Taylor: I don’t like Taylor, but he can sing. It’s just that with his herky, jerky moves, I just keep thinking he has Tourette’s Syndrome and will suddenly unleash a wealth of profanities, followed by a head jerk “Hey”.

5. Elliot: He was good, but just for the record, I don’t like Stevie Wonder music, so even if it was a good performance, I was bored.

4. Katherine: She was good. Though have I mentioned that I don’t like Stevie Wonder music, so even if it was a good performance, I was bored?

3. Lisa: I thought she was really good last night. Definite top three performance. Doesn’t matter though.

2. Mandisa: She kicked butt again, even though she was shoeless. This girl can sing.

1. Chris: Chris is definitely odds on to win it now. And I wasn’t bored with his performance, because it wasn’t Chris doing Stevie, it was Chris doing RHCP.

I hope next week’s show is better.

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  1. Yeah, I really can’t dispute that.

    Have a great vacation Howie !!! We’ll miss ya !!! Come back safe and sound !!! 🙂

  2. Getting ready to leave for a vacation, but just had to say… amen.

    Chris saved the show from being a near total loss for me. And the best part of last nights results show was the first few seconds of the Ford Escape commercial.

    I’m a huge Toad the Wet Sprocket fan, huge Glen Phillips fan, and now a total Chris fan. He sounded terrific in that spot and I would have liked to hear him do the whole thing solo acoustic. It’s a beautiful song and not all that rocking either. So I think he’ll be able to cope and adjust as the weekly themes change. I hope anyway.

    Amy, if I don’t comment for a while, have a great couple of weeks. Sure glad I found your site. Later!

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