Wow. That is why 24 is an absolutely, great show. Though the plot formula is fairly predictable, i.e. CTU being incapable of securing a perimeter or keeping people from getting into their own building, it has one huge unpredictable component … they’ll kill off anyone, including major characters. I defintely didn’t see the end coming for Edgar. I’m so sad to see him go … granted, he could be somewhat annoying because of his lack of social skills, but still he was a hard worker, loyal to the bone, and just an all around nice person … besides, it’s always ashame to see a man die a virgin. Props to you Edgar … CTU won’t be the same without you. I’m glad they gave him the silent countdown at the end of the show.

Nonetheless, I do have a couple of things to point out about his death … one, if he had listened to Carrie in the first place, instead of sending her to the basement with a snappy remark, he might still be alive; and, two, in addition to being safer in a car accident, apparently heavier boys last longer when exposed to nerve gas. He was the last man standing outside of the sealed rooms. Did you seem him cry? One tear from his left eye when he said “Chloe”.

Ahem … me thinks they forecasted Tony wanting revenge for the death of Michelle too much to have it mean that Tony will actually do something to Henderson now that they are in the same sealed room … at least in the next hour, oh sure, he’ll be pissed, and threaten to do something, but Tony’s smart … he’ll get his revenge in later hours. And speaking of Tony … gawd damn, he’s one hot looking man. Seriously, half his face was blown off by a bomb and he still looks like that ??? Hmmmm, you know, he is single again.

The Russian President knows that President Logan sold them out. ‘Nuff said.

When the one terrorist asked the other terrorist … “Do you have the key kard?” Am I the only one that responded out loud saying “Are you the gatekeeper?

HOLY PHREAKING KRAP !!! Jack shot Miriam !!! How kewl was that ??? OMG !!! Above the knee, of course !!! LOL  That was wicked. This show rocks. I think that might be Jack’s kewlest non-kill shoot. Oh yeah, Jack killed one terrorist, so his kill kount is up to 12, but that doesn’t matter … JACK SHOT MIRIAM !!!

I think they were off on the timer with the first nerve gas bomb. Curtis got an extra two minutes to finish his touchdown run and get the bomb into the sealed container. I was kind of hoping he’d pretend to spike it first, you know, before sticking it into the sealed container. That’d have been good for a laugh. And did anyone else notice that it seems part of the nerve gas activation protocol is to connect two adjacent USB ports together? It doesn’t mean anything, just something I noticed. Though if it had been me, you would have heard me muttering, “krap, I know I have a USB cable in here somewhere.

Sam-wise’s sister got wasted … good. She was a joke of a hobbit.

Ummmm … not to be a katty bitch or anything, but it looks like Kim Bauer mourned her father’s fake death by eating !!! Wow … that cougar could feast for weeks on Kim now. And her new boyfriend, Barry, he’s so a plant from Henderson. Jack should just kill him right now.  

That vice-president looks evil, simply evil. What ‘cha think … he’s the other inside source for the terrorists? 


Remember …

If you wake up in the morning, it’s because Jack Bauer spared your life.





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  1. Amy-Wan Kenobi,

    Okay, off topic but I don’t know how else to send you this link, but thought of you when I came across this hilarious blog. It is a longgggggggggggggg url so just click on the link on my name to go to the website. As a Star Wars fan you should appreciate it.

  2. Hmmmm … the Seth Theory does make sense, I hadn’t thought of that. Though on the other hand, I wouldn’t have been able to use my “heavy guys are safer in a car accident” link if I had thought of and mentioned it. I did refrain from making any jokes about Edgar and his mom reuniting … so I guess I am mellowing in my years. 🙂

  3. My friend Seth offered an alternative explanation for Edgar’s survival time. Size might matter some, but, when he was down where the gas was located, the ventilation fan was creating negative pressure that carried the gas away from that general area. He might not have survived much longer there either, but he got into real trouble when he worked his way back up to the main offices. His full exposure came a little later than everyone else’s so he dropped a bit later.

    Kinda makes sense. But, as we all observe here, suspension of disbelief is critical to enjoying the show!

  4. The previews mentioned that the gas was eating away at the seals ????? I guess I was still in shock with the attack on CTU and seeing Edgar dying. Good thing I taped the show for the hubby. I’m gonna have to watch it again before next Monday. And if Chloe was a little pissy before image what she’s gonna be like now that Edgar died right in front of her.

    Kelly — ROFLMAO means Rolling On Floor Laughing My Ass Off. Amy taught me that one.

  5. No my Master you are right. She is a whiny, self-centered, annoying, dimwit, clueless, pain in the ass oh i could go on but just preaching to the choir.

    Okay, I’ll bite and then I gotta get back to work. Do tell about the suitcase.

    Glad you thought the Curtis thing was funny. 🙂

  6. Hey Howie … that totally bites that you missed the first hour … the shot to Miriam was intense. There has to be a stream out there someplace of the first hour.

    Well, I can’t speak for others, but my displeasure with Kim is because historically she’s a whiny, self-centered little bitch who only thinks of herself and usually causes more grief for Jack. Though of course, I could be wrong. 🙂

  7. Two NBC channels and no FOX. How can a cable company’s employees leave for the day with that situation? Yes, I’m still grumbling about it. Especially after reading about how Jack shot Miriam and Curtis the Manning’s heroics. Damn.

    Well, I caught the second hour anyway. While Chloe had her eyes locked on Edgar at the end, I swear I saw Bill add “Get gas masks for CTU” to his to-do list. Really, wouldn’t that be as no-brainer as life jackets on a boat? Guess it didn’t come up in any scenario planning.

    The silent clock was very somber. I dug that. But having not watched 24 regularly until last season, perhaps someone can tell me why Kim seems so unpopular.

  8. Ahhh padawan … my apologies. Amyspeak is often confusing.

    ROFLMAO means Rolling On Floor Laughing My Ass Off

    LOL means Laughing Out Loud

    LMAOWGTTRIMS means Laughing My Ass Off While Going To The Restroom In My Suitcase (Go ahead and ask, it’s a funny, embarassing story and I’ve pretty much shared it with everyone already anywhose. Though if you don’t ask, my only advice is this … if you’re ever crashing in my hotel room and I roll my ass back in anytime after 3:00 am, for the luv of gawd, make sure your suitcase is closed. Trust me. Sometimes, when I’m tired, I get confused. 🙂 )

    Oh yeah, and

    ROFLMAOWTTAGKBSWWJTBOMJ means Rolling On Floor Lauging My Ass Off While Trying To Avoid Getting Kicked By Someone Who Was Just The Butt Of My Joke.

  9. “Jack Bauer wears Curtis Manning pajamas” ROFLMAO

    Oh wow, you might be right Kelly. And it is in Tony’s character to take one for the team. Yikes … I can’t wait for next week !!! 🙂

  10. Me thinks that Tony only has one more hour to live. The previews mentioned that the gas was eating away at the seals, now if it was safe in a plastic container in the back of a van (Jack Bauer wears Curtis Manning pajamas), wouldn’t CTU be a bit more prepared? Anyway, Tony is missing his girl, has nothing to live for and will save the day for Jack and company. His reward? Death by Nerve Gas!

    I guess Kim will have to take over for Edgar now. You know, I liked her a lot better when she was teen age eye candy in season one. At least she got rid of that hideous hair cut from last season!

    Props Amy for another great take! 🙂

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